Astroweekend Forecast 7th 8th 9th December 2018

Astroweekend Forecast 7th 8th 9th December 2018

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 7th 8th 9th December 2018

Here is your Astroweekend for 22nd 23rd and 24th June 2018

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the planetary emphasis weekend, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤


This weekend begins with a new Moon in Sagittarius in the early hours of Friday, outlining the boundaries of a completely new paradigm of powerful positive expansive energies. Sagittarian energies are focused through the lunar lenses of instinctive nature creating space for expansion and opening new horizons. This vibrational shift happens at the time of the conjunction between Mars and Neptune which blends the combustible force of Mars with the volatile vapors of Neptune in the sign of Pisces. These are major influences which will put a spin on the flow of highly intuitive and creative charge coming from the celestial spheres. Mercury is no longer retrograde and being in Scorpio he is casting light and channeling indispensable information from the depth of our psyche. There is an important message that will be revealed to those who dare to seek as the grand trine between Mercury, Chiron and the North node envelops over the weekend to become exact on Sunday.

Friday will be tinted by the energies of the new moon which will magnify our vision for the future making it more feasible and will open a few new possibilities for some of us. New opportunities manifest themselves in the form of anticipated information that in the last couple of weeks has been kept hidden or withheld from us.

This is a great time for creating new visions for our future projects. The mind is highly active as we are tuned into a very creative mode right now. Jupiter being in Sagittarius magnifies perceptions about our own abilities and gives powerful support for those who have been hesitant and unsure about what projects to put their energy into.

It looks like the perfect time to start a new project but actually this is not advisable and there are two very strong reasons for it. Moon in Sagittarius can create a false sense of confidence and overestimating of our own abilities. This energy tends to make us too optimistic and we are unable to judge clearly how far is too far.

The second factor is the exact conjunction between Mars and Neptune which diffuses the boundaries between the reality and illusion and creates false sense of security. Mars loses its motivation in Pisces and becomes slightly sluggish and dreamy while Neptune is in its home sign here and his illusions look very real, our expectations can be too high. This planetary combination warns us to be very careful with our own delusions so don’t start anything new this weekend unless it is guided by selfless motivation to help those who are in need.

Many might experience health problems this weekend starting from Friday. There are indications for infections and fevers that need your attention, possibly lasting longer than you think. In most cases this is related to an incomplete process of detoxification and cleansing of the body. It can be harsher for people with long lasting health issues and those who ignore some signals of illness in their body.

Saturday is time for rest or spending time reflecting on your personal circumstance that lead to undesirable outcomes. The energy of the north node is channeled into our subconscious mind raising our awareness about the real nature of our problems. The mind is tuned into the realm of reasons and we can see clearly what is wrong or what is required for us to step on the right path.

Some people could spend too much time in the kitchen or will seek satisfaction through food and drinks. The Moon is in its final degree of Sagittarius this morning and until it moves into Capricorn, many will find it difficult to be moderate. It looks like the breakfast will be the biggest meal of the day.

Still there is a very active grand trine in the water signs involving Mercury who enhances our intellectual creativity adding colour and vivacity to our emotions. There are powerful conditions for building mental structures for our future creations. In many cases this will be related to the family, and everything we associate with our home.

Sunday carries a continuation of the topic started at the beginning of this weekend and was present throughout the last couple of days. The subtle and almost intangible energy of Mercury trining the invisible non material point in the sky – the North node and Chiron the healer are in exact angle today. There is high concentration of mental energy allowing us to analyse and synthesise our perception about our self. This weekend we have the opportunity to ponder upon more personal issues and to recognise what is it that holds us back. This can be an emotional trauma or perhaps an illness caused by our inability to take good care of our body. Now we can talk about it adding another dimension of this suffering making it more tangible to deal with.

Many will be very intuitive, able to gaze into a hidden side of their own self and will realise that it is now time to accept it. Today is a introspective day and it is very favourable if we can spend some time alone. The magical energy of the new Moon in Sagittarius is now visible and is casting its light of new awareness and broader horizons. There is a strong sense of intricate desire for fulfilment of our own destiny, we are finally feeling on the right path and have visions about how to do it.

Now all fast moving planets are direct, assisting us to catch up with things we have been hoping to materialise a lot sooner. On a more mundane level those who cannot relate to the subtle etheric waves will be influenced by the sextile between the Moon and Venus. This is a light transit bringing desire to be out with friends, to socialise and to relax. Those who have gone through some emotional exhaustion at the beginning of this weekend will appreciate the lightness of this transit and will be able to recharge their battery by talking to people and laughing.


The weekend tarot card is Temperance corresponding to Sagittarius which embraces spiritual ideals, morality, ethics, justice, and temperance. The pursuits of knowledge, understanding and wisdom are virtues for Sagittarius.

Astroweekend 7th 8th 9th DecemberKeywords – Balance, harmony, equilibrium, amalgamation, middle ground, blending of diverse energies, well-being, healing, moderation and balance, the pursuit of higher vision, knowledge, and ethics.

The archetype of Temperance is the angel Gabriel. He lights the way to the truth and assists you to see your highest and best path.

Temperance is all about finding balance when dealing with your problems. If you can come to terms with your past in some way, you will have a happier and fulfilling future.

Prudence is needed where your finances are concerned. Especially with the holiday season coming soon it is so easy to overspend. Also there is a necessity to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Is your life a good mix of work and play?

Temperance gives you the strength to stay calm, to find a balanced middle way through the chaos of life. It shows you how to meet outer circumstances with the strength of your inner values. If you are repressing your feelings, your thinking will operate from that repressed state. If your life force is moving in a healthy way your perception will also move in a healthy way!


This weekend feels very much like the TV programme 60 Minute Makeover. You know, you would not expect that rooms could be comprehensively transformed in such a short time, completely redesigning your interior landscape called ‘home’. Three astrological aspects occur in sequence over Friday, Saturday and Sunday and two of those involve Mercury, two involve Chiron. These resonate with the three rune cards in synchrony and the tarot major nicely reinforces the key theme of those interwoven energies. The three aspects are Mercury trine the North Node; Venus biquintile Chiron and Mercury trine Chiron. Mercury is inching forward after its retrograde period completed the other day and is still in the phase sometimes referred to as the Mercury Storm. Hidden matters can come into the light at times such as these, especially with Scorpio in the mix. Those two Mercury trines speak of movement from the fate we choose toward the healing we encounter. It feels like your mind may have fashioned a hard coating around your heart – but now is the time for feelings and deep attraction to resurface beyond your mental constructs. Love is a matter of heart but also of balance and Temperance is a card which builds upon the foundations of the Justice card. We aren’t talking theoretical equality as a mental measure of love and respect, but truth, warmth and exchange of feelings that can melt the iciest heart – buried deep in the Scorpionic underworld.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern

Astroweekend 7th 8th 9th December 2018Friday’s rune is Uruz which connects with Mercury trine the node and Sunday’s is Raidho which connects with Mercury trine Chiron. Uruz is the primitive and most basic underlying unction of all things which come into existence. This is primal stuff! When you get beneath all the cosmetic factors in life you get pulled back into your needs on a very visceral level. Knowing what you need is not always as obvious as you might imagine. We can get confused or decoyed by life experiences, which take us on a detour from our path. What is the ultimate foundation of your existence, deeper than anything else? Today, a process which has been percolating deep within you can finally see the light within your conscious mind. Once you see it, you can begin to move towards it – but this remains a choice. Moreover, today because of the trine to the node, it is more than visible. You can begin to express yourself in line with this need and vision of your highest good. You may well need to express something important to someone today about how you see (or desire) the future to unfold. This may require courage and Uruz suggests that such will be available to you.

Astroweekend 7th 8th 9th December 2018Saturday’s rune is Gebo, which is all about partnering. This is where Venus and her biquintile aspect to Chiron comes into play. There is something definite here about not having fantasy notions of love, which are fixed ideals. Love must be fluid. You must be fluid and flexible, as must they. No harsh edges must remain when this kind of love potential is in town. This is a healing aspect and is particularly resonant with Temperance. So if you had a eureka moment on Friday then now is the time to appreciate just exactly what that will mean in practice. This is not gooey-eyed romance – it is the promise that when love is real (because it is shared openly) then love will naturally grow and all the old barriers you have been busy erecting (and maintaining) can finally come down – not because you took a blind leap of faith or a stupid risk, but because the energy you both encountered and offered, was felt to exchange like electricity arcing across a space to make contact with the other (receptive) point. Shared thoughts and ideas, goals and visions, can be complemented by heart warming union of feeling. Saturday is your day to take matters from the ideas level to that of connecting.

Astroweekend 7th 8th 9th December 2018Sunday’s rune, Raidho, parallels Mercury trine Chiron. Once you have brought heart, mind, will and action together and made contact with another soul on the same page, you may set off on a new journey that will eventually see union through integration. On a very literal level, be aware that Raidho speaks of rhythm and synergy that could very well manifest in terms of sexual union – by which I do not mean a basic sexual transaction or set of manoeuvres! No, this feels more like the traditional notion of consummation. Now, just remember that the best kind of consummation is that which builds on anticipation and therefore patience – the kind you have built as pleasurable tension, based on a slow courtship – or the gestation of a process long in the preparation. Because of Temperance we see again that any such ‘dance’ will be all about not mere physicality, but soul level communion. Fasten your seatbelt. Because if you aren’t too ‘chicken’, this could be a turning point you might never have imagined possible, as little as five days ago. Watch for the portents all weekend and do not turn down your heart’s desire once it waves at you!


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Astroweekend is brought to you by Rayna and supplemented by Alex and Karen.

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Astroweekend Forecast 7th 8th 9th December 2018
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Astroweekend Forecast 7th 8th 9th December 2018
Here is your Astroweekend forecast 7th 8th 9th December 2018. This weekend begins with a new Moon in Sagittarius in the early hours of Friday, outlining the boundaries of a completely new paradigm of powerful positive expansive energies. Sagittarian energies are focused through the lunar lenses of instinctive nature creating space for expansion and opening new horizons.
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