Astroweekend Forecast 23rd 24th 25th November 2018

Astroweekend Forecast 23rd 24th 25th November 2018

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 23rd 24th 25th November 2018

Here is your Astroweekend for 22nd 23rd and 24th June 2018

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the planetary emphasis weekend, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤


This weekend starts with very positive full Moon in Gemini. This shifts the energy in a completely new direction allowing subtle transition into a new paradigm. The Sun is entering Sagittarius, Venus is now direct in its own sign becoming a morning star and starting a new cycle. At the end of the weekend Neptune is going direct as well, adding more etheric substance to the energies in the next few days. All this will have profound spiritual effect on most people uncovering new opportunities and highlighting new aspects of human relationships. The rays coming to us this weekend are extremely positive, creating space for new awareness not only about our relationships but also about our perceptions and understanding of our personal power. We see with greater clarity beyond the mind and intellectual comprehension. There is balance, gratitude and desire to put things in a new context. In addition retrograde Mercury reminds us to look and search for the wisdom within, to rely on our own soul for guidance and reassurance.

Friday begins with a potent full Moon at 0 degrees in Gemini adding excitement and stimulation in everything we experience, this brings new beginnings. We try to understand our emotions and how they affect our internal realisation, our beliefs and direction in life. Our thoughts are scattered, there is slight confusion inflicted by retrograde Mercury which inevitably affects the way we process our reality.

There are a lot of possibilities to unlock our creative potential and to use this energy to energise our projects, to map out our next steps and to outline our priorities. We are in the right environment today communicating with the right bunch of people. It will be a great opportunity to bring forward our visions and to share them with others. You need to be mindful that Jupiter can blow things out of proportion which in combination with retrograde Mercury we can miss important details and make mistakes. Furthermore the excitement brought by the Moon creates a euphoric mist that cloaks our mental comprehension and affects our judgement and ability to see clearly.

People should try to deal with less important issues today, we can’t focus on serious matters and see everything on the lighter side at the same time. For some people this can lead to a series of mistakes and might trigger negative emotional responses.

The Moon will square Mars in Pisces later today and will stimulate manifestation of subconscious emotions, making us either highly intuitive or very angry depending on our current situation. This is likely to be, exhibited as impatience and irritability, some short tempered individuals can become highly intolerant if they perceive injustice. There can be a positive outlet for this volatile energy, people can use it for creative or spiritual pursuits.

Saturday begins with a lot of mental stimulations originating from an earlier dream state. The Moon squares Neptune very early in the morning which can cause some vivid dreams and will affect our moods in the first part of the day. For some people this can be felt as melancholy, dreaminess or desire to do nothing.

On the other hand this is a highly creative energy, very inspirational for the artists, poets and writers. Our mind resides in a different dimension today which brings into this reality emotions and pictures that stimulate the imagination.

Those who plan to do jobs today need to make sure they have everything they need in place, keep in mind that things can go wrong despite all preparation simply because there is too much etheric energy. Levels of concentrations can be very low which can lead to inaccuracies and distortion, finding the balance will be difficult and frustrating.

People can go over the top with their opinions so keep in mind that not everything you hear is true, communications are not always clear and messages are vague or misleading.

Sunday brings new awareness about our aspirations and visions for the future, there is intensity in the air but it is a result of new energy that is already present. On the surface many will feel in good health with positive outlook on life. However emotionally we feel disconnected and cannot experience fully the joys of life. There is an internal contradiction that leads to confusion and lack of direction because what we dream and what we actually face are two different things. For some people their impulsiveness can be an impediment to reaching their goals, today they might face this realisation.

Neptune goes direct later in the evening lifting the veil of illusion, uncovering secrets and revealing truths that have been hidden or distorted. This will affect mainly the area of our relationships because this is a theme of this weekend. As Venus enters a new cycle in our relationships, our vision about them is changing and evolving. The mind is still under the spell of Mercury but the heart knows how to see through the deception. Many people who experienced relationship hardship since the beginning of September now have clarity and new goals.

The Moon enters Cancer today highlighting some domestic and family matters, helping us to focus on activities with the whole family. Most people will be assertive and self-confident caring for each other and motivated to be in service to loved ones.


The weekend tarot card is The World corresponding to Saturn, you have everything you need, feeling complete and connected with yourself and your surroundings. Saturn shows our sense of responsibilities and our limitations that define us and give us boundaries.

Astroweekend 23rd 24th 25th NovemberKeywords – Structure and meaning, accomplishments, boundaries directing us while we grow, international travel, passing on your knowledge, rules and regulations, fulfillment, completion, doing what you desire.

The archetype of The World is completion and success—as well as the chance to start another round.

The message here is, stay committed to your goals and success is just around the corner. This is the end of a cycle, completion of a journey, and the beginning of new one. You are reaching a point in your situation where things are coming full circle.

It could be that a long-term project, relationship, career or study, has come full circle, and you are now delighted in the sense of closure and accomplishment. It could also represent graduation, a marriage, the birth of a child or achieving a long-held dream or aspiration.

The World helps you experience the unity of all things in everything you do, feel and say. You can experience this at any point on the Wheel of Life. The creative juices are flowing, and everything is falling into place. There is a feeling of unity, of expansion. All is one and you are at one with the world.

This card often shows up when there is travel involved. Your sail just got some wind behind it, so make the most of it.


Neptune turns direct over the weekend. The Sun has left Scorpio and Friday brings a Full Moon in the first degree of Sagittarius. The energy of the previous two months has all been about shifts from the fixity of the square of signs that are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and these signs will have experienced most release since the first week of November when many of the recent changes took place. A wheel turned, once Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) re-entered Sagittarius on 8th November (Jupiter entering Scorpio the year before had initiated the fixed cycle which has just resolved) – now the Sun, just after leaving fixed Scorpio, opposes the moon on Friday as a culmination point of the recent energy shifts. We enter a new universe – a snake sheds its skin. The boundary between self and other becomes more permeable now – energy can begin to flow again. What have we learned? The World tarot major appears this weekend and traditionally that card has the four zodiac signs of the fixed cross in each corner. The message in The World is therefore clearly one of having come through serious ordeals – and I mean serious! You’ve come through to the other side. The Fool’s journey can begin again. A figure sits in the womb, awaiting birth as a new creature, a fusion of all that went before into an alchemically transformed new born. Mercury continues in retrograde motion. The next two weeks will see you retracing steps – how you thought about certain scenarios will likely completely revise – symbolic of the new energy and experience that is being incarnated within you. There is reward in all this, but as usual we often find that our new energy must seed new behaviour patterns before we see results. This is where the runes chime in.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern.

Friday’s rune is Ingwaz (or Inguz) and resonates with the culmination theme of the Full Moon. Ingwaz is all about potential energy, or that which is ready to unfold into its new form – it is the seed potential. One of the messages is ‘threshold’, now. You are at a personal threshold. The Promised Land is available. But when you’ve been in a place for a long time, there can be immense inertia and with it comes resistance to taking the step. In fact, the energy itself can be so pronounced as to lead to avoidance… almost as if invisible hands are holding you back in the old, when really you simply need to step into the new ,with faith and trust. So, ask yourself what has most held you back? You can make decisions to force the energy change through sheer willpower, but it helps to notice what the transition point is that you should consciously embrace. Here, it looks as if there is a passivity that has been in play. Likely you have been unwilling to assert your needs (in a people-pleasing way) and instead shrunk back from being in “people’s face” for fear of being seen as pushy, rude or otherwise thoughtless. Being stuck is no fun. Shrinking back and allowing others or life to prevent your forward movement, because of reluctance, is a recipe for unending frustration. It is time to break through your unassuming persona and draw a line in the sand with people who are taking you for granted. No more! And they must know this and hear it…

When Neptune stations direct, there is a clear message to look not at the illusions and deceptions which have been fabricated outside your control, but instead at those which have been birthed by the messages you have told yourself about the nature of reality. If you are to break out of confinement, you must confront your own self-fashioned ‘lies’. On Saturday the rune Isa appears and speaks of the old fixity, the ice which freezes patterns into shapes which cannot shift unless something melts. Well the astrological omens all suggest that the conditions of thaw are now favourable. It is squarely up to you to allow the melting and to do on Saturday all those things which challenge your old, internal monologues. It is perfectly possible for all the cosmic portents to be ‘on your side’ and yet for you nonetheless to choose stuckness and the old energy. That stagnation is obviously not to be recommended. If you consciously choose to remain in the old place, the cosmos may not override your choice. But I’m guessing you know the writing is more than on the wall for the ‘old ways’. Take actions today which signal your new intent. If opportunity comes and you see the new in front of your eyes, then ignore doubts and follow what your heart knows. The cosmos will help you in every way it can.

Astroweekend 23rd 24th 25th November 2018Finally, Sunday’s rune is Uruz. This is all about the energy and unction which takes the idea or blueprint of something and makes it possible for things to manifest. The world really is your oyster. The trials and tribulations really have ended in the way that you knew them. The remnants of pain may linger, but they no longer have the power to entrap you in illusions and dreams that are not truly aligned with the actual person you now are. The only pattern you need to dwell within now is the one called ’embracing new life’. It may be scary. But you should notice if you use Mercury Rx effectively, that every time in the past you had a dream that was about how others would come to meet you if you did the right things and held firm to your values and principles, it failed. That’s because you were dreaming about how the world is ‘supposed to be’… and that is what children do, who’ve been harmed in some way. What whole adults do is impose personal visions on their world and make them come to pass by acting in line with their needs and desires. What you want matters and you need to show the world around you, just how passionate you are about what you want – no shrinking back.


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Astroweekend is brought to you by Rayna and supplemented by Alex and Karen.

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Astroweekend Forecast 23rd 24th 25th November 2018
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Astroweekend Forecast 23rd 24th 25th November 2018
Here is your Astroweekend forecast 23rd 24th 25th November 2018. This weekend starts with very positive full Moon in Gemini. This shifts the energy in a completely new direction allowing subtle transition into a new paradigm. The Sun is entering Sagittarius, Venus is now direct in its own sign becoming a morning star and starting a new cycle.
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