August 2017 Horoscope – by Alex

August 2017 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to Your August 2017 Horoscope

Hello folks. This month, the second new moon in Leo takes the form of a solar eclipse that reinforces any process which you either have (or have not through neglect) been working with since July 23rd. To boot, four days later, there is a direction change from lord of karma, Saturn. A review (that began around April 6th) is coming to a close in which how you process life’s challenges is correlated to both taking responsibility and taking up authority within and over, your own life. This detour was necessary at this time in your life, in order to commence the next phase – which will kick in and gather pace through eclipse, Saturn station and Mars hitting that sensitive eclipse point – e.g. August 21st, August 25th and September 3rd. Consider the next three weeks as preparation for that. This moment will prove pivotal in our collective and personal lives. Keep your awareness up and work consciously with your forecast throughout the month, in order to line up with the direction the cosmic energies wish to guide you in. Have a scintillating month and I’ll see you on the other side! Oh and just the week before the eclipse, with the mid-month tarotscope, if you tune into that.

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Aries - August 2017 HoroscopeARIES: “I still thirst for romance and the sand between my toes” – so sang Cherry Ghost. I don’t think lead, Simon Aldred, is an astrologer, but he certainly connects the themes of the 5th house with this line. Your ruler Mars traverses your solar 5th, awaiting contact with the eclipse point (September 3rd). This second, more precisely aligned, new moon in Leo, with your ruler still there, portends an evolutionary turning point for you – one based on going backwards, rather than forwards. This runs counter to my usual equating of growth with forward movement – but with good reason. The fifth is related to all things creative, inspiring and pleasurable. Aldred connects romance and sand in toes as a metaphor of innocence and appreciation of the simple things, we so easily forfeit to other agendas. You could call this ‘inner child’ territory. Here’s the point: Your energy is so linked to productivity that it can become perfectionist; so goal-driven that the sheer beauty of the moment is lost. Now another band and song: Enigma, ‘Return to Innocence’. Your path in August.

Taurus - August 2017 HoroscopeTAURUS: The spotlight for you this month involves moving beyond functionality and into true comfort. This is very much like what distinguishes a home from a house. Being a fixed sign, you can get into rigid patterns quite easily, even when you know they are not serving you well. In terms of the eclipse, which is telling you to perfect your alignment in your living spaces, there is something about the environmental quality in view and competition between various of your needs, which may feel hopelessly mutually exclusive. Juggling of these needs has been a fixed pattern for you and right on time, Uranus the great awakener, is in town in the form of a trine to the eclipse, in your house of the unconscious. You are called upon to ask some tough questions about the impact of compromised safety from aeons ago, in what should have been your secure physical spaces. Uranus may show up in a body! This means in the form of a disruptive figure from your past – who problematized your sense of being ‘truly loved, without fear of sudden loss’. Remember.. then is not now.

Gemini - August 2017 HoroscopeGEMINI: The relationship of your mental spaces to your geographical spaces is squarely in view for you this month, Gemini. Setting aside the riveting question of whether your mental spaces should reflect your geographical location, or vice versa, we know that your neighbourhood is ripe for exploration right now. This feels very much like a quest to grasp the symbiotic quality of you and your neighbourhood. When you ‘live’ in your mind, the body suffers. But embodiment is much more than ‘possessing a body’, it is using it and expressing its functions, within very specific local conditions. The spaces surrounding your body are like energetic oxygen for the spiritual blood. Your mercurial function can see you (in true Gemini fashion) splitting into either cognitive or verbal, essential functioning. But once the other senses get stimulated in your neighbourhood connecting, you can transcend individuality. The roots of you and of your neighbourhood are one and the same. The eclipse says “you can find the shape of the old in the seed of the new”. Let eyes guide feet in August.

Cancer - August 2017 HoroscopeCANCER: I see you as somewhat the Zen Master this month. Venus, the beautiful light that attracts simply by its sheer presence, enters briefly into a square with Uranus in your solar 10th house. Career disruptions and alterations may have been a feature of your experience for the past few years. Venus suggests, this month, that your focus remain squarely on being yourself. It’s not that all significant energetic experiences will leave you untouched, it’s just that they cannot knock you out of your stride. Why? Because what is changing is that you naturally perceive all such shifts as being part of the bigger picture, revealing its blueprint to you. There is learning and information in every experience, just like the DNA of the flower is encoded in the seed – all you must do is let it unfold, in its time. Any disruptions this month will be there to reveal something deeper.. by stripping away a layer of what is now past its sell by date. The next three weeks shout “true prosperity comes not from a single dimension of your experience, rather full alignment”.

Leo - August 2017 HoroscopeLEO: You’ve entered the vortex! This is a process of accelerating every particle within your molecular structure (spiritual types call this a ‘quickening’). My feeling is that you may even have difficulty recognising yourself by mid-August. This is not negative, it’s just that the change outstrips your ability mentally to prepare for it. It’s like the old funfair ‘hall of mirrors’ experience. Another label for this is ‘growth’. Saturn stations direct on the 25th, in your solar 5th house of Sagittarius. All the ways in which you juggle your creativity, sense of fun, romantic liaisons and children, have been facing the grind of intense pressures in finding your feet and being responsible. Saturn can be a hard taskmaster and you’ve been in a period of review since early April. It seems you are soon able to set some burdens aside, work completed. After the dust settles, the new you will feel unfamiliar. Do not be too ‘inward’ about this change; instead notice how the people all around you are responding differently to you. Let that be your satnav. Their responses – your mirror!

Virgo - August 2017 HoroscopeVIRGO: Why are you so regularly worn down? Moreover, what is it about that repetitive ‘quality’ that could be identified and dealt with, so you need never endure it again? People say karma runs in cycles… just like the planets! Another nice concept is ‘choreography’ – think of all those reality TV, dance shows, with sequence after sequence. Your choreography is inscribed in your unconscious and when it shouts “dance!” you’ve obliged, even when something has felt like it’s out of kilter. What was missing was your feelings. They prove difficult to access, because your mental processes dominate by arguing about the content of your deepest feelings. But feelings aren’t ideas or consequences. Another set of cycles is culminating over the next three weeks – heavy ones. You’re getting too old for this! Carrying it all is finally catching up with you. The excellent news is that at the eclipse on the 21st, it looks very much like the planets align, speaking of liberation. The sole condition is the right response to “What’s more important, what I think or how I feel?”

Libra - August 2017 HoroscopeLIBRA: There appear to be two paths diverging in a wood. You have no idea at this point whether or not they will converge again in the future. These two paths are either that one taking you further into a career of caring for others and thus rebalancing all the lack of care such folk have received (correcting the karmic imbalance in so doing, often to your own cost), or the one which embeds you in a true community of peers, in touch with their authentic and creative selfhood and operating as a mutually supportive community. I think you know by now that the first option has always excluded the second one becoming your reality. The second one just doesn’t seem to have gained currency, such that you cannot know whether you would still be driven to meet others’ care needs in the way you’ve always felt called to. That’s odd isn’t it! Sounds like living in one’s head may have become the comfort zone! The eclipse on the 21st suggests that it is finally time to trust a vision of the rule of order and balance that sees you being fed. Think Milton’s “Paradise Lost” heaven.

Scorpio - August 2017 HoroscopeSCORPIO: The 3rd of September is a date to watch for you as the trigger point of the eclipse on 21st August. That is when your ruler, Mars, will hit the eclipse degree. This is where your own energy will ‘catch up’ with the endings and beginnings that have been rumbling along within your circumstances. I get the sense that you’ve been both watching and feeling things, a little like an idle spectator, perhaps pondering “What has all this got to do with me?” The blue touch paper certainly has not been lit up to press and ignition may seem a remote dream. You may be sick of the mantra ‘quiet preparation’, but eventually all that effort can find its catalyst. It’s when we feel a lack of control over how things are going that we can feel at the mercy of random forces. Well, when it comes to your autonomous career direction, those forces must give way to your energy early next month. In the meantime, you are required to prune any energy which takes you away from your own goals and what feels good. This especially involves any caretaking roles that drain or passive thinking.

Sagittarius - August 2017 HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Here we go! Why have you carried situations? Be honest! (It’s a tough ask getting to the heart of it, I know). Well, it looks like you’ve been ‘forced’ to look at yourself and your own needs, as old strategies of seeking to hold together your significant peer groupings, have failed. It looks like your values were too much for other people to bear. And.. in the end.. the cracks finally appeared. What has this felt like? You know, the letting go; the opening up to a different cosmic agenda than the one your relatively puny human mind conceived, over against the cosmic blueprint. I think you’ve always known on a mental level that surrender to ‘divine’ purpose was your calling, but you seem to have held more onto it as a concept or theory, than adhered to what that means in reality. You’ll be delighted to know, I’m sure, that the universe’s intentions for your life are far less brutal than the ones you were subjecting yourself to. In olden times there was a spiritual tradition of ‘self-flagellation’ – no more for you my friend, or from others either!

Capricorn - August 2017 HoroscopeCAPRICORN: To me, this eclipse for you resembles a sort of “Back to the Future” experience. Certainly, you get to live the seeming equivalent of thirty years, in around the same number of days. This also feels a little like going under some sort of hypnosis to unearth old memories, through regression. If you were on the planet, old enough to have a memory, thirty years ago, perhaps you will be revisiting a decision made about commitments that took you down a karmic path. If so, prepare for this finally to change. That old cycle ends and you are severed from an old burden. Even if you weren’t around then, you’ll be reviewing old decisions about either a specific commitment, or the principle of it and its significance for you – and that will be going through a total transformation. You seem to have got stuck somewhere. Perhaps it was watching how your parents conducted their own ‘deep’ commitment. Possibly you were repulsed by that, or maybe conformed to it in some way. In any case, a failure to explore what you really wanted can be righted now.

Aquarius - August 2017 HoroscopeAQUARIUS: You notice just how quickly a firework burns out? The intensity of a reaction, the greater it is, does not necessarily lead to longevity… in fact often, quite the opposite. Did you rush into something relationally some while ago? Has it finally caught up with you? Well, the first three weeks of August are all about one thing – namely, taking back the power that you have given away in your closest relationship(s). “But what exactly is that?” – you may be pondering. Well, it looks like the basic right of self-determination. You, of all the signs, cannot truly give unless you are truly free. The Devil card in tarot would be a suitable image, here. Any chains as constituents of a connection tend to destroy the essence of that connection. Now, whatever cutting the chains means for you this month – it has to happen. Of course, once you have sawn (or however sundered) through the shackles, it is entirely up to you whether you freely remain, or go. Not determining what you actually want for your life, might offer one final excuse for dallying!

Pisces - August 2017 HoroscopePISCES: There’s something about being servile that isn’t very healthy for your sign (even though sacrifice ‘for connection’ seems almost a spiritual principle for you). Two things here: Leo is your solar 6th house – which is ruled by the Sun. All planets have both a lower and higher ‘octave’, which means in the case of Leo, entitlement or nourishment. At its best, Leo is the sign of creative individuation. And there is an eclipse there on the 21st. The message is to be in the higher octave. A service role is to be ‘replaced’ by a creative fountain of inner alignment this month. The second thing is that Jupiter has co-rulership of your sign and is in your solar 8th house. What appears to be governing your focus in recent months is a quest for a deeper sense of justice on the planet. So please take note that this will come to fruition not via the older ‘service’ approaches (which are tied into old emotional complexes) but by being true to your deepest creative vision. Trust that to propel you most reliably into your mission, as August unfolds.

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