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Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic: Top 11 Psychoactive And Euphoric Plants

Psychoactive plants and herbs have been used for centuries by shamanic and religious leaders This is a list of plants which in the strictest sense entheogens. An entheogen is any psychoactive

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Magic Mushrooms May Ease Severe Depression

Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression? A clinical psychologist from Imperial College describes how Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin), when used in a therapeutic setting, have been found to be a very effective

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The Reality of Truth

Video about the reality of truth In The Reality of Truth, a group of seekers (which happen to have several attractive celebrities among them) go searching for answers to these

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Lucid Dreaming: 3 Wild Herbs

Lucid dreaming is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming For thousands of years, humans have placed value on the content of their bedtime dreams, deriving

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Ecuador has begun drilling for oil in the world’s richest rainforest

Updated by Jason G. Goldman Jan 14, 2017. Originally published by Vox via bioGraphic. Ecuador is poised to cash in on one of its most valuable assets. But at what cost? As many

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