Dear Joe: The Broken Diamond – Album Release

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The Broken DiamondDear Joe – Let´s Ride

Let´s Ride is the first track of the album The Broken Diamond, released in the spring of 2016. It is the second album of Swedish band DEAR JOE.

They are an indie-pop band based in Stockholm Sweden. With a love for grandiose outros and an eye on melodies and vocals, DEAR JOE creates an unique version of indie-pop with electronic elements. Members – lead vocals and guitar JOEL KRIGET – guitar, vocals and synth, JOHAN STENSTRÖM – bass, vocals and synth JOSEFIN PALMSTEDT – drums LINA ANDERBERG.


The Broken Diamond tour from February until March 2016

Stockholm based independent pop-folk band DEAR JOE announces tour in Germany and Netherlands. The The Broken Diamondsummer 2014 saw Stockholm based band DEAR JOE, become an insider’s tip to delicate audiences.

At the beginning of 2016 the Swedish group with charismatic front man Joel Kriget is back on the road to promote their new studio album The Broken Diamond, touring in Germany and the Netherlands. Like the debut In Every Eye, the new release impresses with a melancholy electronic folk sound, which gains an enormous emotional tension by the sensitive balance of English lyrics and deliberate instrumentation with electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and drums.

DEAR JOE‘s live performances enhance this tension to a rocking and rousing vehemence that immediately touches the audience. Attendees feel like “hit by the spell of a bygone future”. A part of this spell are the backing vocals of female bass player, Josefine Palmstedt. She perfectly manages to complement Kriget’s lead vocals in any colour of sound. With a characteristic Scandinavian shade in language and music DEAR JOE‘s live shows remind of ‘Of Monsters’ and ‘Men and Golden Kanine’ and stand briskly against the British and American fellows.

The melancholy of the studio album gets transformed into a challenging revolt against the injustice of fate by Kriget’s presence on stage, driving guitars and a pinpoint drum section. The band knows that together they can face any challenge. This knowledge is a strong bond between the musicians, and their energy infects the audience within the evening. Copyright Dear Joe

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