April-May 2017 Tarotscope – by Alex

April-May 2017 Tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your April-May 2017 tarotscope

This next four weeks, as Venus begins to move slowly forward again after meeting with Chiron after her recent time ‘in the underworld’, she is initially square Saturn. Saturn is conjunct the Galactic Centre. Here we have a message about conditional love versus unconditional love. Most of the time it is very tough for humans to sit with the reality of unconditional love. This is why we give it an aspirational quality, located within the pristine divinity. But when we feel it, things become much easier. The reasons we do not feel it are because of things like betrayal, rejection and fundamental injuries to trust. Infants retain this purity that most of us have lost. But now in the sky we all get a glimpse of what it might be like to let go of our ancient wounds and return to innocence. Yet we remain adults notwithstanding such an opportunity. The great privilege for us is that now we can choose whom we love and no amount of past pain need sabotage that any more. Sure, your love may be unrequited in the here and now but the past no longer needs to shackle us in fear, indecision and reluctance. Step outside of all your ‘traditions’ and conventions this month. Look at the people in your life and ask yourself if you truly love them on a soul level. Let your inner voice’s answer guide you where you need to go and into what you need to do.

Have a great month! Alex ?

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Enjoy your April-May 2017 tarotscope

Aries April-May 2017 tarotscopeARIES: I know it may sound a little strange to describe an Aries as passive, or receptive. This is because such characteristics are Venusian and your energy is thoroughly martial. And I’m not asking you to fundamentally change your nature. However, over the next few weeks, it will pay a great dividend to you should you find yourself able to access the qualities of Venus. Perhaps this might involve a little guile and patience – the willingness to ‘play the long game’, rather than simply to steamroller through some of the changes that you wish to see take shape in your life, or in the lives of those around you. Remember, not everyone can relate easily to your approach and it can be sorely deficient in diplomacy at times. One of the things which helps you in all such matters is the ability to be generous. By giving of yourself and your gifts to situations you see all around you, you invite the right sort of energy to make its way back to you. Giving is a great way for you to act and mitigate impatience. So be giving this month.

Taurus April-May 2017 tarotscopeTAURUS: “No-one on earth could feel like this. I’m thrown and overblown with bliss. There must be an angel playing with my heart.” So wrote The Eurythmics. It’s funny how life and its hard knocks drain such sentiment out of us. But we must ask whether those angels were actually real, or whether they were simply projections of our ideals of perfect love. We can end up forever disappointed because of one key time involving a slipped halo, a devastating rejection or being spitefully led on. Whatever the facts, something lives on in our dreams. As your ruler just retrograded back onto healing centaur, Chiron, now is the time to examine just how a key heartbreak of the past (and how it drove your idealism underground) has blighted your intimate relationships ever since. It’s quite likely that you became passive because uncertain of the territory. A crippling hesitancy in initiating or reluctance to commit, may have plagued you ever since. You can either focus on the endless philosophy of pragmatism/idealism or stop running. Your choice!

Gemini April-May 2017 tarotscopeGEMINI: Relationships can have an incredible bearing on our career aspirations and achievements. The contrast between a supportive and unsupportive significant other, can be stark. This is no small thing. I get the sense that authoritarian/dominant influences in your past, may have made you reluctant to express the creative career impetus that has always been one of your possible life paths. Others can become envious and even jealous, believing that they are competing with your sense of vocation, in terms of affection and attention. You may even have been drawn to such individuals because they reminded you of an overbearing parent, who drove you relentlessly toward ‘success’ in worldly terms. Whatever the detail, this coming four weeks offers you a potential turning point around both career and relationship. There is a sense of calling now for you that your livelihood be the most creative and expressive of the divine principles of truth, beauty and goodness that it has ever been – especially beauty. It is time to shine and to assert your mission.

Cancer April-May 2017 tarotscopeCANCER: It’s time to brush away the cobwebs, open the curtains and let the light back in. Your ideas and beliefs about life have become enshrined within your space, your attitude to it and how you fundamentally manage it. I would not go so far as to say ‘sanctuary’, or to suggest that you have been setting up a fortress against the world, but there has definitely been a sense of not wanting to see your space soiled by anything ‘cheap’ or ‘unworthy’. This configuration also reflects your basic attitude towards people and whether they can realistically be invited into your life. You’ve perhaps been holding this attitude without realising the effects it has on your day-to-day experience. But now it is certainly time to come out of your cave and begin thinking about your space(s) in a fresh way. Other human beings are intrinsically unfathomable and this means that at any time, they could spring a surprise on you. Nobody would want to see you embrace unsafety, but this month provides opportunity to open up to a different view of ‘relationships within social space’.

Leo April-May 2017 tarotscopeLEO: Troubles are… well… troubling. Often it can feel as if difficulty is an army of soldiers that have split into units. No sooner do we escape one situation than we find ourselves in danger of ambush. When life has a quality of attrition about it, we can find this translated into a continuous hum of ‘under the radar’ anxiety. That can become the life pattern. The good news though, for you, over the next month, is that you look set to transition away from some of those troubling matters which have snapped at your heels seemingly forever. Not every difficulty will resolve, but just enough of them so that you can begin to drive your life forward with greater prospects of a smooth existence. When we feel more secure in ourselves, it makes it easier to transact with others at a deeper level. This is because we do not feel quite so vulnerable, or even dependent on other people, to ensure that we can stay afloat in our metaphorical ‘little boat’ which may regularly be buffeted by hostile waves. Even where problems remain, you will be able to find answers.

Virgo April-May 2017 tarotscopeVIRGO: You may not remember that it was Jesus who spoke about not “hiding your light under a bushel” (in the sermon on the mount). But we all know this saying. It seems to me that you are reaching a particular crossroads on that very question, Virgo. Your potential energy has been very strong and also very tightly bottled up for some time, in my view. I’d be interested to speak with you about all the reasons you may have lived with such restlessness and tension. I could guess to the reasons, but more than anything, it matters that you take a leap of faith instead of continuing to harbour your doubts. It is well known that frustrated creatives often tend to gravitate to jobs where they can be a critic and we all know how well Virgo can slip into that role when things are unsettled. It feels like there is something about your energy that is not made for the rough and tumble that fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn take in their stride. Reward and success await you if you can move beyond the paralysis called “fear of the spotlight”. Step up in May.

Libra April-May 2017 tarotscopeLIBRA: You’ve needed to do a serious review about the details of your every day life in recent weeks. The essence of the question has been in the arena of the old pontoon card dilemma of “stick or twist”. You’ve likely been confused about the specifics of ‘what happens next’. And although you know that you have agency, will and determination in several matters, you still appear to have been unclear on the next phase. I suspect that indecision, being no stranger to Libran experience, will have felt as though it is your life’s karma. Well that may be true but it would help to explore where it comes from. From my vantage point it looks very much like your real challenge is to stop seeing ‘growth’ as an intellectual exercise or principle. Risk aversion may seem natural but it is up to you to notice when your own decisions are hemming in you in and actually preventing your growth. Newsflash: There will be no forward movement without growth and no growth without letting go of all those fears and doubts about whether you are good enough. Nobody knows until they try!

Scorpio April-May 2017 tarotscopeSCORPIO: Okay, here it is… tough talk is needed around now. Life is not going to wait around for you to get your act together. In some ways you may feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, with the walls closing in and potential booby traps around every corner. “My God, all these obstacles”, may be your constant refrain around now. But why is that? Are you just unfortunate, or are people ‘out to get you’? It feels very much to me as though there is something energetic that perhaps became crystallised many moons ago. Your appropriation of your planetary ruler (Mars) has more of an interior quality than an exterior one. Things churn on the inside and then the external productivity is often born of an almost unconscious, workaholic driven quality. Instead, you must focus this month on looking at the challenges which seem to come repeatedly to your door and resolve to unshackle your Mars energy from inner struggles. This is about asserting yourself with confidence in the world – confidence in what you know and can do… and nobody else can.

Sagittarius April-May 2017 tarotscopeSAGITTARIUS: As I look at the cosmic picture for you over the next four weeks, it really is cosmic. I’m getting images and tunes in my head from the old Star Trek with Shatner and Nimoy, playing Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. Perhaps the quest to transcend and connect with the ultimate ‘spiritual’ reality has been constrained in recent years by your home situation. Perhaps you have longed to break free from a rigid structure in your home life that has hampered your quest. Venus conjunct Chiron has a message for you about the kind of healing that needs to take place in that area of your life. It looks to me that even though your quest is exciting in its details, you have become somewhat predictable to those people in your life who you consider important partners and allies. This month, you are being presented with a realisation that you must reinvent yourself. Much of what you do has a mysterious quality and it now behoves you to tap into that and take on some of the qualities of your quiet ‘inner voice’. Be more content to journey within than in 3D, this month.

Capricorn April-May 2017 tarotscopeCAPRICORN: If we take our eye off the ball – which is very easily done – we can quickly discover that we have lost our equilibrium. Life seems to occur outside of us and all around us; making many continuous demands on our energy and resources. We cannot simply command the world, like Siri on our iPhone and expect the answers to come, or the demands to stop. So of course, it is clear that you are called within over these next several weeks. When we are experiencing a drain, we tend to conserve, and that is not conducive to growth. For you, it is vital to recharge your batteries right now. Having a correct alignment and relationship to your own needs and prioritising them above all else, is vital for sustainable wellbeing. This drive toward well being requires that you find a form of spiritual practice to ground you; one that engages the body as well as the mind. Overall, as I think of your situation, corrective Chakra balancing comes to mind. It’s time to rediscover your core.

Aquarius April-May 2017 tarotscopeAQUARIUS: Relationship questions are prominent for you over the coming four weeks. And I’d better qualify that by making clear that such will not amount to an exercise in philosophy or principles, Aquarius. Relationships are, of course, fundamentally ‘grounded’ realities – you simply cannot conduct them in your head. What this means for you right now is that you must look at all the ways your thinking has promoted certain fears, due to relentless mind activity. These constraints have prevented you from being fully embodied and present within your most intimate liaisons. It looks to me as if a partner might be changing their perspective, or attitude, and this may be confronting you with an imperative either to solidify a commitment or to question its core validity. One thing that is absolutely to be avoided at this time is choreography. Going through the motions of a formal dance will not cut it now. What will, is dancing freely to your own tune… and watching the response.

Pisces April-May 2017 tarotscopePISCES: The sense I get from the current climate for you is that you have carried a wound for a long time around something that feels like it has been missing. You have been on a perpetual quest, or so it would seem, to connect with some transcending principle that gives validity to your existence. This sensation has been ever present, regardless of the actual daily activities that you have been embroiled within. In some ways this is a good thing because it has given you the impetus to seek out the loftiest possibilities available in order to “feed your soul”. Nevertheless, the Achilles Heel aspect has been that you have automatically sought after a transcendent experience a la quintessential fishy. What you discover now, as Venus (exalted in your sign) meets Chiron in Pisces, is that your fulfilment, your integrity, your highest soul-level happiness is to be found when you are content on a vibrational level, within your own body, within your own finite existence. Celebrate your limits this month. Your limits are where you meet with possibility!

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