Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 14th 15th 16th December

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤


The weekend carries a new type of high vibrational energy, brought here by Uranus who entered Taurus earlier this week. It will evolve slowly but it’s worth mentioning that it opens a completely new chapter in the evolution of consciousness affecting the majority of the human population.

This new energy was introduced to us via the new Moon in Pisces on the 6th March, supported by Neptune, who is dissolving boundaries of our perceptions and who opens a portal for new, higher awareness. The medium here is Mercury who joined the party in a retrograde motion. Mercury will remain in Pisces for a little longer, wondering in his fantasies and dreams, stretching our intellectual abilities and options. This is a time for exploring routes, looking into possible potentials but it is also an uncertain time, the answers are unclear and it seems that there are no solutions.

Over the weekend many will be fluctuating between the depths of their own psyche exploring the inner world and then returning back into the tangible reality bringing their visions to the surface or trying to manifest their dreams.

Friday begins with strong grounding energy coming from the sextile between the Sun and Saturn. This is a very positive creative transit helping us to come out of the Neptunian fantasy land and act here on the material plane.

Those who are able to tune into the subtle etheric vibrations will notice that their visions can be manifested easier at this time. If you set your intention and navigate through this energy you will gain greater awareness of what is available to you and how to reach it. People can see beyond the veil of illusion and use the opportunity to be more practical and to search for evidence rather than believing. Some individuals will try to start projects, try not to be impulsive, bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde and this moment of clarity will last as long as the sextile between Saturn and Sun is active or until the end of this weekend.

Another strong and very active transit this weekend is the sextile between Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. Mars is action orientated and in Taurus, he reaches his goals with perseverance. Neptune dissolves the boundaries, brings magic and elation enabling us to dream bigger and farther but also creates uncertainty and fuzziness.  When these two combine their energies we can touch the edges of the probability asking what else is possible. In addition, we have Uranus also in Taurus energising, even more, our perceptions of reality extending our vision even further.

This eclectic combination of earthly and etheric energies will continue to develop over the next two days. On Saturday we are experiencing our dreams entwined into the reality in a very palpable level, many will feel elevated by the magic dust from Neptune and at the same time will seek solidity as they slow down for a reality check.

In addition to this energetic concoction, the Moon square Saturn, freezing our emotions allowing us to reflect on everything with more objectivity and clarity. This is a perfect time to spend some time on our own, meditating or studying occult subjects. We can reach greater depth in our understanding of the multilayered reality and a completely new awareness about the boundaries of our comprehension.

However, in more practical terms Saturn can affect our emotions, making some people appear cold and insensitive. If you are dealing with routine works around your home this can be a positive influence but in the area of relationships, it might cause conflicts, especially for those who recently have been through some difficult time.

The Moon transits are short-lived and fade away quickly so by the end of Saturday the moods will be elevated again as the Moon makes a trine with Jupiter. Most people are generous and giving under this transit, they are concerned about the wellbeing of others and are friendly with everyone.

On Sunday morning the Moon moves in Taurus meeting Uranus making us act impulsively and hastily. Those who skip the earlier hours of the day will be able to avoid situations when they act prematurely or might say or do things that will regret shortly after that.

We can expect some surprising reactions or events today but these will bring liveliness and excitement and will make the last day of the weekend more pleasant

Some of us will spend time reflecting on our plans for the future and will be looking into our options and potential to make our dreams a reality. Others will be exploring and examining their relationship searching for the deeper meaning of what it is that connects them to the loved ones.

For others, this is can be truly magical weekend expanding their awareness for possibilities beyond their imaginations. Our mind is now wide open for spiritual experiences outside conventional perceptions taking us on a wild journey deep into the rabbit hole.


The weekend tarot card is The Devil corresponding to the sign Capricorn (a cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn). Aleister Crowley tells us that this card “represents creative energy in its most material form.”

Astroweekend forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019Keywords – Shadow self, attachment, addiction, restriction, sexuality, releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, detachment.

The archetype of The Devil refers to what you hide in order to fit in with society, but you can integrate The Devil in order to experience your complete self.

Seeing The Devil card means you are enslaved to something or someone; an idea, a relationship, a way of life, a self-destructive attitude or something quite different. It feels like a trap, yet it is one of your own makings. Even though you imagine that you can’t escape from it, there is a way out if you can only see it.

Rather than blame others for your situation, examine the part you have played in whatever has gone wrong. You could have chosen the path of instant gratification, even if it was at the expense of your long-term well-being. In effect, you have sold your soul to the devil!

This is an opportunity to bring these negative influences into your conscious awareness, so you can then take action to free yourself from their hold. Shine your light on the negative patterns that have been standing in your way for so long, and over time, you will loosen the grip they have on you.

“Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.” Gretchen Rubin (Sagittarius) – American author (1965 – )


Interesting placements in the skies correlate nicely with the cards this weekend. There are echoes of Chiron’s transit of the final degree of Pisces, with Mercury retrograde positioned there, right now. (I spoke about this in the introduction to the March horoscope.) The energy of clearing out old karma is still upon us. And Mercury is asking us to replace our old ideas with new ones. As Jesus said, “You cannot place new wine in old wineskins.” Moving forward means not simply clearing old emotion complexes, but the cognitions which held and sustained them. You need new ideas to support a new range of feelings that are now ready to emerge. But what exactly are these ideas and feelings related to?

Our clues are found in the major arcana card for Friday, along with that day’s rune card and a planetary aspect which manifests too.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern:

Friday’s aspect of interest is the moon in Aries sextile Venus in Aquarius. The moon is fast moving but when it meets Venus in certain geometric configurations it has connotations. The major this weekend is The Devil. The Devil card (number 15 – 1+5=6) often depicts the couple from The Lovers card (number 6) chained and connected energetically to the shadow side of mature relating, specifically enslavement to needs that are less about autonomy than unhealthy attachment (granting psychological payoff via ‘relationship as a prop’).

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019Friday’s rune Gebo is the Partnership card in Ralph Blum’s deck. So it is not difficult to see that attachments are in view and it is the shadow which needs processing through Mercury being in that sensitive zodiacal spot, where Chiron recently transited. The characteristics of this moon/Venus on Friday suggest that there has been a sort of emotional frustration/impatience with a Venus attachment style which would rather be detached, curious and individuated. This is where The Devil speaks of relationships as defence against fear of dissolution. Attachment wounds can be healed now by learning to put down impatience to connect and learning truly to appreciate your own unique presence in the world, as well as having a genuine curiosity about those who attract or intrigue. Good relationship energy can only ever be built on both parties being able to participate within their own authentic selfhood. It is possible that you have either shut that down in others in the past by your own demands and needs or been insufficiently your true self in the liaison you desired so much. Friday is a key day for unpacking that complex and resolving to move forward differently – with a new outlook.

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019Saturday’s rune is Harvest (Jera). With the Sun making a sextile aspect to Saturn today, the clear implication is that you can begin a whole new cycle, which will bear considerable fruit in time. Today, you plant the seed and begin to nurture it. Relationships should carry a certain amount of ease. The energy should not be constantly heavy – or you are onto a loser. So when people say in the cliche that “you need to work at relationships”, this is only partly valid. What that really means is that you should never take a loved one for granted, if you wish to sustain the bond in a healthy state. Nevertheless, if you are always thinking you must be working at things, this is not such a good sign! You need ease. That is what makes connections feel natural. The work required is really the work on yourself. We should remain on a personal growth path, even when we are in a relationship. It is when we surrender the drive continually to improve and mature and expand our quality of life as an individual, in favour of immersing into a bond like two peas in a pod, like two characters, chained to The Devil and each other in unhealthy attachment – that we lose ourselves and the relationship becomes a crutch. The point of relating is not to abandon yourself, rather to show up more than ever as your fullest self. Make a commitment to that today, remembering that any liaisons should harbour the seed of your commitment first of all to you.

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019Sunday’s rune is Strength card Uruz. Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces today. With Uranus newly in Taurus, it would appear that a little help is at hand in shifting the stubbornness which might normally resist moving forward in a dynamic way. Laziness and fixity are not going to serve you well in your quest to shake up your attachments and the quality of your relationships. Hard work is going to require you to bust out of any chains you have voluntarily surrendered to. It can be just too comfortable to remain stuck, to continue to seek ‘ease’, grounded in old habits and old comfort zones. This will require a commitment from you. If you choose to remain in a fantasy which routinely experiences disappointment (because it merely imagines it will find comfort somewhere else, if it gets too hot where you are now) then you can expect more of the same – the rebirth of hope and desire, followed by its rapid fading away. You are called on to work on you now. You must dredge up and shed all those old ideas about ‘the one’ which keep you stuck. And you must stand on your own two feet, ready and able to meet with other folks who are doing the same, rather than selling out on themselves every time. It can be different now; IF you detonate the old views of what a partnership is and replace it with one that is viable. It’s all down to you…


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Astroweekend is brought to you by Rayna and supplemented by Alex and Karen.

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Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th March 2019
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