August – September 2017 Tarotscope by Alex

August – September 2017 Tarotscope by Alex
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Welcome to your  August – September 2017 Tarotscope by Alex

One eclipse down, one to go! Things may feel like a time warp, but keep your composure. This is an accelerated period of change and you just have to sit with it. Saturn also changes direction on the 25th and Mercury will begin his three-time per year retrograde period on the 12th of August, changing direction again on 5th September – a key day to watch over the coming weeks. Enjoy the roller-coaster ride and I wish you a smooth transformation in the first week of September.

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Aries August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyARIES: Your ruler is the warrior, Mars. Warriors have a lot going for them! But they also have certain flaws in their personal makeup. These are the intrinsic flipside of the positive. This may seem inescapable, a bit like when tennis player John McEnroe, used to fire himself up to excel, but then got in trouble with the umpire’s authority at times. He passionately wanted to win, but he crossed a line on occasion. It seems the eclipse is showing you that you’ve regularly forfeited harmony due to your direct and assertive nature. You have not always realised when you’ve crossed a line. This month, you get to see this clearly in your situation. There is a better way. Harmony does not always mean being compromised. Fighting can become a style of being. Who is the real enemy?

Taurus August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyTAURUS: Nostalgia sees us looking backwards. Is this ever a good thing? And when is it a bad thing? Reviews are crucial, but they should only be done periodically.. they should not be constant, or you are always looking back. There is something from your past, either a person an ideal, or a person who embodies an ideal, coming back to greet you. It could have a soul level quality to it. It could remind you of simplicity, innocence and a time when life was more childlike and smooth. Responsibilities can rob us of purity and its liberating gifts. Whatever you look back at under the eclipse will now appear different. You will see what was missing. CLUE: This looks conspicuously like a very simple ingredient, like actual enjoyment. What’s the point in anything you don’t enjoy?

Gemini August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyGEMINI: Amidst all the external changes in your structures, habits and routines in recent months (of which more are to be consolidated under the eclipse energy on the 21st), it has perhaps been less obvious to you that the shifts have been unearthing something; revealing a previously obscured element of your old patterns. When physical shifts come, social shifts follow and then, over time, psychological factors can be laid bare: Now is indeed such a time! You have a busy mind. Many thoughts whirl around at a million miles an hour as a commonplace. You have conversations with yourself, regularly in your own head. This month you notice the need for a shift. Start small though. Begin with an audit of your deep ties. How deeply have you communicated with them? Holding back is no longer an option.

Cancer August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyCANCER: Aren’t feelings great? They can be so uplifting, so fulfilling. Who does not like to feel great, while avoiding feeling jaded, like the plague? Well it looks like there is a turn for the better coming in your material situation. This undoubtedly will give you the ‘feel good’ factor! And yet, it perhaps is not so inspiring once we realise again that life moves in endless cycles. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The good news for you is that you can move to a new plateau. Sure, the ups and downs will continue as always. But there is a definite elevation in view that will catapult you to a new, expansive place. One thing to be aware of is your basic mindset. Under the eclipse, you have opportunity (on the 21st) to move from risk averse to bold. Make your mark!

Leo August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyLEO: The eclipse is challenging you to bring an old ‘fear of scarcity’ into the light. This can translate on many levels into every kind of fear of loss. Once you fear loss, before you even embark on an undertaking, you become crippled. Doubts are your one Achilles’ Heel, Leo. Being naturally vibrant, you dread the idea of anything blighting your ability to bask in the Sun. You get to experience feelings of total alignment this month – everything feeling like it is finally going right for a change. Something has indeed changed. But you cannot stay on the mountaintop forever: HINT: Your best chance of staying ahead of the curve does not involve awaiting another rare eclipse. It actually involves dealing with your own fears. It is they that lead you to close off and to reject life’s good gifts.

Virgo August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyVIRGO: The astrology is auspicious for you this month. Finally, you face a realistic prospect of transacting a change that has been crying out to happen for many a year. Your thinking and communicative functions, which are so central to who you are, have been held captive for too long to unconscious expectations of what things are ‘supposed to look like’. And the ‘supposed’ part of that equation did not truly come from yourself. Service and sacrifice and your sensitive nature have led you to prioritise everything but your own happiness and built up a storehouse of bubbling resentments as a price of your seeming invisibility. This month, that can recede and instead your own dreams (remember those?) and desires can enter onto the stage and take a bow. We call this karma. Align with it.

Libra August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyLIBRA: You appear to have to been engaged in struggle around self/other issues again of late. It looks to me that the people all around you have been pitting their wits against you in a kind of battle of wills, or power struggle for dominance. Meanwhile, you appear to have been besieged with internal battles as a result of attempting to hold your ground in the midst of such challenges. It comes back to confidence again. I do hate to repeat myself, but it seems that the eclipse is sponsoring a sustained review around questions of just how you connect with other folk. The whole ‘me or you?’ narrative is now up for scrutiny. It seems you’ve been fighting battles so long that you have forgotten that ‘us’ is actually achievable. Battle hardened and scarred, you are asked to explore community again this month.

Scorpio August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologySCORPIO: While the solar eclipse appears to be raising the bar for you, in terms of how you do your core business on the Earth (and is promising a shift that can offer lasting contentment), the more pressing issue underlying, appears to be a feeling of being torn. Behind all the possibilities lies an agonising wrangle about whether to be practical and ‘realistic’, or to take leaps of faith as a matter of course. This boils down to issues of trust. By that I mean not reliance on others, rather a conviction that what you are doing is right and that it will unfold in due course, if you are true to your vision. Faith always carries a measure of uncertainty. Do the things that grow the vision, under the eclipse on the 21st, but give attention to your doubts.. because their hold must go.

Sagittarius August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologySAGITTARIUS: Your need for freedom seems to be running into conflict with the constraints significant others are attempting to place upon you, at this time. It appears that their expectations are at odds with your fundamental values. Even though taking responsibility is important in all our liaisons, and is a sign of maturity, it remains true that the vision or ideal of harmony and joy is equally vital to contentment. Sure, life and relationships are a contact sport of blood, sweat and tears, but this you’ve come to understand, must not smother the whole point of humans coming together, to share love and joy. It looks very much to me like somebody else’s cynicism has been grinding you down. Remember, their values should never define or displace yours. Prioritise your joy this month.

Capricorn August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyCAPRICORN: You sometimes get a bad press as a dour sort of person. Of course, we know Saturn rules your sign and Saturn equals seriousness. Saturn changes direction four days after the solar eclipse. So the 25th of August marks a turning point. A review of the place traditional (maybe even religious) thinking takes within your values makes way for a new spirit of playfulness in your communication either with those who are already significant partners, or those with the potential to become significant partners. You place very strict criteria upon standards in relating. This is no bad thing, but this month you start to see the importance of learning to “walk on the lighter side”. You may be celebrating how lighter has led to deeper, when Saturn hits Capricorn in December.

Aquarius July - August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyAQUARIUS: The whole question for you this month can be summed up as “who needs to change, them or you?” But if you’d like to go a little further it appears that you are in the territory of examining your own ideals. What you are examining them for is not rigour and a sense of exactitude, so much as how true your ideals and standards and presumed requirements are to your “heart level” experience. Do you even remember what that is? Or has your heart become buried under protocol and principle? In fact, are your ideals the very thing preventing fulfilment in your everyday experience? I get the sense that somebody is looking to you to uphold a sense of responsibility toward them. Maybe they think any problem is more easily resolved, than you do. Give them a hearing.

Pisces August - September 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyPISCES: There is a ‘difficulty’ for you to face over the coming four weeks. Really it boils down to a pivotal choice. A new start is available to you and the path appears reasonably clear. The problem appears to be that in order to take up a new opportunity, you must decisively leave behind an old path or groove that is working perfectly okay – it’s just that it isn’t your best alignment, so you may feel comfortable in that groove and be reluctant to wrench yourself away from it. This is very much like the dilemma reflected in the old saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. It’s not bad/good in view but good/better/best. These decisions cannot be made with the head. There is no logical solution. Choose.. then commit to your choice wholeheartedly.

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