April May 2019 Tarotscope – by Alex

April May 2019 Tarotscope – by Alex

Hello folks, welcome to your April May 2019 Tarotscope. Mercury continues to trundle back toward the retrograde station degree of 29 Pisces. Your work of reconstructing the vessel which contains your life is nearing its completion. As old chapters close, new ones open. Two things speak of the transition in view. First another critical degree of summation is hit with the Full Moon of the 19th. The Moon at 29 Libra, opposes the Sun at 29 Aries. In the self/other dance, you are now finally in a position to invest in your relationships in an emotionally safe fashion because you have completed your individuation. The culmination point has arrived. The sorrow is lifted and the heart healed IF you have done your work. After the Sun then enters Taurus he conjuncts revolutionary planet Uranus on the 22nd. This is time to launch any new emanation of self in a public way. Find a rite of passage. Mark the occasion. Show the world ‘new, improved you’. It is time to shine without apology. You will then be able to be choosy about the moths you attract!

Have an inspiring few weeks.

Alex ❤

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April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexARIES: It’s important at the outset of these next four weeks to see just how responsive folk are to you when you take interest in them. I’m not saying this is because they may not be used to seeing that from you – but it might be that! Anyhow, emotional satisfaction matters and balance between your inimitable whirlwind self and the sensibilities of others, tilting somewhat in their favour, will see you reaping impressive benefits.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexTAURUS: Not being exactly clear about who you are ‘in the world’ has likely cost you dearly, while you have been busy becoming the embodiment of all your experiments. This has likely been financial, emotional, relational and health-related. Some impact! Yet now the hard work of preparation pays off. The Sun enters your sign and conjuncts Uranus. You are finally clear on why you are here! Now the rewards will surely follow.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexGEMINI: There’s a time for pleasure and there’s a time for hard work and the birthing of new initiatives. You are just coming out of a period of adjustment that saw you settling into a new way of ‘being in the skin you’re in’. That was a crucial transition. Yet now it’s time to acknowledge that you have something waiting to burst forth and establish significant change; perhaps a cultural artefact. Be patient, wise and trust your instincts.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexCANCER: The life of a Cancerian can be somewhat restrictive, inasmuch as they prefer their shell, their home comforts. You dislike being out of your comfort zone. Yet this has definite repercussions for your relational and social experience. Liven things up now. Take a few chances. I don’t mean ‘become wanton’. The point is that your adventures be productive. Adding some creative spark to routines will conjure up rewards.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexLEO: How are romantic notions connected to ideas like care and nurture? I suspect you may find notions of nurture by orders of magnitude more ‘repulsive’ than idealistic notions of dreamy experience, quite distinct from ‘blood sweat and tears’. Escapism is common for humans. Sometimes it is the intolerable life situation. Sometimes it is the experiences of childhood. But endless running is tiring. It’s time to face your ‘nurture demons’…


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexVIRGO: You’re amazing right? Just checking! You’ve been reviewing how you have invested your energy in your relationships in the past and have probably felt considerable sadness at your seemingly wasted sacrifices, at times. These next four weeks show you a side, other than the loss you may have encountered. Because you have found yourself, you can see your beliefs were not faulty. They were truly a gift.. that returns to you now.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexLIBRA: It looks very much like you may be on the receiving end of a windfall, sometime after the Sun enters Taurus on April 20th, the day after a Full Moon in the final degree of your sign. This could be entirely unexpected, but whether heart or head have been taking the lead, it is how others perceive your steadfastness, your sense of fairness and your willingness to share, which has led to you having entered their good graces.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexSCORPIO: There’s been a lot of tension in your unconscious life. There is an opportunity to resolve this under the Full Moon on the 19th. When we attempt to individuate in the modern world, there’s a huge burden of intellectual sense-making required to get adequate bearings. But now you can release this quest. The way to effect this smoothly is to return to your Zen space and to remember that the highest motivator remains pure love.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: New creative beginnings beckon. What has been holding you back has been how your creative aspirations have been in tension with how you feel about your responsibilities to the significant communities within your life. As the Sun shifts to Taurus, this tension can give way to an expectation that new creative impulses and surges of inspiration can lead to concrete financial rewards. The time has arrived for creative launch.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: We don’t readily associate Capricorn with issues pertaining to the ego. You seem largely above the types of competition that dog so many in a battle for dominance and eminence. Such is quality. But for you, its absence has become a drawback. Your idealism has led to a version of trust that was born solely out of your need for others to be reliable (just as you offer them). This month explore your creative ‘ego’. Find your swagger.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: How intellectually stimulating do you find your day job? What problem-solving facets make it exciting? The world has shrunk in the internet age. You no longer need to worry about driving to work or commuting a distance by train. No, you can work from home these days with the right job. This month, it’s time for an overhaul of your daily work situation. Try noticing options less as limited by environmental factors. What you love is the path.


April May 2019 Tarotscope - by AlexPISCES: Wow! This is set to be a memorable month. Your vocation, your quest and the path you are meant to follow open up in front of your eyes. This epiphany is ongoing, as you take each adventurous step forward. In the past, you may have followed practicality more than passion, you likely were tentative in ensuring first that your bottom line was good. Now though it’s like you are getting high. And that is down to “expressing unleashed you”.

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April May 2019 Tarotscope - by Alex
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April May 2019 Tarotscope - by Alex
Hello folks, welcome to your April May 2019 Tarotscope. Mercury continues to trundle back toward the retrograde station degree of 29 Pisces. Your work of reconstructing the vessel which contains your life is nearing its completion. As old chapters close, new ones open.
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