Bonus Mid-June Rune Reading by Alex

Bonus Mid-June Rune Reading by Alex

Welcome to a bonus mid June rune reading that replaces your usual tarotscope. The third part of the annual reading will be out by the solstice. This part III will cover the second half of 2018 with a blend of astrology, tarot, runes and animal augury. There will be a short (since the annual requires a lot of work) July horoscope also. Another reason I am doing this reading is because I like the artwork on the deck I have – Illustrated by Gabrielle Gern.

Less popular and mainstream than tarot or oracle decks, the runes offer a snapshot of a time before western civilisation became what we know it as today. Aligned with seasons, rhythms and cycles and basic human archetypes of experience, runes provide pictographs – which are in essence the earliest form of writing, prior to the development of sophisticated modern languages – the Elder Futhark of 24 runes make up a pictorial alphabet. The simplicity is very attractive and allows a space that our increasingly densely packed, contemporary communicative culture, chokes out. Meaning in simplicity is one of the requirements of our times. This is why I am interested in runes and also insect, bird and animal augury. We have lost much of our magic and our stories and the narratives we now utilise are not always inspirational, because they have been severed from the old ways. The old stories offer us a different vision of human life, values and possibilities. We do not need to be hopelessly modern! Neither do we need to be so retro that we deny everything contemporary. I hope you enjoy your reading. ❤

Raidho, Fehu and Algiz (Elhaz) are respectively Journey, Possessions and Protection in Ralph Blum’s rune lore. –

mid June rune reading

Heroes embark on sacred quests that fire the imagination, within ancient and traditional tales. We are invited to identify with the main character’s struggles and to learn lessons about our own lives and priorities as a result. These three cards evoke a powerful picture this month, one which links with other archetypes. A journey rune, to follow your path, yet move forward patiently and in a carefree manner, is the teaching of Raidho, once it connects with the second rune, Fehu. This feels like The Fool’s journey in tarot. The message appears to be that a journey from where you have been to where you are destined to be, involves you looking at both the direction of travel and the mode of travel. I recently finished my day job after twenty three years. The adjustment meant I had first to halt the momentum of a previous life. It took my energy a while to catch up with my intent. This means some disorientation, doubt and clinging to (or longing for) old comforts, may tempt you back into old patterns of transacting your life journey.

Key point: Stop! Re-evaluate. Because Fehu is reminiscent of the possession orientation of Taurus and The Fool is linked to planet Uranus, these first two runes speak of Uranus in Taurus. Something must (perhaps violently) shift your fixity of patterns, your ‘need’ to have your bearings clear (or your route planned out). Your journey this month, requires you fundamentally to alter your perception of why you are travelling. What is your true purpose? Are your values actually aligned with your current circumstances and experience? Or perhaps you persist with running old scripts about “what happens” next. The final rune, Algiz, carries a protection theme which makes clear that there is no future on the old pathways. So, coming back to the hero’s story, it is clear that different trials and tribulations await. You let go of some old annoying features of your daily journey and you inherit new challenges… but also fresh opportunities. The hero or heroine is protected as they align with their newly appointed purpose. This can be a potentially major turning point. You have all the equipment and supplies you need. The only question is whether you hear and respond to the call and take on the challenges that such changes of course inevitably bring.

Have a productive month and remember to check in around the solstice for the annual part III.


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Bonus Mid June Rune Reading by Alex
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Bonus Mid June Rune Reading by Alex
Welcome to a bonus mid June rune reading that replaces your usual tarotscope. The third part of the annual reading will be out by the solstice. This part III will cover the second half of 2018 with a blend of astrology, tarot, runes and animal augury.
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