Children Jeffery Li – Celine Tam – Video

Jeffery Li – Celine Tam sing ‘You Raise Me Up’

Jeffery Li - Celine Tam

Jeffery Li -Celine Tam is our latest offering in the New Stars Rising category. There is so much young talent out there these days.

Jeffrey Li, a 10 year old boy from Canada, and Celine Tam, a 7 year old girl form Hong Kong. Wowed viewers with a stunning rendition of “You Raise Me Up”. On YouTube, the video has earned more than 25 million views and 94,000 likes.

The show, Let’s Sing Kids contest in China, is a talent show that gives talented children a space to show off their vocals. Jeffery Li went on to win second place in this all-ages competition.

Celine started learning singing from her dad,  Dr. Tam Steve, when she was only three years old. Dad is a qualified music teacher and teaches her to always have a goal in her life. He became her tutor, coach and director.

The amount of raw talent these two young performers possess is simply incredible. You probably will start watching this video without expecting much. Trust me, by the end you’ll have your breath taken away.

Both are extremely talented and will have bright futures in the music industry.

Jeffery Li Youtube Channel

Celine Tam Youtube Channel

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