Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019

Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 14th 15th 16th December

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤



This weekend we have very active Venus making aspects with Saturn, Neptune, the Moon and Pluto. This will affect the areas of relationships or dealings with finances and assets in a more serious and practical and resourceful manner. Neptune is very strongly positioned, still in an exact trine with the North Node bringing awareness about our future aspirations as it is. It can be a weekend which triggers higher awareness about the nature of our relationships, what is real and what is useful and practical.

Friday can be a productive day as Venus in Taurus brings harmony and mutual cooperation in business affairs. Venus trines Saturn, affirming our determination to complete any task in the most beneficial and mutually agreeable way. There is energy and will to achieve our goals and to present our arguments using convincing and beautiful wording. Any financial dealings and negotiations have a good chance to be successful and to bring profit to both sides but keep in mind that even the most persuasive reasoning can be deceptive, not everything that shines is gold.  People need to be aware of the fact that Neptune will affect this Saturn Venus cooperation and can introduce an element of deception. This is a warning for those who are making important decisions, the facts and the goodwill might be misleading.

On a more personal level Venus, Saturn and Neptune will bring benevolent energies taking relationships into higher altitudes. This influence will be more tangible on Saturday but it is a main feature for the whole weekend.

Also on Friday the Moon conjuncts Uranus making our moods changeable and more volatile, we can overreact or say things we don’t normally. Luckily this transit will last only a few hours and thanks to the other more powerful aspects will shake some of us a bit more than others. Those who are more sensitive and emotional might feel unexplained frustrations.

On Saturday, many will sense a strong desire to add value to a relationship and will have a vision of how to reinforce their commitments with their partner. At this time you both work in the same direction and share similar views. There are highly positive harmonious vibrations of creative romantic imagination and real feelings of soul reunion. Saturn can bring some degree of sobriety and sense of reality but it is still highly positive and helps to keep the expectations more realistic.

Another strong transit this weekend is the sextile between Saturn and Neptune which ties very well with the major vibrations helping us to achieve some balance between our material and spiritual needs. This again is very beneficial for those in a relationship because it softens the Saturnian rigidity and introduces more fluid softer vibes. It also adds a structured approach and assists people whose work involves art and creativity. This can be a time when these individuals can be motivated to complete a piece of work that has been waiting for higher inspiration.

Throughout the whole weekend, most people will have open access to very positive and benevolent energies thanks to the transits mentioned so far. This will involve conversations with loved ones, working on projects related to beautifying the living space and spending time with friends. You will be able to see the results of your effort and will feel rewarded and satisfied.

Sunday the Moon enters Gemini stirring our emotions in many directions fleetingly affected by various sensations in a kaleidoscopic manner. The Saturnian stability is weakened and the energy is shifted, embracing variety and imagination.

Although we now have a lot of mental vibes from the Sun, Mercury and the Moon in Gemini, we will experience some intense instinctual energies thanks to the trine between Venus and Pluto. This brings one more time the main features of this weekend which again stimulate the area of romantic relationships. Despite the mental Mercurial energies, Pluto reminds us that love is not an intellectual abstraction and can be extremely experiential with a strong passion. We will experience the inner workings of our relationship in a manner that brings deep psychological insights which can carry interesting realisations of the nature of your connection with the loved ones.

Spiritual work today is profound and penetrates the inner depths of our soul. This is time to gain visions of what expands our awareness and how to set our goals to bring a new understanding of our purpose and path ahead. All this works in a subtle way to introduce the energies of the new Moon on the 3rd of June.



The weekend tarot card is The Fool. Taking a leap of faith is indicated by The Fool, and its planetary correspondent, Uranus. It can also mean that you need to build more confidence or instil more faith in yourself.

Keywords – New beginnings, rebirth, renewal, spontaneity, faith, self-belief, freedom, original, opportunities, open to change, a leap of faith, confidence, spur of the moment, uninhibited, following instincts, pursuing a dream, passion, into unchartered territory, expanding your horizons.

The archetype of The Fool represents a certain emptiness or void that is waiting to be filled and breathed/manifested into life.

The Fool stands on the precipice, arms outstretched as if to embrace the dawn of his new existence. He is free to be who he wants to be and is eager to launch himself into a new adventure without the assurance of the outcome. The past cannot be changed and the future cannot be counted on so why worry about it?

This card suggests that you are beginning something new or entering into a new phase of life.  A new cycle has begun for you or you may be experiencing a rebirth or renewal of some sort.

The Fool urges you to take a risk because sometimes you need to break the rules in your life in order to succeed. Now is not the time for hesitation or slow thinking processes, for when The Fool appears, it is a time to take quick action, a time to get going and a time to jump on it.  You are free to move ahead.



Venus makes four key aspects this weekend which resonate with the astrology. Meanwhile, The Fool makes abundantly clear that baggage of the past, in terms of heavy things you have carried for far too long, are ripe for jettisoning. Travel light is the theme. Yet this is the human condition whereby ‘heavy’ and light co-exist in an intricate dance. No surprises then that we see four Venus aspects over the weekend. The interpretative trajectory I’d describe as ‘decay’. This may sound troubling, but in the context of The Fool, it all makes sense. And then the runes will chime in too. These aspects are on Friday, Venus trine Saturn and Venus semi-square Chiron. On Saturday, Venus quincunxes Jupiter and Sunday Venus is trine Pluto. The movement is from stability and solid longevity and down into the abyss of obsession. Venus in semi-square to Chiron points to the healing of attachment wounds being the whole point. The Fool says “have you used relationship attachments as a defence against striding out and really making something of all your abilities? Have you sought the comfort of enmeshment with another as some ideal of a ‘happy ever after’, free of all pain? Reality check… that is simply not how relationships are and seeking to dig yourself into visions of security with an unbreakable, forever attachment, are simply the strategy of a person running away from reality (and therefore real love, freely shared – instead of seeking relationships to be ‘just so’). Too much vigilance about these ideal conditions prevents true intimacy because of preoccupation and the inability to actually show up as an adult in the present, living your life and wishing to share with another. Love is a moment-by-moment dance… or, it’s not love at all.

As The Fool calls upon you to cast off any of those old, enmeshed fantasies, the runes add their layers also.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern:

Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019Friday’s card is ‘Opening’, which is Ralph Blum’s Kano (Kenaz). It is the torch lighting the dark cave. Awareness themes are indicated, which resonate with Chiron. Stability and attachment are different. It looks like what you read as stability, was really an attachment demand that others cannot meet without becoming compromised in their independence. Kenaz also has connotations to ritual sex magic so sex and love as modes of connection are prominent within the ideas ripe for exploration. Sexual bonding can have an intoxicating quality and longing while creating desire, can become a deranged and overbearing energy affecting others. From where is your desire for sexual merging coming? If this is a response to an attachment wound and reflects a lack in your ego strength then these things need addressing – and may be in the mix on Friday evening. Chiron wants to bring awareness and resolution to this complex.


Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019Saturday sees Blum’s ‘Movement’ appear, which is rune Ehwaz. This is the horse rune. Something is percolating toward transformation during Saturday. Love and growth have been at odds for you, regardless of what you may have imagined – reinforced by Venus quincunx Jupiter. Both planets are in signs they rule so strong, but in an aspect which is traditionally in aversion. Think love or growth. Reject any offer today which you sense will lead you down a path that ties you down. I say that but really the overall energies are suggesting that this may prove extremely tough to do. It seems that something may be exercising a strong pull upon you. Even if you cannot resist your desires, at least focus awareness on what may be going on with you beneath the surface, in terms of themes I have outlined. The Fool again suggests that a vision of two happy peas in a comforting pod is not the way you should be inclining if you wish to grow as a person and a free human being.


Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019Sunday brings us the card ‘Signals’. This is a rune of communication and messages being received loud and clear. Stay receptive. With Venus in trine to Pluto, it seems that powerful forces of lust may be distorting your judgment. Enjoy heading feelings if you get the chance to experience them. But please remember that one swallow a summer does not make. Understand today that old feelings and needs, long buried, may arise powerfully and feel quite overwhelming. However intense, please do not mistake such powerful experiences as automatically validating of an experience you feel you are having. There is a reason under the current astrology of Saturn conjunct the south node, that we are re-encountering old stuff in new forms and indeed new stuff in old forms. Be vigilant in not mis-attributing appearances with meaningful reality today. Because your old desires have you in their grip and the point of any reliving is the working through and coming out the other side transformed.

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Astroweekend is brought to you by Rayna and supplemented by Alex and Karen.

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Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019
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Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019
Astroweekend 31st 1st 2nd June 2019. This weekend we have very active Venus making aspects with Saturn, Neptune, the Moon and Pluto. This will affect the areas of relationships or dealings with finances and assets in a more serious and practical and resourceful manner.
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