Astroweekend Forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018

Astroweekend Forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018

Here is your Astroweekend Forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the planetary emphasis weekend, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤


This weekend we are about to witness powerful shifts of our awareness in relation to some important areas of life. There is strong masculine energy coming from the Sun Mars square, a powerful energy shot that comes from some uneasy ego driven emotions which will be triggering spontaneous reactions. This aspect will develop over the day and will affect our moods during the weekend.

To balance this out we will be tapping into the more vulnerable energies coming from the passages of Moon going though Libra.

As Venus is now direct and opposing Uranus creating space for the new flow of etheric waves in our relationships. This shifts our perspective about the nature of our bonds and more excitement in our interaction with people.

Friday begins with the Moon opposing Neptune adding confusion, and deception to our true emotional perceptions. There is a tendency to act upon false impressions based on inaccurate conclusions. Our judgement is clouded as we are experiencing strong emotional sensitivity, we may overreact to criticism we think is unfair, but at this moment fairness can be very illusive. People need to be careful not to be overwhelmed by moodiness, feelings of inferiority or guilt, this transit activates for a short period of time our subconscious complexes. During this time we are too sensitive to drugs, allergies and harmful substances, people should try to avoid taking them.

Luckily this transit will be active during the early morning (for those in the GMT time zone) so the effect of it might manifest as powerful dreams or reluctance to get up in the morning. It might cause drowsiness or escapism into the dream realm for the first half of the day.

There is strong masculine energy building up as the aspect between the Sun and Mars gets closer to its exact angle. People who struggle to control their temper will become involved in unnecessary arguments or conflicts. Many will be demanding to be recognised as individuals, as the ego energies are peaking up over the course of the day. It is advisable to handle this level of energy by getting involved in physical activities instead of sitting at a desk and becoming frustrated. Those who are unable to deal with it or to repress it, will become disruptive and easily irritated.

There is high creative potential which can be used as a positive outlet and those who try to stay away from impending conflicting situations will be able to make some useful observations about their own nature and views on life.

Individuals who are insecure will be experiencing these energies more negatively now. A warning for those who operate with machines or sharp objects, reckless behaviour and impulsive actions can lead to accidents.

There are also possible health issues related to the circulatory system which can affect those suffering high blood pressure, diabetes and other related conditions.

In a nutshell Friday can be a day of volatile emotions, confusions, passionate reactions and deceptive feelings. There is huge influence from the subconscious realm which will direct our actions not only through but will have an effect on the whole weekend.

Saturday is going to be affected largely by the opposition between Venus and Uranus which will shake again our relationships and what we value the most. This can be manifested in unusual ways and generally is expressed by breaking from the norms. Depending on the personal circumstances the energy of this transit will provoke unexpected development of your relationships which is likely to be positive. In cases where there are unresolved tensions however this can cause upsets and sudden negative reactions.

On another level the energy of the Venus/Uranus opposition can bring sudden realisation about real values and expectations in a relationship. This can cause dramatic change in our personal awareness and can highlight surprising new perceptions if we decide to get to the bottom of any issues after Mercury gets involved.

There is a lot of intensity in our communications as Mercury slips back in Scorpio, suggesting that we should try to delve deeper to the core of matters that occupy our minds today. Most people will find it easier to talk about their feelings and to express their emotions openly without hesitation. The Moon reaches sextile with Mercury harmonising the vibrations of the heart and the mind. In combination with the Venus and Uranus transit this can be recipe for unpredictable but much needed resolution of a long standing unresolved problem between the partners.

Today’s energies have another more spiritual manifestation triggered by the conjunction between Pluto and Lilith in Capricorn. This can be experienced as powerful personal revelation about our inner strength and independence. It usually signifies clarity about our inner journey to the soul and realisation about our eternal connectedness to the source. Those who delve into this energy today will be able to experience intense feelings of belonging to your true self and new awareness about your purpose.

Sunday is going to be a day for finding solutions to anything that has been hanging on the back of our minds. We are inclined to look deeper and to get to the bottom of something that has been with us for a very long time. There is an opening in the informational field and this leaks some vital and very personal inner guidance.

Connections with people made today can lead to useful partnerships or have long lasting implications in our life. Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Chiron make references to the north node suggesting that we are in a tipping point where many will be given the opportunity for rapid growth through inner realisation. It is up to the individuals to tune in and to use this energy for their benefit.

There will be opportunities for new experiences while interacting with those around induced by Venus Uranus opposition which is still very active. By approaching everyone with an open mind we can expand our understanding about how we connect with others. If we refuse to shift our perspective and remain inflexible this can challenge our habits and perception about people we think we know well. Uranus carries new energy that shatters our rigidity in relation to our old habitual structures.

If you meet new people, try to be open minded and to accept without judgement those who are different because this can expand your awareness and bring new interesting connections.

Neptune goes direct today lifting the veil of illusions around us and inside us, our abilities and limitations can become more tangible but this is still experiencing on a subconscious level. Most people will feel very subtle occasional glimpses of higher realisation about matters that are important for their soul development.

On a more mundane level Neptunian energy will bring higher inspiration for the artists, and those who are engaged with creative activities. Bear in mind though that Neptune is a planet of visions and dreams and things are not always as they seem.


The weekend tarot card is The Moon is related to the Pisces, indicating unclear situations, running away from reality, wrong impressions, and hidden motives.

Astroweekend 30th 1st 2nd DecemberKeywords – Illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition, creativity, serendipity, psychic development, dreams, imagination, light.

The archetype of The Moon gives you the gifts of intuition, dreams and imagination. Following and embracing these messages enriches your life. She inspires you with visions of what can be.

This card shows you a choice that you must make. Whether to stay with what is familiar or to explore the new. Staying can feel like death, but so can following a dream written only in the light of the Moon. But the Moon, however changeable, is a steady guide whose light you can follow, and who shows you your soul’s nurture when her light reflects upon the water. By living in your senses, you can open up to her so she can wash your wounds and bring you strength to achieve your vision.

This stream is constant and strong, but it is only useful to you when you open up to it, when you let the current take you. Follow your feelings, even if they lead you up a blind alleyway, no journey is ever wasted. Nothing is clear cut when the Moon appears.


In the world of psychology, CBA does not stand for “can’t be arsed”. It refers to cognition, behaviour and affect or thoughts, acts and feelings and how they mutually impact. This weekend, Mercury (retrograde), Venus and Mars reflect such a model of interplay and also connect with the runes, as related to the astrology. The tarot major is The Moon. The Moon speaks of uncertainty and things not being quite as they may appear. In parallel, we see that thoughts and actions are more definite than feelings and so there is something about feelings which is in play this weekend – especially on Saturday when Mercury and Venus make a semi-sextile (non-flowing) aspect in the final degree of both Scorpio and Libra. Heart versus head matters are clearly asking for final resolution this weekend. Thoughts and actions offer us more scope to exercise power in our lives – especially when we act upon clear thoughts. But when Mercury is retrograde in the final degree of Scorpio this is about trying to conquer the depths of feelings you just cannot get underneath. The message is to surrender to that which your mind simply cannot resolve. When you get to the end of your thinking strategies, all you are left with is feeling the raw. For that to happen you must let go of your investments in your own rational powers and be prepared to embrace the deepest recesses of pain. When such is on the menu you know that the tipping point has been reached on a healing journey. This is the defining pain of your entire existence being dredged up so it can be released once and for all.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern

Astroweekend forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018Friday’s rune is Tiwaz. Closely aligned to Mars and action (behaviour), and with Venus opposing Uranus, it appears that one of the ways you may have harnessed your energies has been through seeking that which is ‘alternative’ and exciting/stimulating, rather than confronting real life problems head on. Once this happens, Mars goes underground – often into the chambers of ‘unexpressed anger’. We allow quirkiness and wildness to become a substitute for asserting our needs. We tolerate what we do not like simply because we have a distracting entertainment to shift our attention from our own requirements and toward stimulation outside of our inner space. This strategy is not sustainable and can wreak chaos in our relationships and stable structures. But this can seem easier than addressing our deeper suppressed anger. Two aspects on Sunday speak of how important it is to handle those energies through the weekend (Sun square Mars and Chiron trine the North Node – which is graphically about anger versus healing). Don’t sidestep your wants and needs today in the name of adventure!

Astroweekend forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018Saturdays’ rune is Laguz and this speaks of feeling winning out over the rational requirement of dotting every I and crossing every T. Mercury and Venus are not seeing eye to eye today and Venus is holding the cards. Your mind is almost certainly playing tricks on you! You may mistake thoughts for feelings and vice versa. The clue is to realise that true feelings are of the body – much deeper than the mind. In a sense, feelings are deeper than emotions because often, emotions are just mental fabrications that our reactive mind indulges as obsession (which is thinking generating a mood). You are called upon today to really feel, deep beneath the layers of every thought or obsession you ever mistook for real feelings. The point here is to go beyond the norm and to reach a layer of yourself normally inaccessible to you. Ditch mental navigation and in communicating especially, speak only about how you feel. Do not worry about how this will be viewed. Just express your honest feelings.

Astroweekend forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018Sunday’s rune Berkano is a fertility rune associated with the levels of bodily feeling. As Chiron in Pisces (turning direct next week) trines the North Node, what becomes possible now is a level of self nurture with the scope to heal old wounds and anger about feeling invisible and uncared for. It is vital to do work with your feelings today in tandem with your mind. Maybe your current or recent experiences have left you feeling that people in your life have neglected you like those folk in your formative years may have done. The key is to differentiate between when those people in the now are really neglecting you and when you are projecting old alienated feelings onto them. Because if people have been neglecting you now, failing to notice you now, then that is not about the past (even if your behaviours have encouraged their indifference toward you). No, it is about those people who have let you down. But it is also possible that you have expected those people to meet a need they never can… because only you can meet it. How can you tell the difference? Simply put, when you are honest with yourself about what you need and then share that truth with those you hope to share love with, if they reject that you have your answer and if they accept you, you have your answer. And if they say I can’t help you then you likely know you have been looking for something in them that can only be found within you – and that is your cue to self-nurture. Put your own needs first today.

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Astroweekend is brought to you by Rayna and supplemented by Alex and Karen.

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Astroweekend Forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018
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Astroweekend Forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018
Here is your Astroweekend forecast 30th 1st 2nd December 2018. We are about to witness powerful shifts of our awareness in relation to some important areas of life. There is strong masculine energy coming from the Sun Mars square, a powerful energy shot that comes from some uneasy ego driven emotions which will be triggering spontaneous reactions.
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