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Cancer Treatment Centers United States

Cancer Treatment Centers United States

A list of cancer treatment centers in the United States

Healthy Tree Frog is not providing any medical advice and has no direct affiliation with any alternative treatment organizations/ clinics nor treatment practices. All articles, links, media and associated content are offered strictly as an open resource through the freedom of information. The list of cancer treatment centers will be added to as and when the information comes forth.


Elisabeth-Anne Cole, M.D., Ph.D., in Kenai, treats immune dysfunction presenting as cancer-all phases, all tumors, at any location in the body, as well as AIDS, HIV, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and fibromyalgia. She uses balancing through nutritional supplementation, diet, detoxification, oxygenation, and bioenergetic/electromagnetic strengthening, as well as acupuncture, neural therapy, and sclerotherapy. 907-283-7740.

Brian Le Compte, MD in Anchorage. Phone: 907-344-7775 or email:


Dayspring Cancer Clinic, Address: 2401 N. Hayden Rd.  Ste 114,  Scottsdale, AZ 85257   Phone: (480) 699-7400 Web: Dayspringcancerclinic

BioImmune, Arnold Takemoto, President (888) 663-8844 or (480) 778-1618. They really aren’t a clinic, but they provide protocols to use at home. They can also recommend clinics that are using their protocols.

The First Resort in Green Valley –  Bryan McConnell, ND
The First Resort is mostly a general practice. He does treat cancer using a variety of approaches by using IV vitamin C, IPT, diet, exercise, colon hydrotherapy, detox, cleansing, chelation and EDTA. He is also trained in Gerson and other beneficial diet programs such as juicing, classical homeopathy, darkfield microscope, hoxsey, essiac, bio-oxidative therapies, constitutional hydrotherapy, hydrazine sulfate, Poly MVA for cancer cytotoxic action, DMSO, and dry sauna similar to Hubbard protocol.
Phone: (877) 399-9212 or (520) 399-9212.

Integrative Health Care, PC, in Scottsdale, is run by Alan Christianson, ND treats almost any type of cancer, even later stage cancers. They use metabolic therapies for those not undergoing conventional care. For those doing conventional treatments, they use intravenous nutrition and botanical meds to prevent side effects and help efficacy of chemo/radiation. Call (480) 657-0003 or website:

New Hope Medical Center in (changed to Tijuana, Mexico) uses alternative methods to treat immune deficient illnesses such as cancer. New Hope Unlimited’s medical strategies for treating cancer, ALS, lupus, and other illnesses combines scientifically-based, research proven therapies from both worlds of medicine to create a truly holistic treatment option that can be effective with fewer negative side effects. Phone (480) 556-0182, toll free: (888) 518-7788, or go to their website at

Dr. Michael Uzik, ND. works with Arizona Naturopathic Physicians in Tucson treats a wide range of conditions, including HIV, cancer, MS, crohn’s, etc. using nutritional IVs, mistletoe, ambrozile (oleander), copper reduction therapy for anti-angiogenesis, chelation, diet, herbs, heavy metal detox, etc. He is also an ND for Southern AZ AIDS Foundation. He only sees patients if they are under the care of an oncologist. 520-546-2321.

Dr. Joe Brown, Naturopathic Doctor, Natural Health Medical Centers 2055 E. Southern Ave 85282. Awarded the “Who’s Who of Physicians” of 2008- New York, plays an integral part in the healing of patients diagnosed with cancer, through educating patients on their condition and providing them choices on their treatment plan. Using an Integrative model, by combining Naturopathic modalities with the latest scientific research, giving you, the patient, the treatment options you need. (602) 421-2613


CancerCenterForHealing  (949) 581-HOPE (4673) 6 Hughes, Suite 120, Irvine, CA 92618 USA Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM: To schedule a personal consultation with an Integrative Cancer Specialist. You can also email us at , or chat with us live. In addition to office visits, we also offer telephonic and Skype consultations for patients who are unable to make in-person visits. We consult with patients from all over the world. We are here to walk you through your healing process every step of the way.

List of alternative practitioners and more in Ventura County, CA, click on the link provided below. This list includes doctors, massage therapists, Reiki and QiGong practitioners, naturopaths, and much more. 

Advanced Medical Clinic, in Encino is run by Ilona Abraham, M.D. They also treat heavy metal toxicity, and chronic depression of the immune system. They use chelation, mercury detoxification, homeopathy, and nutritional supplements. (818) 345-8721

Alternative Medicine Associates, in Santa Barbara also treats chronic pain, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. They use Chinese herbs, acupuncture, nutrition, osteopathy, Ayurveda, and QiGong. Phone: (805) 569-8825.

Michael Broffman, an herbalist and acupuncturist works at the Pine Street Medical Clinic in San Anselmo. He uses traditional Chinese medicine with cancer patients as an adjunct to mainstream treatments – (TCM) & supplement program. (415) 485-0484

Daniel Beilin, O.M.D., L.Ac., in Aptos, treats cancer and internal medicine, using enzyme, diet, polypeptides, alkalization, Sanum Therapy, and Chinese herbs. Contact info: 831-685-1125 or

Gerson Healing Centers of America has an office in San Diego, but the main clinic is in Mexico at Oasis of Hope. The diet is used to treat autoimmune disorders, CHD, and Type II diabetes using Gerson’s Diet, Issel’s treatments, and Danopoulos’ protocols. They have clinics in Mexico, Canada, and the UK. 1-888-4-GERSON 

David Getoff, ND, a Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist in Jamal. treats cancer and a variety of other conditions with nutritional support. He utilizes numerous modalities from around the world to support your body’s ability to heal itself. 619-468-6846

Holistic Medical Center in Los Angeles is run by Emil Levin, M.D. He also treats viral infections, parasites, allergies, asthma, hepatitis, diabetes, and more, Therapies include infusion, homeopathic, chelation, and vitamins. Phone: 213-650-1789.

Holistic Resource Center in Agoura Hills, Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD. and a number of holistic practitioners including a chiropractor, naturopath, homeopath, and a massage therapist. They can do bio-electrical screening, NAET allergy removal, and they provide nutritional support including IVs, diet programs, Poly MVA, PC SPES, homeopathy, and more. 818-597-0966 or fax 818-597-8668.

Douglas Hopper, MD in Santa Monica specializes in family practice, treating ADD, allergies, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, CFS, cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, thyroid disorders, and many other conditions. He can be reached at 310-581-8585, by fax at 320-215-4650, website
or email:

Orange County Immune Institute in Huntington Beach has a “complementary” approach to exploit the biochemistry and genetics of cancer cells and how they differ from normal cells. The emphasis is on eliminating toxicity and building the immune system. Therapies used include: chelation, hyperthermia, BioResonance devices, diet and nutrition, detoxification, nutraceuticals, light, and immunotherapy. You can call them at 714-842-1777 or go to

Dr. Shaw in Woodland Hills, is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist who provides treatment for a variety of illnesses including cancer, AIDS, allergies, ALS, candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, gulf war syndrome, leukemias, lupus, and other conditions. His website is He is one of the few doctors in the United States that uses HANSI, (Homeopathic Natural Activator of the Immunologic System) in his treatments. The clinic also offers Chinese Herbs, vitamins and minerals, and nutritional counseling. Call: (818) 888-1617 or (818) 346-8888 for

Institute of Chronic Disease has an office in San Ysidro , with a clinic in Mexico.

International Bio Care Hospital is in Mexico – They use the Alivizatos Treatment.

International Center for Medical & Biological Research has an office in San Diego and clinic in Mexico.

Jeremy E. Kaslow, MD FACP, FACAAi in Santa Ana, treats heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, cancer, headaches, chronic infections, allergies, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, PMS, menopause, autism, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. He uses nutritional counseling, hormone balancing, Neural Therapy, detoxification, mind/body approaches, Chinese medicine and herbs, metabolic approaches, and allergy elimination. (714) 565-1032

La Jolla Whole Health Medical Clinic is run by Dr. Mark Stengler in La Jolla. He specializes in the treatment of chronic illnesses using natural medicine, with specialties in the areas of nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathic medicine. Their website is or call them at 858-450-7120.

Livingston Foundation Medical Center in San Diego is run by Kenneth C. Forror, M.D. He also treats allergies, arthritis, lupus, and scleroderma. There is a 10-day comprehensive program which includes vaccines, nutrition, diet. A 2-day prevention program is also offered. Their website is (888) 777-7321.

Mission Medical Center is in San Diego. They also treat AIDS, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, stroke, paralysis, and rare neurological diseases. Therapies they use include tumorin, therapeutic immunology, RNA, Koch, herbology, Rife, and diet. Phone: 619-662-1578.

Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas is run by Steven R. Schechter, N.D., Ph.D. He also treats AIDS, CFIDS, Epstein-Barr virus, liver disorders, and environmental disorders using therapeutic herbs, supplements, glandular extracts, enzymes, and nutrition. 760-943-8485

Richard A. Kunin, M.D. in San Francisco. He uses psychiatry-neurology, nutrient support, diet, detoxification, chelation, magnetic, DMSO, and other approaches. Phone: 415-346-2500.

Preventive Medical Center of Marin, is in San Rafael. It is run by Elson M. Haas, M.D. He is a general family practitioner who also does preventive medicine, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and viral infections. He uses detoxification, osteopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, herbals, bodywork, and psychotherapy. The website is  415-472-2343

James R. Privitera, M.D. has an office in Covina. He treats arthritis circulatory problems, preventive medicine, chronic fatigue, and PMS in addition to cancer. His approach is to use nutrition, immunological enhancement, chelation, and darkfield microscope. His website is Contact info: Phone: (626) 966-1618 or Toll Free: (888) 220-7888 or toll free: 800-5-PREVENT

Rational Therapeutics, run by Robert Nagourney, M.D. in Long Beach treats blood disorders and solid tumors. His approach is laboratory-based therapy to identify active agents and eliminate inactive agents. Custom tailored, to provide personal cancer strategies. This eliminates much of the “guess work” prior to your undergoing the potentially toxic side effects of chemotherapy regimens. Contact info: 562-989-6455. Website:

Robert Jay Rowen, MD  Santa Rosa. You can reach him at 707-571-7560. He treats most forms of cancer, as well as treating chronic pain, immune dysfunction, allergies, and cardiovascular disease. The main therapies he uses includes: IPT therapy, chelation, bio-oxidative, nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, immune therapies, vitamin C, vaccines, and detoxification. His website is, and his email is

Sat Hari/New Dawn Health Care Services in Los Angeles, offers a unique and holistic alternative cancer support program. They use NAET for allergy elimination for immune system enhancement, advanced nutritional therapies, Quantum Xrroid Energetic analysis, BEFE – Bio-Electric Field Enhancement for detoxification, QRS Pulsed Magnetic field therapy for detox and oxygenation, Ceragem Far Infrared heat, massage, Kundalini yoga and meditation. Call 310-266-5321 for more information.

Sciabbarrasi, Joseph MD in Santa Monica, has a general practice, but he also treats cancer. using orthomolecular approaches, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutritional and herbal therapies. (310) 395-2453.

Simply Healing, run by Alex Strande, N.D., PhD in Irvine. Alex is a naturopath and PhD microbiologist who specializes in chronic fatigue, pain, depression and anxieties, difficult and rare conditions. If you’ve tried everything and you’re still not getting well, call Simply Healing at 949-553-1882.

Stella Maris Clinic has an office in San Ysidro, with the clinic in Mexico.

Suzanne Skinner, Ph.D., R.N.C., N.D., D.Sc., C.H. has an office in Torrance. She uses Contact Reflex Analysis, nutrition, colonics, homeopathy, herbs, supplements, lymphatic work, and Kinesiology to treat cancer and most illnesses. Phone: (310) 518-4555.

Valley Cancer Institute in Los Angeles is run by James Bicher, M.D. They treat brain, bone, throat, thyroid, lungs, breast, liver, pancreas, colon, female, prostate cancer, many more. They use primarily hyperthermia and nutrition along with standard conventional therapy. 310-398-0013


Applewood Chiropractic Clinic in Wheat Ridge, is run by Brian E.P.B. O’Connell, N.D. They treat various conditions from asthma to Zoster and specialize in cancer, neurological challenges and ADD/ADHD. For diagnosis they use muscle testing and live blood cell analysis along with traditional approaches. They use all natural products he and others developed and work with a herbalist, (303)996-6262

Health Quarter Ministries in Colorado Springs is run by Dr. David Frahm. They offer a 10 day detox retreat, as they believe proper nutrition heals the body at the cellular level, but before nutritional changes can be effective, detoxing the system must take place. For information, go to, call (719) 593-8694, or fax (719) 531-7884.

Robert C. Rountree, M.D., practices at the Helios Health Center in Boulder. He works with many patients who use traditional therapies, so he uses nutritional and herbal supplementation to help reverse damage that can result from chemotherapy and radiation.


Ron Schmid, N.D. and Ellen Triplett, C.L.S., run a clinic in Brookfield and one in Fairfield. They treat cancer, autoimmune problems, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, ulcers, and psoriasis using diet and supplements. Phone: (860) 945-7444


Accent on Health in Lake Worth is run by Sheri W. Pinsley, D.O. They treat most cancers, chronic fatigue, immune suppressive diseases, candida, MS, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic pain. They use intravenous treatments including chelation, vitamins and minerals, and hydrogen peroxide; nutritional counseling; stress management; and lifestyle modifications. Phone: (407) 547-2770.

Center for Metabolic Disorders in Hollywood is run by E.K. Schandl, Ph.D. He also treats heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, lupus, and AIDS. He uses Metabolic-IV, interferon, hyperbaric oxygen, and nutrition. Phone: 954-929-4814

Dayton Medical Center, run by Martin Dayton, MD DO, in Sunny Isles Beach integrates holistic, alternative and mainstream conventional medicine to treat cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, neurological disorders including MS, and general conditions. They specialize in Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Poly MVA, Cantron, QiGong, low dose Naltrexone, chelation therapy, cell therapy, therapeutic nutrition, IV’s, and oxidation therapy. Their website is and their phone number is (305) 931-8484.

Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. They treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, allergies, and more. They use diet, detox, mind/body approaches, nutritional counseling, wheatgrass and juice therapy, nutripuncture, and electromagnetic treatments. We are not sure if they are set up to treat advanced cancers. 800-842-2125

Lost Horizon Health Awareness Center in Oviedo, run by Roy B. Kupsinel, M.D., also treats degenerative diseases. Therapies include EDTA chelation, preventive medicine, nutrition, and diet. Phone: 407-365-6681. Email

Panama City Clinic is in Panama City. It is run by Naima Abdel-Ghany, M.D. She also treats AIDS and chronic degenerative diseases using metabolic therapy, nutrition, enzymes, hyperpyrexia, oxygenation, acupuncture, supplements, and natural immune enhancers. Phone: (850) 872-8122.

Perlmutter Health Center in Naples also treats arthritis, bowel and digestive disorders, cardiovascular, problems, dementia, and Parkinson’s. They use a variety of complementary health techniques, including vitamins, nutrition, herbal, massage, and EDTA chelation. 941-649-7400

Thomas McNaughton, M.D. has a clinic in Sarasota. He also treats immune dysregulation, cardiac/pulmonary diseases, and chronic fatigue syndrome using chelation, bio-oxidative, nutrition, and immune system enhancement. Phone: 813-365-6273.

Utopia Wellness, is a leading-edge medical center that offers integrative, holistic, patient-focused medical treatments. Under the esteemed direction of Carlos M. Garcia, M.D., we offer programs designed for anyone who wants to enjoy optimal health: Whether suffering from a chronic illness or simply wanting to prevent disease. Our extensive menu of wellness programs complement each other by addressing all issues related to well-being.  Address: 10 State Street East, Oldsmar, FL 34677, Located just west of Tampa, Florida Phone: (727) 799-9060  Fax: (727) 799-5315 Email: Website:

Victor A. Marcial-Vega, M.D. in Miami, uses a multi-faceted nutritional and herbal supplementation program to strengthen the immune system and the patient’s own inner defenses. 305-213-3507


The Center for Advanced Medicine, Dr. Jonathan Stegall has a true passion for providing the best cancer care for his patients. He practices integrative oncology, which involves combining the best of modern medicine with natural therapies. Dr. Stegall has studied at Clemson, Georgetown, Harvard, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Yale. The Center for Advanced Medicine is an innovative cancer treatment facility located in Johns Creek, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The Center is a leader in integrative oncology, providing personalized cancer care to patients from around the world who seek alternative treatment approaches. Web:  Phone: 1-800-987-2819

Immune recovery Clinics are based in Atlanta, Toronto and Washington D.C. The Immune Recovery Centers of America are dedicated to the integration of natural treatments with those used in conventional allopathic medicine. We specialize in the immune system which is integral to almost all matters relating to health and disease; we make its health our priority as well as a part of all clinic treatments. Our staff maintains an active interest in new developments in both allopathic and natural medicine. Web: ImmuneRecovery  phone: 1-866-471-4743 to arrange a free telephone consultation.


Dr Burzynski Clinic is conveniently located in the Medical District of West Houston and is easily accessible from the airports and major highways.

The goal is to provide sophisticated cancer care utilizing a personalized and targeted therapy approach. 

The personalized cancer therapy utilizes an understanding of each patient’s genetic makeup to unravel the biology of their cancer and identify effective treatment strategies using targeted therapies that are aimed at specific genes or proteins that are found only in cancer cells or their environment. Web: Burzynski Clinic Phone: 1 (800) 714-7181 toll free or (713) 335-5697


Keith Block, M.D. at the Block Medical Center in Evanston, considers it important to use a complete detoxification program along with both conventional and complementary techniques. or 847-492-3040.

Contemporary Medicine in Burr Ridge uses a Comprehensive Cancer Care model utilizing all of nutrition, mind-body medicine, together with IPT – Insulin Potentiation Therapy. 630-321-9010

Natural Medicine Clinic, in Naperville is run by Dr. J. Steven Holcomb, who treats any illness when natural medicine is preferred, using nutrition, herbal, QiGong, and acupuncture. Phone: (630) 357-8662.

Ross A. Hauser, M.D., D.C. and Marion A. Hauser, M.S., R.D., C.N.S.D. have a clinic in Oak Park. They also treat chronic pain, allergies, blockages of arteries, and chronic fatigue. They use bio-oxidative therapies (ozone, hydrogen peroxide), IPT therapy, and photoluminescence. (708) 848-7789

Jack O. Taylor, M.S., D.C. He provides nutritional support for cancer patients. He uses a variety of supplements, glandulars, detoxification programs, and chiropractic adjustments. 727-418-0218.


The Foxhollow Clinic of Integrated Biological Medicine in Crestwood offers an individualized program that may include intravenous therapies, metal detox, Neuromuscular Restructuring, neural therapy, cupping, juicing, immune strengthening therapies, hormone balancing, stress management, mind/body approaches, nutrition, supplements, and energy balancing, oriental medicine, European biological remedies and anthroposophical medicine. Contact info: 502-241-4304, (800) 624-7080, Fax: (502) 241-3935, or


Maine Whole Health in Portland Maine is run by Alan N.Weiner, DO, CCN. Alan N.Weiner is certified in clinical nutrition and has experience in treating cancer with a variety of alternative modalities. Devra Krassner ND also works at the clinic. They use diet and nutrition programs to enhance the immune system, detoxification, IVs, supplements, homeopathy, herbal and botanical medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), and guided imagery. – 207-828-5645


Ahmad Shamim, M.D. in Laurel, also treats heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, yeast-related illnesses, and multiple sclerosis. He uses cleansing, detoxification, immune enhancement, herbs, enzymes, diet, glandulars, supplements, and immune stimulators. Phone: 410-792-0333.

Paul V. Beals, M.D. treats most nonmetastatic cancers and various degenerative diseases. including heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. He uses diet, metabolic nutrition, IV & oral vitamins & minerals, immunotherapy, laetrile, megavitamins, DMSO, hydrogen peroxide, BCG, and chelation. Contact info: (301) 490-9911.

In Baltimore, The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center, run by Peter Hinderberger, M.D., Ph.D. treats all illnesses including cancer using, homeopathy, anthroposophy, acupuncture, massage, Reiki, Trager, craniosacral, and “zero balancing.” Phone: (410) 367-7300.


In Pontiac, Vahagn Agbabian, D.O. does internal medicine using complementary approaches, especially nutritional. Chelation and IPT therapy may also be used. Phone: 248-334-2424. We have had a couple of good reports on him.


Dr. Brodie in Reno includes nutritional and herbal supplements along with strong physical and psychological support and conventional treatments where necessary. 775-829-1009

James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. Cancer Screening and Treatment Center of Nevada for conventional cancer treatment and Century Wellness Center for alternative medicine.

Las Vegas Institute of Preventive Medicine in Las Vegas is run by Dr. Thomas Brumfield M.D. He uses POLY-MVA and hormone management. Go to for more info or email him at 702-380-8470.

Nevada Clinic in Las Vegas has good responses with liver metastases, colon, and breast cancers. They also treat lupus and AIDS using homeopathy, chelation, acupuncture and other approaches. Website: 800-641-6661

New Jersey

In Fort Lee, the Center for Nutrition & Preventive Medicine, run by Dr. Gary Klingsberg, D.O., treats breast, colon, prostate, & lung malignancies and cardiovascular diseases using diet, herbs and supplements; chelation, and osteopathic manipulation. Phone: 201-585-9368.

Magaziner Medical Center in Cherry Hill is run by Allan Magaziner, D.O., P.C. He mainly treats prostate, breast, lung, and bowel cancers; but he also treats Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and heart problems. He uses oral and IV vitamins, minerals, amino acids, oral botanicals, herbs, enzymes, homeopathic remedies, chelation, and detoxification. His website is 856-424-8222

Metabolic Associates in Florham treats cancer and also AIDS, cholesterol, obesity, and any disease with a nutritional component by using nutrition and diet in their therapies. Phone: 201-377-7300 email:

Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D., in Lawrenceville, operates the Simone Protective Cancer Center. 609-896-2646

New York

The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine in New York – Richard N. Ash, M.D., P.C., also does internal medicine, and treats HIV, chronic fatigue, arthritis, heart disease, and allergies. He uses chelation, oxidative therapies, and vitamins (oral & IV). Their website is

Progressive Medicine & Rhinebeck Health Center in Rhinebeck – Kenneth Bock, M.D. and Steven Bock, M.D., also treat allergies, ADD, autoimmune disorders, and heart disorders using chelation, diet, herbs, Chinese remedies, enzymes, homeopathic medicine, photo-oxidation, and oxidative medicine. Phone: 845-876-7082

Foundation for Cartilage and Immunology Research.They treat cancer of the pancreas, adenocarcinoma of the lung, squamous cell cancer of the pharynx, lung, larynx (metastatic), renal cell carcinoma, and others. It is used as a reserve therapy in malignancies for which there are standard therapies of recognized effectiveness, such as breast, gastrointestinal, or prostate cancer. Phone: (914)763-6195.

Dr. Gonzales in New York treats all cancers, but specializes in pancreatic cancer. He uses a metabolic approach, with high doses of supplements. 212-213-3337 website:

The Hoffman Center in New York also treat muscular degeneration, Lyme disease, HIV, and heart conditions. They use nutrition, chelation, acupuncture, neural therapy, megadoses of vitamins (IV), and Chinese medicine. Phone: (212)779-1744 website:

Institute of East-West Medicine is run by Raymond Chang, M.D., F.A.C.P. He treats cancer with TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and authentic Tibetan Medicine consultations are offered. The emphasis is on preserving and practicing the original traditional healing arts of Asia with modern conventional medicine. 212-683-1221. The website is and email is

Revici Life Science Center, in New York, NY – Founded by Emanuel Revici until he passed away. They use fatty acids and sterols, enzymes, high-dose selenium, dietary changes, and a “biologically guided” nontoxic chemotherapy. He recommends not taking high dose vitamins without checking how these shift the body’s acid/alkaline balance. 212 252-1942 Revici therapy

Michael B. Schachter, M.D. of the Schachter Center in Suffern treats breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s. He also treats AIDS, neurological problems, and candida. He uses detoxification, EDTA & DMPS chelation, laetrile, DMSO, coenzyme Q10, hydrogen peroxide, shark cartilage, hydrazine sulfate, biomagnetic, and homeopathy. (845) 368-4700
New patient services: ext. 6

At Strang Cancer Prevention Center in New York City. George Wong, PhD, is a Harvard trained Phd, as well as fourth generation Chinese herbalist. He has actively practiced traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in New York City for many years and is experienced in the TCM management of a wide variety of chronic diseases, particularly those related to aging and cancer. His website is and email is

CAM Institute for Integrative Therapies – Tutsis Center is located in Brooklyn, New York. Their phone number is 718-621-0900. They use hyperbaric medicine. Mostly known for treating strokes and brain injuries.

North Carolina

Carolina Center for Bio-Oxidative Medicine is in Raleigh. They treat cancer and also immune system dysfunctions and cardiovascular disease using ozone, EDTA chelation, hydrogen peroxide, minerals, vitamins, diet, detoxification, hydrotherapy, and lymphatic massage. Phone: (919) 571-4391.

In Southern Pines, Carolina Health Quest is run by Keith Johnson, M.D., ASCVD, CAD, PVD. He also treats arthritis, COPD, CFIDS, and hormonal deficiencies. Therapies include chelation, hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, ozone, hormone replacement, and colonics. Phone: 910-695-0335.

Nature’s Path in Matthews also treats Multiple Sclerosis naturally. For cancer, they use intravenous super nutritional treatments, colonic hydrotherapy, nutritional therapy, oxygen therapy, natural hormone replacement, chelation, blood irradiation, and more. They can be reached at 704-849-8266 or through their website at

North Dakota

Brian E. Briggs, M.D. in Minot gets the best responses with prostate cancer, but he also treats cardiovascular disorders and immune system disorders and uses detoxification, neural therapy, nutrition, chelation IV, amygdalin IV, and supplements. Office 701-838-6011.


Essence Of The Spirit Retreat in Caldwell, is run by Randy and May Huffman. The retreat is free, but they do accept donations. They use Lee Crock’s Energy Stimulator to help the body heal itself. Information on this device is available at (Note: They do not specifically treat cancer, though some people appear to have been helped by this machine. This is a facility where one can experiment with an approach that has not been evaluated and approved. Guests should be under the care and responsibility of a physician as there are no persons available with the medical knowledge that are permitted to administer any form of medical attention.) They can be reached by phone at (740) 783-0021.

Partners in Wellness in Cincinnati – Leonid Macheret, M.D., is a general practice doctor who treats cancer and also arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, hypoglycemia, metabolic disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and he also does preventive medicine. He uses chelation, acupuncture, nutrition, orthomolecular, ethnic herbs, Ayurvedic, yoga, and osteopathic manipulation. Phone: 513-851-8790.

Physicians Care Center in Powell is run by William D Mitchell, DO FACOI. He offers Internal medicine, preventive medicine, and accepts all types of cancer, even later stage cancers. He uses IPT therapy, nutritional approaches, etc. phone: 614-761-0555 website: or email:


Alternative Medicine New Hope Health Clinic in Jenks uses a holistic approach to treating cancer and other conditions. Treatment is very thorough and involves finding the underlying causes to the cancer and then working to reverse and remove these causes. Detoxification, immune therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, ozone therapy, oxidation, chelation are some of the approaches they use. (877) 544-HOPE (4 6 7 3)

William H. Philpott, M.D. in Midwest City also deals with pain relief, arteriosclerosis, and degenerative diseases using magnetic therapy. He will help you set up a protocol to follow at home, or he can work with your doctor or even put you in touch with doctors he has trained. Phone: 405-390-1444.


Gateway to Health Naturopathic Clinic in Portland, is run by Thomas Lee Abshier, ND. He provides Naturopathic diagnosis and treatment of difficult to diagnose and treat medical symptoms. Treatments may include PC SPES. Ph: 503-255-9500 or visit his website

Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinic in Portland is run by Rick Marinelli, N.D., M.Ac.O.M. The clinic focuses on the successful treatment of chronic disease and pain, and can help with adjunctive cancer therapy, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, diabetes, and degenerative disc disease. They use naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Neural Therapy, Prolotherapy, integrative medicine, Orthopedic Medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and detoxification. Website: (503) 644-4446

Dr. Paul Anderson is a Naturopathic Physician in Salem. His website is Dr. Anderson provides health care for the whole family, integrating conventional and alternative health care. He provides intensive treatment to support the immune system, including I.V. treatment, diet therapy, and detoxification. 503-365-0377.

Tori Hudson, N.D. in Portland, is well known for treating cervical cancer. She uses a precise program of herbs, nutrition, dietary change, and special nontoxic treatments. Phone: 503-222-2322 or visit her website:

Martin Milner, N.D., in Portland at the Center for Natural Medicine, Inc. uses a naturopathic approach with nutritional and herbal supplementation, exercise, stress reduction, and dietary change. 503-232-1100


Center for Preventive Medicine and Dentistry in Bala Cynwyd – Howard Posner, M.D., also treats heart disease, arthritis, candida, hypertension, and infertility. He uses megavitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, ayurveda, detoxification, and shark cartilage. Phone: 610-667-2927

Health Achievement Center in Darby also treat arteriosclerosis, arthritis, toxic states, ADD, and chronic fatigue. They use electro-acupuncture, neural, chelation, bio-oxidative, hydrotherapy, and detoxification in their treatments. Phone: 610-461-6225.

Donald J. Mantell, M.D. in Sarver also treats arthritis, allergies, and multiple sclerosis. They use metabolic, diet, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, homeopathy, DMSO, vitamin C, colonics, electroacupuncture, and chelation. Phone: 412-776-5610.

In Cranberry Township, P. Jayalakshmi, M.D. and K.R. Sampathachar, M.D. run The Alternative Medicine and Holistic Medical Center. They treat cancer only using nutrition, oral supplementation, chelation, megavitamins, oxidative, colonics, Ayurvedic, and detoxification. Phone: 215-473-4753 Website:

South Carolina

Health Dimensions Clinics located in West Columbia and Spartanburg, South Carolina are run by James Shortt, M.D. The Clinics Feature Hormone Modulation, Immune Enhancement, Sports Medicine, Oxidative Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Neural Therapy, Kinesiology, Live Blood Analysis and Longevity and cancer treatments. He uses Oxidative Therapy, Chelation Therapy, DMSO, beta glucan, enzymes, and transfer factors as part of his therapy. (803) 755-0114


Preventive Medicine and Wellness Clinic in Old Hickory, is run by Russell W. Hunt, M.D. He treats cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart disease, etc. using IPT therapy, chelation, nutrition, IVs, conventional approaches along with alternative approaches. works on immune system 615-541-0400


Burzynski Clinic, in Houston is run by S.R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. They have found their best results with brain cancer. They also treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, prostate, and kidney cancer. Their main therapy is the use of antineoplastons. Therapy is very expensive here. 713-335-5697

Energy Health Centre in Ft. Worth, offers integrative treatments that combine conventional and complementary medicine in the healing of cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and heart disease. They offer adjunctive immunologic support to those individuals suffering from advanced cancer. Treatments include: IPT therapy, nutritional oral and IV therapy, Tradition Chinese Medicine, bioenergetic medicine (homeopathy, NAET), detoxification (homeovitics and chelation), psychoneuroimmunological (mind-body) therapy, diet, supplementation, high dose Vitamin C IVs, and oxidative medicine. They have a website at and can be reached by phone at 817-927-5111.

Global Healing Center in Houston, is currently only offering programs in cancer prevention. 713-484-6550 or

Vladimir Rizov, M.D., in Austin gets good results with prostate cancer. He also treats cardiovascular problems, arthritis, fungal infections, and allergies. He uses IPT therapy, DMSO, vitamins, EDTA, enzymes, nutrition, detoxification, chelation, oxygen, and homeopathy. Website: Phone: (512) 451-8149


Champlain Center for Natural Medicine in Shelburne, is run by Bill Warnock, ND, Lorilee Schoenbeck, ND, and Simon Frishkoff, ND. They treat cancer – all stages, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, Wilson’s Syndrome and chronic fatigue. They may use a variety of approaches – homeopathic, anthroposophical, acupuncture, botanic, nutritional, bee venom therapies, and mistletoe. They work with patients who want alternative or integrated approaches to help their immune system while doing or after chemo or other conventional approaches. (802) 985-8250


Integrated Medical Center in Annandale offers chelation, IV vitamin drips, nutrition, acupuncture, Hyperbaric Chamber, colon hydrotherapy, and homeopathy. They can be reached at 703-941-3606 or by fax at 703-658-9415.

Vincent Speckhart, M.D., M.D.H. in Norfolk, VA uses homeopathic remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements to remove toxins and repair the immune system. (757) 622-0014


The Leo J Bolles Clinic is in Bellevue offers the following services: chelation therapy, IV vitamin therapies, homeopathy, neural therapy, H2O2, detoxification, heavy metal removal, antiviral IV therapy, Electro acupuncture, herbal medicine, oral vitamin therapy, dark field blood evaluation, Thermographic Analysis, EKG Analysis, Anticancer Protocols, Chronic Fatigue Therapies, Fibromyalgia treatments, NAET and all phases of Preventive Medicine. Contact info: 425-881-2224

Patrick Donovan, N.D., at the University Health Clinic in Seattle considers diet and nutritional/herbal supplementation to be critically important. He also feels it is important to understand the psychological side of the disease process. (206) 525-8015

Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic, Dan Labriola, N.D., in Seattle works with patients who need or want to stay with conventional treatments and uses naturopathic approaches to provide nutritional supplementation to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other harsh treatments. 206-2784-9111

The Paracelsus Clinic in Federal Way is run by Dr. Dorman. They treat a variety of conditions, primarily with prolotherapy and chelation. Their website is: or they can be reached by phone at 253-529-3050.


Brookfield Health & Wellness, Getting to the root cause of illness requires assessing the whole person, their body, mind and spirit. Address: 150 S Sunny Slope Rd. Suite 148 Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 Phone: 800-211-3885 Web: BrookfieldHealthandWellness

Waisbren Clinic in Milwaukee, run by Burton A. Waisbren, Sr., M.D., treats carcinoma, lymphoma, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Therapies they use include BCG, Coley’s vaccine, lymphoblastoid lymphocytes, vaccines, Interleukin 2, and Interferon. 414-272-1929