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Shamanic Astrology

December Horoscope

Here is your December horoscope, enjoy December 2014 Horoscope ARTWORK by Katie Larkin #ArtByKatie ARIES: This month, re-calibrate away from self-orientation. Your self focus seems to have been grounded in

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New Personal Reality-Week Ahead Tarot/Rune

Alliances can usher in a new personal reality Hi folks. Six interesting cards for you. 1. Ace of Pentacles 2. Seven of Swords 3. Two of Pentacles 4. Othila 5.

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Your Week Ahead Tarot/Rune Forecast

Welcome to your week ahead forecast Alter egos, arch nemeses.. why Superman just flew into my mind is anyone’s guess. Oh, hang on a minute, welcome to your week ahead

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November 2014 Horoscope By Alex Brocklehurst

ARIES: What sacrifices have been made by you for others, historically? Which were justified and which not? There is a change in the air, one which follows the death of

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The Journey this Week

The journey this week as seen from the cosmos It seems as if we find you in a sort of emotional austerity. Are you experiencing some pronounced worry or hesitancy?

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