April – May Tarotscope – by Alex

April – May Tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your April – May Tarotscope. From mid-April until mid-May, Chiron joins Uranus in Aries with Chiron beginning his journey through Aries and Uranus ending it. This will mean that the voltage is going to ramp up on old wounds that have been brought to your attention for the past seven years. Events that were disruptive in your world will have triggered disruptive emotional and mental patterns you normally have more success containing or controlling. But they aren’t meant to be simply managed – they are meant to be transitioned through on your journey toward wholeness.

Knee jerk reactions due to internal pressures should be strongly avoided, as these will carry the disruptive energy within them by merely displacing discomfort. Here is an opportunity for a real breakthrough. Remember, transition requires calm reflection. Honour the deepest levels of your resilience this month. It will certainly shape your trajectory for the foreseeable future, should you react impulsively to internal pressure increases. If you overcome the testing you will emerge with a fresh energy and liberating direction. Hear well. The stakes are rather high!

All the best for a volatile month. Alex  ❤

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April - May Tarotscope - by AlexARIES: Vitality gets blighted easily. In biology we recognise that pathogens undermine the life force, not always killing the host. These coming four weeks, please do a ‘pathogens audit’. This will be easier than you imagine, since Uranus is rallying those blighting forces to expose your weaknesses. But this is so Chiron can begin his work in healing your susceptibilities. Those who hold you back will be ‘in your face’ this month – perhaps finally enough for you to cut them off.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexTAURUS: Have you noticed the extent to which life pressures continually constrain your creative impulses? My guess is that even when those pressures lessen you manufacture some just to keep yourself in familiar territory. This isn’t you ‘making excuses’. Rather, it is you protecting yourself from all those fears about what might happen if you really were to live in your body, rather than your head. It’s time, finally, to release fears. Maybe start by revealing them to a trusted ally.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexGEMINI: There is joy in the simplicity of basic emotional contact with another. There is also satisfaction to be gained when the childlike innocence of discovery can replace the serious business of living a coherent adult life. There are so many games and trade-offs that must be transacted just to navigate peer dynamics in traditional collective settings. It’s now time to explore what has oppressed you most in group situations. Chiron says “you need no longer choose isolation”.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexCANCER: Often, we take a seeming age to traverse the wilderness of struggle. We think we’ve defeated our demons but then they return. Human processes just are like that. That’s not all negative either – it’s how we truly learn profound lessons and decisively turn corners – and that is this month’s theme. Doubts have lingered about your career path and direction. Things are ‘supposed’ to be a certain way with ‘success’. No longer doubt your path. Examine the way you travel.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexLEO: Creativity is often incompatible with traditional ‘stability’. Creativity is in fact a highly disruptive process. You know this but when it comes to career, you desire rewards that are both measurable and pleasurable. Such drivers however, are linked with stable foundations. This provokes a split within your values. You require a shift – a radical alteration of perception. You can only travel so far ‘in your head’ – use frustrations this month to inspire travel plans for the body!



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexVIRGO: It seems like your house of deep entanglements is going to receive a final lightning strike over the coming month. The reason for this is because you are being asked to bring a pattern you’ve continually repeated into consciousness, in order to finally dispatch it. Feelings are supposed to be natural – they’re ‘of the body’. Virgo is a feminine sign and sometimes it needs testosterone! Can you feel anger when saying “I exist”? If you answered ‘yes’ you need to get angry!



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexLIBRA: How uncomplicated should partnering be? In reality, we tend to discover that things are rarely as simple as they might be. Our relationships are meant to make us happy, according to the official story. That story is not wrong, it is merely inadequate. We live in times where folk like easy fixes and non-stressful experiences. You know that people resent working at relationships and this makes little sense to you. But it’s time to ditch the apathy. Physician, heal thyself!



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexSCORPIO: Did you ever watch the endless determination of the gerbil wasting a lot of energy on its wheel getting nowhere fast? I think we’ve all perhaps imagined said gerbil to be using its local gym facilities. Maybe it was. But you are no gerbil, even if at times you’ve felt like you were doing a fine impression of one. Your life may feel uncoordinated this month, maybe even out of control. It’ll pass, but you are entering a tough relationship phase, should you retain workaholism.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: We struggle to sustain working hard, if we fail to remember how to play hard. In fact, it’s always preferable to work intelligently, rather than forcefully. In this way, both your energy and your priorities remain healthy. In many ways, this simply means guile often wins out over strength. I think your needs may have overriding your common sense at times, in recent years. Somewhat wary of rocking the boat, guilt creeps in. Make time for ‘sensible’ pleasure this month.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: The ‘happy ever after’ is a dream about myself ‘anywhere but here’. But ‘here’ is where you always are. Saturn has brought you back to yourself since Christmas. And now, it is time to recognise that pleasure and creative actualisation await you if (and only if) you prioritise being within your own skin and comfortable there. It’s true to say that all external attempts to find security have been rebuffed by Uranus these past seven years. It’s now time to reconnect with teenage you.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: There’s somebody that you’ve always wanted to be. This may have been as tangible as a culturally iconic person that you could see, or as vague as an outline of something at a distance in an obscuring mist. It might even have been a sibling whom you felt got more breaks in life than you did. Whether a sibling or not, what broke your heart as a child, to make you choose non-expression in shadows? If you failed to spread your wings in any way, a breakthrough is afoot this month.



April - May Tarotscope - by AlexPISCES: You are about to become an active participant in your own process of transformation. Previously, your values were passive. You believed that if you created the correct conditions, life would somehow meet you where you were. This made you a shaper of yourself more than of your world. There is wisdom in this that some of the world’s great traditions espouse. But this won’t do for the next phase of your journey. It is now time to alter beliefs, values and actions. Push the river…


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April - May Tarotscope - by Alex
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April - May Tarotscope - by Alex
Welcome to your April - May Tarotscope. From mid-April until mid-May, Chiron joins Uranus in Aries with Chiron beginning his journey through Aries and Uranus ending it. This will mean that the voltage is going to ramp up on old wounds that have been brought to your attention for the past seven years.
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