January Astrology Tarot Rune Bonus Reading

January Astrology Tarot Rune Bonus Reading

Welcome to a bonus January astrology tarot rune reading for the end of the year

The reading takes the form of a six card tarot/rune blended with astrology. Due to the annual readings, there is usually no January horoscope or tarotscope. This reading will mitigate that a little and speak to January’s themes, prior to part two of the annual being published.

The cards are:

  1. THREE of Pentacles
  2. PAGE of Swords
  3. SIX of Pentacles
  4. FEHU
  5. WUNJO
  6. GEBO

Enjoy your January astrology tarot rune reading

The cards resonate this month with the year long phenomenon of Jupiter in Libra. The powerful image that beams in from the ethers to me is that of a bridge. Meditate, if you will, on that image/idea for just a while. Libra is about balance, justice, equality and all things relational generally. And, of course, such implies that one is able to mediate between polarities. Polarities speak of differences (often profound). This is the basis of all attraction and yet, it can also be the basis of basic misunderstandings. We find difference both alluring and tense. We can lose our bearings and yet sometimes it is nice to feel lost, because this offers freedom from routine and a sense of new possibilities. So, we both yearn for connection and fear it! January is a month where the expansive energy of Jupiter in Libra is directly opposed to Uranus (planet of the inventive, original, shocking and individual) in Aries (the sign of the quintessential ‘I am’). Ever participated in a tug of war, or perhaps watched one intently? The drama seems to be about who will win. Oppositions can feel like that and yet, with balance, the point is to achieve a synthesis of the opposing forces.

Who are the opposing forces you are (or have been until recently) facing? You, the unique individual, perhaps yearn for more merging and harmonising with the opposing energies you are drawn to. Maybe you fear loss, however, in the risks of said connecting. You have strong foundations in yourself it seems… and you have worked diligently to establish these. How do we equalise unequal resources? How can we escape threat of potential loss? And, should we even try? This set up can allude not simply to intimate partners, but business partners and potential business partners too. Partnership certainly implies sharing as well as caring and fairness should certainly be a factor. Fairness in ethics often carries the idea of distributive justice. We know that in the world there is a profound deficit of distributive equality of resources. And resources are pretty crucial bases for shared realities. How will you cross this ‘dangerous‘ bridge? You know where you want/need to be and you know where you are now. So, how will you cross the bridge and not lose all that you are and have established.

You may have been lulled (by your history of tough and disheartening experiences) into believing that the high level of technical precision usually required in resolving this conundrum of harmony, is what you need to acquire, with sophisticated and sustainable solutions and agreements… maybe even contracts. But, the picture would appear to be different in reality. The Page of Swords, qualified by the Wunjo rune, makes clear that the fulcrum point of balance is to be found in a more basic mode of relating. It is not exactly childlike or immature (if that may be a fear of yours) but the point is certainly less about establishing some sort of depth, than it is about very basic and straightforward communication. This is actually ‘inner child’ territory. It is about fun, not seriousness. You require lightness, rather than heaviness. This is the central key in growing your liaisons in January. Wherever you are facing these sorts of equations, be guided by the principle you may have forgotten from childhood when playing with your friends. It had an ease and flow and was entirely natural. Tension and strain put a huge pressure on interpersonal bonds. Do yourself a favour in January and step back. See the bigger picture that connections are not simply measured by accuracy of contractual detail. The bond is so much more than what appears on the surface.

Happy January relating!

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