December 2016 Horoscope by Alex

December 2016 Horoscope by Alex

Welcome to your reading of the December 2016 horoscope

What a year it has been and I’d recommend reviewing your astrology by thinking of your most significant months, your most prominent turning points, and using the archive on Healthy Tree Frog to check out whether the story makes more sense at the end of the year (with a little guidance) than it did at the time. Not only the monthly archives, but the two annual editions can help you cover both the broad details and the specifics. This kind of audit can be extremely useful as you set your intentions for 2017. It is also true that to keep our archives costs space in our web hosting and money for the data, so please feel free to make use of this resource as you explore the story of your life. And please make a small donation if you feel this column has guided you effectively this past year. Good advice can be priceless and clear guidance in our often fraught world can be thin on the ground.

Speaking of annual editions: The publishing schedule over the next couple of months is as follows: Before the solstice (21st December) I will have a 2017 part 1 edition available. This will replace the tarotscope for this month and will be a comprehensive blend of tarot, runes and astrology for each sign. This will be my ‘warm up’ offering to telling the story of your year ahead. Subsequently, I aim to have a part 2 edition out before the 10th of January, which will be an entirely astrological look at 2017 for your sign. Later in the month (to spread the intensive writing burden), around the 25th of January, I will be releasing the February horoscope a little early to compensate a little for losing the January reading in favour of the annual forecast.

May I take this opportunity, at the start of advent, to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas, Yule or whatever you celebrate at this season and to thank you for your dedicated reading of all the articles we seek to bring you through Healthy Tree Frog. Thanks to Kazzie for all her diligent work in promoting our venture (and resurrecting the daily reading! Take a look…) and to all our blog writers and collaborators on this shared creative journey (Jonalea and Christy especially). See you around the solstice, for your first peek into 2017.

Here are  your December 2016 horoscopes

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Aries December 2016 horoscope by AlexARIES: It’s up to you to take up your rightful place within a community of innovators. Nobody could claim that being a ‘conventional’ sort has ever been your bag. But your notions of exploration tend to be more basic, grounded in a lust for raw adventure. You are now being called upon to explore a different (and more sophisticated) notion of what your mission involves. One of the issues wrapped up with this quest likely revolves around finding partners with a thirst for originality and pushing those boundaries that you are now confronting. Some of this comes back to your values about partners. Do you see them as people whose role is to ground or anchor (complement) you, or as companions on this exciting adventure, who maybe even at times encourage you to overstretch? My sense at this time is that part of you longs to find a sense of complementarity that you can perhaps “come home to”. But I’d urge you to consider going the other way. In fact, this month, Jupiter in Libra says “Do the opposite of what your comfort draws you toward”.

Taurus December 2016 horoscope by AlexTAURUS: Your values and beliefs are intensely under the spotlight right now – the origins of those values and their structure within your mental frame. We build our thought patterns from the ground up, just like any other edifice we erect. When these are no longer serving us well, something like Pluto comes along to be a catalyst to a transformation process. Pluto says “work with me and be reshaped, or be obliterated”. This isn’t a very comforting notion, I’ll admit… but it IS a vital one at certain key turning points of our life. And such is upon you now. Our thoughts can become a prison, our beliefs a dark dungeon. They could instead provide a sanctuary for all that is noble and good. Mars recently left Capricorn and now Venus is in the last stages of her journey there after meeting up with Pluto. The message seems to be that older, more aggressive views about life (which are actually defences) are to give way to something more pliable… softer. This is a call to empathy, Taurus. Replace tenacity with a little elasticity this month.

Gemini December 2016 horoscope by AlexGEMINI: It’s squarely about career questions this month. Perhaps your sense of career has always felt solid. My feeling is that this may be a concept that is becoming MUCH more fluid for you and that perhaps you are finally getting a sense of needing your vocation to be an act of flowing, in line with a more flexible notion of your talents and what you have to offer the world. One thing is sure: You have a certain medicine that you are bringing to the world in these times. What this medicine is, reminds me less of a liquid and more of helping people to see a deeper dimension to their existence than they perhaps have ever experienced. You are in a position within the current emanation of your energies, to be an avatar; somebody who shows the way and helps people to transition into a deeper sense of connection with their environment, their peers and themselves. The first place to really notice these effects is in your closest liaisons. How are people changing when they encounter you? In a word, December sees you adopt the mantle of ‘healer’.

Cancer December 2016 horoscope by AlexCANCER: I remember speaking about Feng Shui a few months back regarding your situation and looming cosmic picture. What is interesting about such an oriental take is that it recognises the supreme importance of subtle energy. Those energies need to be balanced. Now would be a good time to rearrange the furniture for a start, or just redecorate your living room or bedroom. I know you may be feeling pressured right now and this may be the farthest thing from your mind. It is not impossible that things are quite ‘up in the air’ in terms of work. You may feel at some kind of eternal career crossroads, unable to make a definitive decision. You may feel like you have no spare energy. Yet that is precisely why you must take control of the external aspects of the energetic tone that is meeting (likely assailing) your life force. Through this veritable maze, you may find a clue to what you need to do by opening your eyes. Look for the person in your life who most inspires you, or is undergoing significant, self-directed change. Make them your model this month.

Leo December 2016 horoscope by AlexLEO: It’s time for a dispassionate review of the past year (if you’re even capable of such a thing). I’m here today to assist you with that. There is both doing art and getting it out into the world. We often pretend the former does not require the latter. (If you aren’t an artist, read that as your creative self.) Measure your success, not simply in terms of the art/creativity itself, but in terms of how far you have come in building structures fit for purpose, in getting the creative you/product out into the world. The good news, if you have fallen short, is that you have a further bite at the cherry over the coming twelve months. I trust however, that you’ve made significant strides. I’m asking you right now, in particular, to reflect on how you feel about your limits. The reason I ask is because my feeling is that this past year you learned to stretch beyond what you thought of as restricting you (whether you stretched consciously or not).. How has it felt to revise your expectations of what is possible? Tune in to that and forge ahead.

Virgo December 2016 horoscope by AlexVIRGO: Home is where the heart is… or so they say! But what does that describe for you? Let me start by saying how things could look: A place where faith and optimism greet you and warm your heart; a place where adventures truly start (from within). But has that been your predominant experience? It seems to me that somewhere between your thoughts and feelings about home and your experience of it, has come that old devil called religion. Not necessarily formal religion, rather that sense of drudgery in obligation that is spawned in religious mentalities of ‘could=should’. If you have felt enslaved at home then it is time to speak out. When you speak, you must express your authentic values. And here’s the issue: Are you playing at life and complaining about it, or instead aligning with your highest potentials? The time for excuses is over. It is finally time to stop looking left and right and at any obstacles and to have faith in what only you can do… and DO it! Ignore doubts and follow your heart this month, Virgo.

Libra December 2016 horoscope by AlexLIBRA: What kinds of people are you rubbing shoulders with in your neighbourhood? And how does such gel with the values you see demonstrated in your nearest and dearest? Who, in fact, sets the tone for how you “go about life”? Your values are strongly family orientated and you just love balance and harmony there, above all. However, I wonder whether it isn’t on the cards that this emphasis will shift slightly this month. Lots of activity in your solar third house suggests that your desire for harmony must manifest more broadly as a set of anchors to your community, not simply your family of origin. What appears to be up for attention is how you have likely squashed down your creative talents, to fit into the mould that other people (especially family) have carved out for you. You know this mould does not actually fit, but as keeper of the peace you have likely surrendered several aspects of your creative self. In December, begin to branch out and notice the creative possibilities available to you within your locality.

Scorpio December 2016 horoscope by AlexSCORPIO: You like solid, secure bonds, and all the trappings which come with that. But there seems to be some ambivalence about your home situation at the moment. It feels a bit like a war between your solid material structures and upheaval in the fabric of routine daily life. You may perceive this tension as just another annoying challenge to conquer but… I’m inviting you to take a step back. What exactly do you imagine this battle might be revealing? All structures, all containers, must be fit for purpose, yet many carry compromising cracks. I know you’re relentless when it comes to the details of work and excellence in these matters is utter gospel to you. But my feeling is you’ve been mixing up inspiration with diligence. Try, in December, to shift gears somewhat. My recommendation while Mars transits your solar fourth house (Aquarius), is to be diligent about the details of all the physical infrastructure of your situation and to allow any chaotic energy to be the nuclear generator driving your creative engagement with life’s basic frame.

Sagittarius December 2016 horoscope by AlexSAGITTARIUS: Looking at your chart this month is a little like drawing the Ten of Wands tarot card for you. As the Sun completes his annual trek and catches up with Saturn in your sign (for the second time since Saturn entered Sagittarius), so ends a cycle of taking responsibility which has matured you, especially on the level of your feelings and how you handle them. Temperance is another card from the tarot that we might associate with that journey of the last twelve months. It is like the movement from conventional intelligence to emotional intelligence. Any burden has been preparation for your moving beyond the role of mere adventurer and into becoming the kind of person who can offer true leadership to the world. Not leadership as we conventionally see it in, say, politics, but leadership that brings a grounded spiritual quality to everyday life. This amounts to being a kind of justice-bearer in the community. You have been compelled to this point. Yet, having moved beyond your sense of need, the cosmos is about to repay you…

Capricorn December 2016 horoscope by AlexCAPRICORN: You’re in the middle of a two and a half year stretch in which you get clear with some ancient legacy material around whether the primary driver of your life is based in fear/obligation, or faith and creative expression. There is always that sense that we can be fighting old battles when looking at the underlying forces behind doing what we do. Where will it all lead? Will I come good? Am I wasting my time? You have been trying to give shape to these questions. A clue for the next four weeks is that you will benefit from asking yourself how you feel about your creative impetus, followed by what you think, and then by telling someone in no more than thirty words EXACTLY what your creative mission IS. Yes, you are building something. But the next few weeks require an approach where you use charm, more than force, to build whatever it is you are building. Too much compulsion may see you build the venue before you are able to fill it. Quality, not quantity, is the watchword. As is faith more than graft. Attract, rather than demand.

Aquarius December 2016 horoscope by AlexAQUARIUS: How much do you carry? How often do you ‘suffer’ in silence while carrying those burdens with consummate dignity? By the outward appearance, nobody might know what goes on underneath the visible iceberg – not that you are cold, far from it! No matter how determined you are and pristine in your values, there comes a time when you MUST accept assistance from outside. I cannot speak in public about the hidden complexes which might lead you to be so very guarded in these matters. What I CAN tell you is that the sky speaks of late of the need for a strong, solid community being around you… one that has a faith, spiritual or even ‘religious’ quality. It isn’t about guilt though. It is about support, expansiveness and shared joy. Remember joy? Exactly, it may have been a while since you savoured that. Well, remember its sources. Letting folk in, allowing them to share your burdens is part of the gratification life brings to us all. Drudgery is often self-imposed, though we often barely perceive that. Wake up! It’s time to open up, not shut down.

Pisces December 2016 horoscope by AlexPISCES: You can be really ambivalent about commitment. But this period of your life is no time for being shy. Sometimes, despite our lofty ideals, we simply have to make the most of our situation in order to make it work for us. This is not selling out! It is an acknowledgement that eventually, we must get to the end of any pathological self reliance that we may have stumbled into after many years of disillusionment. Humans often do things because of guilt. We may think this is always a bad thing but if guilt gets a person to do something that they otherwise might have neglected, why not sometimes settle for imperfect motive, but the right result? I’m not advocating having no standards here, by the way. I’m simply suggesting that this month, you should recognise that sometimes a tangled and less than ideal web, may be more effective in getting you what you need, than some pristine approach that sees you ploughing a lonely furrow. These principles are particularly important when partnering re your career. Connect there and the rest follows.

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