Astrology and Business Success

The other day I had a great opportunity to investigate the astrological significance at the opening of a new business venture. Being an open minded business they were very keen to have a chart done, incorporating a clock piece, and giving it prime place on their cafe wall. It has subsequently led to more orders for me. From this investigation into the astrological mechanics of their business, I was also interested to inquire about my own business. The question arose ‘when did my business actually start’, then I could cast the chart. Was it at the point when I started making things all those years ago, or when I registered my business with HMRC, the day I made my first sale?

None of the above.

I think the turning point was the day I walked into Bolton Astrological Society, where there was a talk by Ben Dykes, a traditional astrologer, and art met metaphysics in the form of a birth chart. For me the perfect combination.

This was the moment in the hour that          Monks Astrology was born. One can anticipate when to work with energetic flows, and to rest when there is none. (Self employed people will relate to that)

Artists always produce work in the areas they are interested in, and this evening changed the creative direction of my compass needle. Therefore, at this pinpoint in time, the casual decision to go, getting really lost and nearly not going at all, made the evening happen all down to luck. In fact on this chart the Pars Fortuna is in the 11th house. It was an event that was 50/50, in the balance, as I self-counselled the easiest option was to just go home but didn’t and the pivotal moment all hinged on the date and time I walked through the door, otherwise Monks Astrology would never have been born. I could definitively say ‘it was then!’ It also helps to know Alex, your resident astrologer, who has an internal calculator and calendar for these sorts of things.

Business charts are a really interesting branch of astrology. You can see the areas that need attention, if they are to succeed, strengths to play to, and the synchronicity between your business chart, and your natal chart. I have had a particularly vicious Mars transit over my Moon, affecting all things. It isn’t a chart that has been elected, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen to have Mars Retrograde in Libra Asc, but I can work with this. It’s true I should be more proactive in decision making rather than everything that happens is by divine chance. The Sun conjunct Uranus in the 6th house Aries, is a bit scary, things may be unpredictable to say the least. By following the trends patterns emerge.

But lets have a look at Spring Cottage Cafe astrological chart and see what kind of energy the business was born into.

The chart the for Spring Cottage at the time and date the doors first opened at 10am.

There is so much good and easy energy here that they’re almost victims of their own success. This cafe is extremely well visited. A kite is a significant astrological configuration and quite rare, it loosely means an element of fate is inherited and being in the earth signs there is a grounding earth connection that can be associated with eating. To go there does indeed leave one feeling relaxed and at peace. The North Node conjunct to expansive Jupiter (in Virgo) does imply that some order is needed to shape that energy.

Wonderful Astrology……

What is in your business chart? Can you work with cosmic timing for the best advantage? What does the cosmos say about your business energy?

Spring Cottage, full of charm.




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