August September 2018 Tarotscope – by Alex

August September 2018 Tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your August September 2018 Tarotscope. New beginnings follow eclipses – and we’ve just experienced three. In that spirit, I am pleased to announce that instead of myself doing a text description intro of the astrological picture over the coming four weeks, a new contributor will be bringing his own unique take on the upcoming aspects of significance. You can find him on YouTube as Ethereal Synchronicity444. Healthy Tree Frog passionately believes that when we all participate and bring our gifts and insights to the table we all benefit – rather than allowing a ‘special’ few to dictate how we organise our realities. YOU have a voice and YOU have something unique to contribute. Wherever you are, it is time to rise from your slumber and fulfil the potential of your life. The internet has given you a platform to share your loves and passions for life with the world. So whatever creative spark lies unexpressed within you, release that caged bird. Here is our first video from Mister Rose. I’ll leave you all to get acquainted with him and maybe subscribe to his channel. Have an uplifting couple of weeks and I’ll catch you with the September horoscope and e-sync’s next fortnightly tour of the aspects, at the start of the month.

Alex ❤

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August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexARIES: Does enduring emotional satisfaction come from simplicity and childlike qualities, or from complexity and wisdom of lived experience? Well, surely it is a combination of both. Sometimes, when we seek contentment, we cannot feel whole unless we are complemented by a ‘missing jigsaw piece’… or so it seems. The key would appear to be balance. You easily bring innocence and straightforward simplicity to the table and are direct in most of your dealings. Not always so, other folks! So here is my proposal. Imagine your frustrations with others could be dealt with. They can be! What this will require this month is that you sit with their complexity. Furthermore, try to help them see that playfulness and asserting your wants is often a better means of getting what you desire than trying to ensure that every loose end is accounted for!

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexTAURUS: What do you value most, Taurus? You are notorious for enjoying fine raiment and tantalising texture and having a desire for quality in all matters. Quantity matters to you too! C. S. Lewis in The Screwtape Letters, differentiated between gluttony of delicacy and gluttony of excess. We usually associate gluttony with the latter. Still, you can also over indulge ideas and even dreams or longed for goals. The spotlight this month is on the ‘happy ever after’ myths we get peddled to us. There is something very business-like about a successful life in the modern era. It’s time to jettison cosy notions and to see that the oyster which constitutes your world is one of action and consequently following all the exciting energies that are brewing deep inside of you!

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexGEMINI: Who does not wish to live life to the full? Let it not be said that you have not worked hard to lay the foundations for your own flourishing. Peak moments of experience are fleeting, but lasting contentment can prove more elusive! You are on the cusp of some ‘peak experience’ or other. Enjoy that moment. You’ve earned it. But somehow, I get the sense that there may be some frustrations in tow, due to the ways in which you may have navigated your way there more passively than you would perhaps have liked. Diplomacy can win you awards. But rewards generally come hard earned, via assertive application of vital principles. This month see success not as a mediation solution, but as an expression by you of your hard won, core strengths and determination.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexCANCER: Somebody appears to be making a war like stance with regards to yourself. What should you do about it? Well, at the moment it appears that ego skirmishes have been escalating. You probably need to assess, in the first instance, whether the person concerned has considerably more effective power than you do. It may appear as if they are the real source of the conflict. However, it seems to me as if they are simply taking a different view to you about productivity and work. My mother always used to say “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. Admittedly, she usually meant this with vengeful undertones! Still, her words may help. Approach is everything. Be conciliatory, noticing how different methods work for different people and how you can benefit.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexLEO: What part does romance play in deep commitments that represent the kinds of entanglement which involve financial transactions and merging of boundaries with resources? This is always a live question in committed setups, but it is pressing for you, this month. Regular living cannot sidestep mundane and continuous requirements for practical decision making and life orientation on a personal level. When we merge, on so many levels we transact energies. We want them to be both enjoyable and satisfactory for functional experience. Often these two polarities are in tension. They are not easy bedfellows! You may Thirst For Romance, as Cherry Ghost sang, but partnership is an exchange and that has to work. Get straight this month on this jigsaw puzzle.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexVIRGO: I can see you’ve been in a period of review of thoughts and feelings about your significant relationships – both present (or potential) and past. I’m not quite sure that you see yourself as romantic, but I get the impression that you need a partner who understands you deeply and supplies a sort of ‘watery’ feeling level of comfort. Now, it is time to recognise that partners are not there simply to make you feel a certain way about yourself – that would be unfair to them. What will help you is to stop polarising expected roles “I do this, they do that”. Sure, you may give attention to details and plans. Yes, you may expect them to supply the ‘light relief’ to your stresses. But did you ever check in with them about this? Work hard and nurture. Expect that in return.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexLIBRA: It feels like the first of the three recent eclipses in particular, heralded a new beginning for you in terms of how you perceive your mission in the world. It’s a bit of a curse for a Libran to have the sign of care and nurture as the career house in the horoscope, what with your predilection for justice and fairness. This means you likely advocate the underdog in the face of the bureaucratic machinery, which increasingly squeezes the individual in need of real care and true human dignity. You have completed a cycle and, like a snake that must shed its skin, you almost become a new creature, aligned with your mission at a heart level. It might seem like the same old story of self sacrifice but that’s not inevitable. You can have your personal dreams realised too.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexSCORPIO: Here is a clear message: Success is assured. An even clearer message is: Material rewards will be a part of this but the pace is secondary. Horses are everywhere I look; moving at different speeds. The slowest one harbours the wreath of success and it comes to you – you do not go to it. The reason for this is that your success on this journey is correlated to the journey into the depths of yourself – challenging for a Scorpio, I know! There is a sense of fragmentation in our modern societies, which afflicts each of us. And so, see this as a process grounded in uniting former fragments of yourself, into a coherent whole. You should not be surprised that such success will require this sort of discipline. Everything worth achieving is based on excellence!

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: The conscious life and the unconscious should ideally be in symbiosis – perfect, life sustaining mutuality, to be precise. If you live in either of those hemispheres of yourself exclusively, to the neglect of the other, then you will surely be missing the equilibrium required for a successful life. This month, you are called upon to withdraw into your unconscious nature in order to explore certain matters. It looks as if your journey in the visible world of three dimensions, has left you exhausted by exertions and trials simply to tread water and not make much headway. It looks as if you may have neglected certain of your needs in favour of others. This reminds me of shamanic soul retrieval journeying, where you must go into the lower world, in order to unearth missing aspects of your soul, born of ancient injuries. Success is assured if you go!

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: So, with Mars retrograding back from Aquarius to Capricorn, we have an image of you revisiting something about how your energies are projected out into the world. Are you aware of any patterns that you persistently repeat? Are you getting a profound sense of deja vu? If so, the cosmos is likely attempting to show you a blind spot that you never seem to eradicate successfully. Perhaps you notice it but then quickly revert to old patterning. The message this month is that it is time to look at your flexibility level. I’m not saying you should take up yoga or tai chi (although it wouldn’t do any harm). What I am saying is that your ability to receive the things you need in your life, you may be getting in the way of. Remember, care is less a principle than a quality of being.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: Do you feel suffocated, or at least as if you have radical lack of freedom? All the excitement can at times appear to be ‘out there’. All the action seems to be free when it comes to others. If you feel passive is it perhaps because you have been passive? Your sign seeks transformation of the world for the better, but what about you? It looks like maybe you have invested your visions in the freedoms of a liberated humanity, whilst hanging onto your own areas of incarceration. The answer is simple “free yourself”, yet it is not quite so easy to execute! Problem solvers may not be artists creating beauty and perfect symmetry but they are creative in their own way – and that would be you. Pick up a paint brush or banjo if you really wish to create. Otherwise deploy your skills at problem solving this month.

August September 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexPISCES: Action gets things done, while dreaming does not. This certainly is not an admonishment not to dream. It’s just that idealism often sets standards of perfection that are simply not realistic. There is a sense this month of your ideals about partnership having tripped you up in the past, with a kind of passive waiting for a blinding flash of light and eureka. It seems to me that you have all the qualities required to transact satisfyingly in your liaisons, but your lofty expectations have been getting in the way of you really getting off the starting blocks. I sense a number of ‘false starts’. Relating is a complex phenomenon, with no single ingredient as the key to success. Nevertheless, if you naively believe in ‘rightness’, you’ll always judge from a sense of what is missing. Reverse that polarity now.

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August September 2018 Tarotscope - by Alex
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August September 2018 Tarotscope - by Alex
Welcome to your August September 2018 Tarotscope. New beginnings follow eclipses - and we've just experienced three. In that spirit, I am pleased to announce that instead of myself doing a text description
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