August 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

August 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your August 2018 Horoscope. Astrology is often about timings. Sometimes it is about geometric aspects between planets – always it is about the astrologer recognising patterns and weighing their significance. This means we break up a whole picture into component parts and assess their significance as fragments, before assimilating a reconstituted whole. So what are the key ‘units’? Looking at the chart for the moment of the solar eclipse on 18th August, we see seven retrograde planets (including Chiron) and four quincunx aspects, with Mars on the verge of a re-entry into Capricorn from Aquarius. So the eclipse, which heralds a fresh cycle, carries the energy of these other elements as part of its signature of motifs.

Most interestingly regarding Mars (planet of unction), we are reviewing our life force deployment – and this is about to shift from the sign of humanitarianism into that sign of building of the key structures of our societal infrastructure. Key message: Is the society we have built and its designed (by some of us) structures, fit for purpose, in terms of supporting our values? If it is not, what would a revision look like? Are we called upon to trust leaders to build different structures or tweak old ones? Or are we called upon to participate in a rebuilding? This all depends on your humanitarian values and whether these move beyond the level of mere ideas. This is a case where the personal and the political dimensions of life cannot be separated. The presence of several quincunxes (150 degree aspects – two making a fateful yod to the eclipse) shows that many things are out of kilter between individuals and the wider society we experience.

The Mercury Neptune quincunx speaks of communication vs illusion (the classic fake news debate). The Venus Uranus quincunx speaks of normative vs non-normative interpersonal attachment patterns (the current identity politics). It is so easy to attach to a group or prominent ideology for the sake of having a stable reference point in troubled times, or to believe versions of reality that have been constructed for us, so that we no longer know what reality actually is. The antidote and requirement under this eclipse is to realign. Find your independent position on truth.

The yod from the eclipse to Pluto and Neptune suggests a new beginning, in which your true and free self is no longer constrained by machinations of propaganda, concentrated power and distorted belief systems. The key now is to investigate. Be an honest and open researcher and do the work required to discover your own satisfying answers, rather than allowing yourself to be manipulated by stock interpretations and political correctness.

Have a great month and here’s wishing you the cosmic support in realigning with a personal truth that satisfies your soul.

Alex ❤

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August 2018 HoroscopeARIES: Ever been on the train moving forwards but it feels in reverse? It is a weird anomaly of perception. It feels real but isn’t. That’s you right around now. Reality is turned on its head. These are birth pangs of a new emanation akin to Nicodemus asking Jesus “shall a man really re-enter his mother’s womb to be born?” This period of retrogrades with planets near the end and beginning of signs has a feeling of everything being in constant flux. Your ruler Mars is about to re-enter Capricorn and this means you are called upon through uncertainty to look once again at your role on this spinning ball of rock. It could be time to build your presence in the world differently. Whatever revisions you make, one thing is certain: You must develop a different relationship to pleasure. Take a look at the finest examples of hedonism and emulate!

August 2018 HoroscopeTAURUS: You are currently repairing your foundations. This process can take a considerable period of time to complete. It involves extensive review and actions and at root, it requires an alignment of your whole being – particularly healing polarities of thought life and feeling economy and things like work/life balance and determining your authentic life goals. A new cycle commences for you this month. It is an important time to seed a new trajectory, but also to acquire important tools and resources in the venture of heading towards the new, more adventurous you. Sometimes we take a wrong turning or end up at the end of a cul de sac. However the details pan out, the balance of your life is about to find a new choreography that is both more efficient and conducive to balanced, sustainable health.

August 2018 HoroscopeGEMINI: It’s all about pleasure for you this month. By the way, this does not just mean the kind that is socially acceptable. The stuff that is usually frowned upon is on the menu for your consideration this month. If you have ever indulged prudishness when it comes to others in the past then this month may leave you reflecting with regrets about missed opportunities. Still, let us not dwell in the past! A person seeking to be whole must truly avoid repressions and even taboos as a part of said repressions. As you go out into your neighbourhood this month I’d love you to be able to do so with fresh eyes. Picking the luscious fruit is often more important than worrying about whether it is overhanging from some person’s property, which might have a legitimate claim upon it. Desire is king in August.

August 2018 HoroscopeCANCER: Your confidence needs to be in yourself. We live in a world where we are increasingly under the squeeze which thrusts us upon others in a way which makes us all quite dependent on sharing scarce resources. The sharing is good, the scarcity bad and the dependency undermining of autonomy. This eclipse season has demonstrated autonomy to be paramount. A new cycle began in July. August sees significant new steps into a world where prospects of sustainable self-sufficiency become more tangible than ever. It’s okay to rely on others on occasion – that is crucial to mental health and social functioning, but by and large, we stand on our own two feet. Your challenge has been confidence and feeling in the shadows. This can cease now.

August 2018 HoroscopeLEO: The layers of your personality appear to have been in one almighty battle between the realities and day-to-day contingencies/struggles and the dreams and vision which grant us hope for tomorrow. But now it is time to peel back those layers to access a time when you were not so driven by hard knocks. The attention shifts in August, away from relating and commitment and toward a frank and sober assessment of how you have deployed your energies in response to the history of each one of your disappointments. The dreams you once dared to indulge and the lofty visions you have reached for nobly and tried your best to achieve must now be let go of in their old form – try a little less steel and a little more trust in yourself…

August 2018 HoroscopeVIRGO: What are your current thoughts on how you feel? (Not how you feel at the moment). My question is designed to get you probing your method of handling your emotions within your overall life expression. I get an image of a treadmill in my mind’s eye. You know, it’s like you’ve been on that darned thing on high speed for an age and your physical frame appears near to breaking point with a red face and a copious volume of perspiration. I’m not sure emotions are supposed to function like that! The reassuring cosmic news is that your approach to handling feelings (in a way that feels true to yourself) has scope to be revised under the eclipse. You’ve carried other people’s shortcomings as an act of devotion. No more!

August 2018 HoroscopeLIBRA: How are beautiful ideas connected to beautiful experiences exactly? Sadly, we do not always (or even often) travel from idea to implementation, or from thoughts to experiences. There is this curious quality in humans that allows them to not notice when they are deceiving themselves, by settling for a mere concept. Well for you, this will not work any more. You know about the shortcomings of people only too well. And your reliability is often not matched by others. Now it is time to acknowledge that you cannot fudge on offering leadership any more. Yet leadership can come at a price. There may not be a happy ever after on the horizon, but now your ethics change decisively to community above individuals.

August 2018 HoroscopeSCORPIO: Here’s what I think: You need to ease up on yourself. We are in that old Scorpionic workaholic territory again, I’m afraid. The equation of living to work or working to live is back on the menu and it seems you have to make a choice. Somebody I know well has an hour glass timer. I’d recommend you purchase one as a strong visual message to yourself this coming month. When you see the sands of time slipping away, it changes your sense of urgency and has power to lift you out of any metaphorical coma. Spend a day watching time pass in physical form. Think of all the pleasure you could feel in a relatively short lifespan. Then ask yourself just why you have tied yourself to the train tracks of aspiration for so long!

August 2018 HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Imagine you have a twin (maybe you do). They went to live in a far distant land, embodying a common Sagittarian impulse toward travel, while you remained in your birthplace. Perhaps you did the conventional thing, had children and expressed your gifts in your locality, while they sacrificed traditional stability in favour of the unknown and an experience that feels forever new. All of a sudden, under the eclipse of 18th August, you decide that it would be amazing to swap notes and maybe even swap places. How does that prospect make you feel? It’s time for a review of your policy of having one foot in each camp: Your feet in the locality and your head in exotic distant lands. No more sitting on the proverbial fence!

August 2018 HoroscopeCAPRICORN: What is sacred to you? What standards do you hold to in a pristine fashion? And what is your relationship to power? (Both yours and that of others). This is all in the melting point this month. It is no small set of questions you are facing here. And this is because how you transact with others will be entirely predicated upon issues of power, beliefs, ethics and expectations of standards. New beginnings are possible with different outcomes if you can harness Mercury retrograde, leading up to and just beyond the solar eclipse. What you think about and communicate within, your relationships, can be reconfigured now. This is almost never about their wrong doings, but instead about their transacting unsettling you!

August 2018 HoroscopeAQUARIUS: We are really looking at what drives you, this month. I’m getting an image of either a monk or a nun. It feels like you would truly benefit from some down time or alone space, in order to get a sense of what has been shifting inside you. Religious orders often take the vow of silence, but life often does not afford us this luxury; what with the continuous pressures and responsibilities. Still it looks as if you may have some wiggle room and that partners will realise that you need some space to re-evaluate your priorities, without drowning in shoulds. This next month gives opportunity to seed a whole new framework for your worldview and how it works out in practice – this is finding yourself on a much deeper level.

August 2018 HoroscopePISCES: Pisceans are not exactly legendary for putting a sense of order and structure into their existence. It’s not that they can’t. It’s just that doing such things takes you away from the important business of transcending the mundane details of existence. You are less likely to get inspired by the mountain of ironing than the mountain top of connecting with all the possibilities beyond any known horizon! But sadly, we can never fully grow up if we refuse to give attention to the details. Details are restrictive for you and you see them as a prison. Nevertheless, if you are to achieve a dream it must first be made concrete, then worked towards. First though you must get a handle on what the blueprint is: Your task this month.

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August 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
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August 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
Welcome to your August 2018 Horoscope. Astrology is often about timings. Sometimes it is about geometric aspects between planets - always it is about the astrologer recognising patterns and weighing their significance.
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