Be yourself: no one can ever say you are doing it wrong

Be yourself: no one can ever say you are doing it wrong

Teapot and Shamrocks: it’s all about ‘be yourself’

The title of this article is a quote from my first and most beloved teacher of the Original Bach Flower Remedies system of healing.

The year was 2000. Listening as she  gently opened  my understanding of the Flowers  was like sitting outside on a perfect summer day, even though there was quite a number of us in the classroom in Pennsylvania.

Her gentleness was part of who she was and she was doing herself perfectly.

She was a living hologram of balance and serenity, with many singing flowers enlivening her soul. She was what explained to  me, by the way she spoke and moved, who and what the flowers are and what they could do.

Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, England

mt vernon224104_222660401093502_1303730_n“Be yourself: no one can ever say you are doing it wrong” ~ Elizabeth Wiley, BFRP

“They bring us back to being Quite Ourselves again” to use a phrase of Dr. Edward Bach.

Grandmother reading story

Be yourselfHowever, any one of her students (myself as an example) will never behave or comport myself exactly like Elizabeth Wiley. The flower remedies fit themselves to her, her personality and disposition, and brought HER into her own version of “balance”, if and whenever she might start tipping “out of balance.”




Beyond Rescue Remedy

Thus, each of the  38 flowers, with its own particular “singing” or “personality”, (vibrational rate and tone, if you will), when prepared  for one’s self with one’s own unique make-up, will find that one will be brought back into one’s  own unique harmony. Just as
Elizabeth demonstrated,

How are the remedies used/prepared?

Up to seven of the 38 flowers in the system can be used for a few days (see blog for preparation of a treatment bottle) , and , having been chosen for that particular person with those particular concerns, a shift occurs, gently or dramatically, as the case may be, in a few days  up to  a couple of weeks. and after not too long, without question one finds one no longer needs the remedies. One is “one’s self” again.  That is the wonder and power of the Bach Flower Remedy system for those who have learned how to use this harmless and effective system of healing

As for myself?

I  use one combination or another during times of stress quite regularly and (nearly unbelievable to me–no matter how many years I have been having this experience)  I again  become under the influence of my Better Self.

I always come back to being Me.

The Flowers never get Me wrong.


Happy picture of SNAIL, BUTTERFLY, FLOWER and HOUSE of happy grand daughter who is quite herself and the picture shows how sweet that Self is

being yourselfGranddaughter #5 was given Rescue Remedy (cream and/or dilute form) if she would tumble or be bruised or frightened from her “toddling”, as toddlers have the habit of doing (falling, bruising, being startled and afraid). Mommy would bring her Rescue Remedy, to sip(diluted) or apply as cream to the “oouwie”. She always recovered quickly after her “remedy” treatment and toddled on her way. What became interesting to her mother and myself was that, through her tears and weeping, she started on her own, to ask “I need my Remedy” and of course, she would get the Remedy, and quickly Quite Become Herself again.

Again and again, whether it is Rescue Remedy or one’s own special combination, the Bach Flower Remedies escort us back.

To where we can never be wrong.

Back to ourselves.



Lea is a retired registered nurse, a Reiki master, a self-taught American herbalist and has been assisting family,  friends and clients in using the Bach Flower Remedies since 2001. She was accepted onto the International Registry of Practitioners at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon England and has been a Registered Practitioner since 2003. Her blog (see below) describes her consultation practice. She will answer one question per month from a Healthy Tree Frog reader. Questions may be asked in the comments column.


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*All articles, including “The Medicine Cabinet” articles, provide suggestions for various alternative possibilities for self help. Consulting with conventional medical practitioners is always understood as an avenue of healing which goes without saying, nor need for suggestion in our articles, and our suggestions are never implying that you should pursue health without conventional methods as also one of your choices, decisions and privileges as you pursue optimum health for yourself and loved ones. We take no responsibility for your decisions and personal choices in your pursuit of your health.

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