Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019


Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the planetary emphasis weekend, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤



We have an exciting weekend defined by extremely benevolent energies of several sextiles. Jupiter in Sagittarius /Sun in Aquarius, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury /Mars, Mercury/ Uranus, and Moon/Venus are all forming beautiful positive sextiles which grant success if we work for it. In addition to this, we get energized by the very potent triple Moon, Mars and Uranus conjunction in Aries. There is a window of opportunity with promises for success and an optimistic urge to take risks or to be active. It is now time for taking our chances and to be blessed with good luck in prosperous financial dealings.

Friday is marked out by the positive energy of several transits offering direct opportunities to attest our intentions through action. This is an uninterrupted motion in the right direction which can be easily missed if we take for granted this easy flow of energy. Try to take your chances if they arise to avoid regrets later.

Mercury forms a sextile with Mars making an expression of our ideas and beliefs stronger, giving us the energy to defend our grounds. There is greater confidence in our abilities to present any case we have and to take initiative, to take over or to lead a project. Most people will be willing to work harder to succeed using every advantage that might be present. Do not hesitate because there is a great chance for the accomplishment of your goals.

Another very pleasant sextile is formed by Jupiter and the Sun increasing our confidence, even more, helping us to use all our abilities and talents. This is a very optimistic time supporting every effort for growth and personal advancement. Many people will have an opportunity to connect with the right individuals who can help and provide the support we need. Most people are feeling generous and tolerant, willing to avoid any negative disputes, there is goodwill to promote peace. It could be a great time for successful financial transactions so if you are planning big purchases, this weekend can be considered lucky for many.

In addition to these highly benevolent energies, we will have Saturn in sextile with Neptune, a transit that has been influencing us at the beginning of the week balancing our material and spiritual needs. This vibration works in a synchronistic manner with the rest of the planetary influences and helps us to remain realistic and to avoid over-inflation of the ego by Jupiter.

This Saturday Mercury gets very excited by its exact sextile with Uranus. While he is still influenced by Martian energy, Mercury presents new solutions for old problems. We will have the chance to discover interesting and even surprising facts about a situation or a glitch that seemed unresolvable until now. We can come up with some fresh new ideas, surprising spontaneous discoveries if we keep an open mind and avoid inflexibility.

This can be a great time for exploring spiritual subjects and studying new topics related to the occult, religion or astrology. The mind is open for a higher understanding of the universal mechanics and we can easily grasp ideas that are less researched. Our awareness is expanded by the invisible celestial energies which give us advanced visions and ability to travel beyond time and space.

On a more mundane level, planetary alignments from yesterday will continue to create conditions for pleasant and surprising encounters with people who are interesting and expand our knowledge. The positive vibrational flow is still present making this weekend truly enjoyable and pleasant.

Sunday can start with extremely pleasant and nurturing energy from another sextile, this time between Venus and the Moon. This is a very cozy and cushioned influence that carries softness and sympathetic emotions towards those who are close to us. The morning will be soaked with loving vibes without any tensions or bad feeling. It is a good time to stay at home with loved ones and to enjoy the time spending with close friends and family members.

Today Mercury is in exact sextile with Uranus charging the mind with electric vibes even stronger than yesterday. Those who are captivated by their interest in the unknown and less explored areas of human knowledge should spare some time today again to enhance their understanding using this boost of intellectually charged waves.

Mars is very close to exact conjunction with Uranus today but will take three more days to reach it. Despite this, we can feel the electricity and impulsivity in everything we do today. People should be careful when taking risky activities at this period because we can be accidents prone.

Although this conjunction will manifest in full in the middle of next week, people should be aware that it can indicate sudden health problems leading to surgery or urgent medical intervention.

It is worth to mention also that such highly conductive energy can cause rapid upsets, rash behaviours, and surprising events. This conjunction can also lead to rebellion against the establishment as a result of great injustice.

Despite all, in general, the energy of Sunday is extremely positive and most people will experience a great time and heartwarming moments with people close to their heart.


The weekend tarot card is The Hierophant corresponding to the Earth element, planet Venus, and the sign of Taurus.

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019Keywords – respect, knowledge, holiness, wisdom, teacher, guide, traditional values, being a role model.

The archetype of The Hierophant is spirituality, higher wisdom and he is often known as the holy man.

You encounter the Hierophant when you are struck with existential fear. You have decided what to do and how to proceed with your future, but in spite of the resolution, you are faced with fear and panic. You fear that the things you have done may not be enough and you may suffer in the future.

The Hierophant offers you 2 solutions. The first solution is to give up the thing that you have, that you’re afraid to lose, so the fear wouldn’t have control over your life anymore.

The second solution is to receive whatever comes your way with an open heart. Even if you’ve lost everything that you’ve built, the knowledge and experience you’ve gained are precious and these will not be lost.

On the other hand, you could be the one to give strength and support to those around you. You may be open to others’ beliefs and ideas but you don’t get bound by them. This means you are able to give fresh perspectives in any situation. Wise and considerate counsel is available.


The key astrological motif that resonates with the runes and tarot this weekend is Mars in exact square to the nodes of the moon on Saturday, which casts its rays across the whole weekend. Clearing out old karma, along with the underlying anger and grief that may have been stored up for a lifetime, is still a major motif of Chiron in the final degree of the zodiac. Clearing out and healing is firmly in view. With Mars square the nodes there is a huge emphasis on changing your relationship to dynamic action as a way of transforming your life. Have you always hesitated at key moments? Perhaps you have doubted yourself or situations and failed to demonstrate the courage of your convictions? No more! Fears have held you back… most likely fears of rejection. You have to get past these now. There is also a sense with The Hierophant that this may have involved fears about commitments and how they might trap you, or take something valuable from you.

Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019Friday’s rune card is Defence, or Eihwaz as we know it in the Futhark. This card appearing is a very clear signal that you have been holding onto your own limits as the horizon of what is possible. You may have so understood reality’s permutations from a routine point of view that you have failed to leave room for mystery, magic, and faith in possibilities beyond the regular permutation – what we might call ‘the hidden hand’ or Jung’s serendipity. Mars is strongest just before making an aspect (e.g. applying not exact or separating). Today is the day for courage in action and trust in the cosmic arrows that have been showing themselves clearly to you. The cleansing of Chiron has been preparing you to overcome your doubts, so that you can take a chance on acting, in ways that would have crippled you in the past. The odds are stacked in your favour, so be patient in your expectations of outcomes, yet decisive and clear on what you desire.


Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019Saturday is the day of the exact square of Mars to nodes. The Hierophant encourages you into an “as above so below take on your situation relating to the actions you are being called upon to take. The rune of Gebo is the partnership rune and this appears to indicate some form of decisive move in relationship terms today. Even if the decision to act was taken on Friday and the sequence initiated, Saturday is the time to bring the decisiveness into reality in concrete ways. Leaving the past behind forever on your past relationship experiences is possible from now. This has every chance of being the real thing! What you know in your heart by feeling it, is what you must act upon now.


Sunday’s rune card Opening is Kenaz in the Futhark. This rune has sexual overtones in love magic. It is a force for Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019the bringing of illumination. Have you been so pragmatic about your choices in the past that your expectations have led to apathy or just no confidence that something truly wonderful could transpire within your relationship experience? Well, Kenaz also suggests that you were not ready for this moment until now. You were incomplete and you were learning key karmic lessons. Now though, you are sufficiently whole to undertake the kind of relating that is the most truly rewarding. You can now own your previous darkness and step forward with confidence, knowing who you truly are. The passion and the love may finally it seems, be truly something that you will be able to revel in. But you must have the courage and the commitment to your goal. Be single-minded in following the leading of your heart today.


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Astroweekend is brought to you by Rayna and supplemented by Alex and Karen.

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Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019
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Astroweekend Forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019
Astroweekend forecast 8th 9th 10th February 2019. We have an exciting weekend defined by extremely benevolent energy of several sextiles. Jupiter in Sagittarius /Sun in Aquarius, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury /Mars, Mercury/ Uranus, and Moon/Venus are all forming beautiful positive sextiles which grant success if we work for it.
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