April 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

April 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your April 2018 Horoscope. At the month’s outset Saturn and Mars are conjoined and are connected to the separating full moon. Venus has just entered Taurus and Chiron is in the final degree of Pisces. To boot, Mercury continues to be retrograde. In April there can be a culmination – new areas of life open up for healing attention. Alignment with your higher purpose is now a realistic prospect. If you have done the hard yards you can reap the benefits now. All you must remember to do is take stock. Growth is something we internalise. New phases require consolidation so as to take lessons learned forward. And it certainly is time to move forward now. Have a great April. Alex  ❤

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April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexARIES: We mature, very often, by taking up new roles. It is not the new role itself that brings growth. It tends instead to be how that role expresses a change we have been moving toward, for a long time. Such moves can demand much courage from us because the impacts upon (and feelings of) others can instil considerable guilt within us. That can manufacture tension that holds us back. For you, this month, such tension reduces considerably. Any such role around this time would appear to be strongly career related. It feels to me as if these changes will have a profoundly grounding effect upon you, because they are giving you a quality of stability that you may have lacked for several years. To me, it seems as if you’ve been a misfit jigsaw piece within a much larger puzzle. Now, you have likely decided that such no longer works for you and you are coming home to yourself and your ‘deeper’ knowing in some significant way. We can describe this as a form of core healing, through finally getting your actual priorities straight.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexnTAURUS: It’s really quite simple – becoming who you are (have always been meant to be) is heralded by the celestial messengers this month. Your ruler Venus is in Taurus from the month’s outset and Uranus gets ever closer to your sign. Moreover, Chiron enters your twelfth house this month. For you, it’s a case of harvesting all the hard work you’ve expended on development these past seven years of Uranus stirring your unconscious creative impulses. Everything speaks of “coming home to yourself”. The old riddle of “who am I and what am I doing here?” is set to find its answers. One thing you must do is work with your expectations of how large the world actually is. I think it fair to say you may have shrunk it down in the past, in order to make it more manageable. That was likely an emotional need based on a sense of “too much information”. Now however, you must set your emotional and physical house in order and begin to reconceive the limits of your world as a physical medium. Old boundaries and barriers can fall and you can rise to the occasion, spreading those butterfly wings!

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexGEMINI: The people you are around can either make life easier for you, or a lot more difficult. Really, that’s not even a matter of whether anyone has to try – it should be a natural thing when there is ease afoot. This month, you get to conduct a serious review about a polarity within you that has magnified the harsh experiences of your life. When we allow other bipeds into our lives it can be a very serious business… a little too serious in fact. Deep commitments are important for us all. And these require a considerable degree of seriousness. Nevertheless, this should not be squeezing your joie de vivre like some menacing python. Light and heavy can co-exist! Although these can be exacting questions we can get lost in, there’s a way to simplify. In April, I recommend an audit of all the people closest to you (in a meaningful, day-to-day way). Assess the heaviness/lightness quotients. Should things have become too heavy over time, it doesn’t mean ‘discard’. Rather, identify the source of the heaviness and attempt to root it out.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexCANCER: Do you feel protected? It almost feels wrong to ask this in a world of ‘competence and independence’ – we’re a little happier with ‘safe’ because we can be seen as the strong curators of our own safety. It seems your ruler, the moon, can often be more nemesis than protector. Feeling everything keenly may be both blessing and curse and, while we seek to feel secure, the moon continually changes phase, shape, position and visibility. Exposure, either in the baking Sun or in a shallow pool without cover of rocks, can be a little too much for you. It’s in areas of career where such pressures can feel most sustained, especially when the spotlight is being shone on you by others and the expectations are ‘ramping up’. Sometimes it is hard to feel like yourself when everything stable seems outside your control. At such times we need an external reference point of safety. Please put down your defensive armour here for just a moment! Can you be vulnerable without experiencing fear? Trust is key now. it’s something you feel… or don’t.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexLEO: The work you do every day requires both driving ideas and focused application. There’s a sense that you are now in a position to lay foundations that will support the next chapter of your development as a productive being-in-the-world. What you believe, shapes how you act and engage with life generally. What you have learnt about yourself in your interactions with others in recent years, now has chance to reshape your ideas about what productivity is and why we engage in it. Our outputs can be adversely affected by old, emotional complexes. Life force gets tied up with fighting battles to prove ourselves. That particular struggle can end in April, should you desire it. The point of your productivity/work is to shape/change other people’s lens on what is considered real. But you cannot procure authenticity for others by your efforts, if you are misaligned yourself. Your hesitancy about your workings in the world is connected to your beliefs about life. You are what you do, but doing it ‘in the right spirit’ is key.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexVIRGO: It’s actually fun to use your body! It’s not just the principle of homeostasis and balance, hormones and functioning that benefit from utilising the finest instrument that you will ever possess. No, you get to ensure that your life force has the optimal opportunity to propagate itself, in a way that yields true pleasure. Why might I be waxing lyrical about true pleasure? Well, when you are constantly juggling pressures, the sheer attrition can grind you down and reduce your sensitivity to simplest enjoyment. That’s a health issue on every metric. Simple, interpersonal dynamics, often get compromised too, once responsibilities crowd out the most basic forms of appreciation of another. But do they appreciate you? I’m not asking for a stock answer (or script) here. When you shine a light on your relating patterns (and review them) what do you notice? Do people appreciate you (just you), or do they value you for performing useful functions? April’s Full Moon cues you to reject those sorts of dynamic.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexLIBRA: Now comes the acid test! What we think about ourselves (our honest self-audits) and what we feel about ourselves (often our ancient ways of being taught to measure our value) are likely at odds for you, this month. As you survey your relationship history, retrograde Mercury (close to the Sun), may be triggering esteem anxieties. This is an opportunity not to be negatively self-evaluating and weighing your flaws, rather to notice why you feel the way you do about your value. Self/other is a crucial axis of sense-making for us. But there are other ones. Others can be a mirror in good and not-so-good ways. What you get chance to notice this month, is that your role may be less to facilitate others and more to provide the quality that matches their drive. The interface where you meet them is one that can be fraught with challenge. It’s a dyad, but it’s not black and white and it’s certainly not win/lose. It’s a bit like ‘they bring energy, you bring direction’. I hope you can see that you are not simply there for them. They must show up too.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexSCORPIO: There’s everyday life and work and then there’s your dreams. Before I go further, please take some time to look around you. What you see, funnily enough, isn’t what I see! You’ve got your filters and I’ve got mine. Your immediate home is set within a locality and both are a base for your operations. How you view said operations colours your sense of contentment. Now, if you simply see your life as an ‘aggregate of roles’ you will succeed in reinventing your past wherever you happen physically to be. This month the cosmic agents suggest a culmination. Your views of work and your views of pleasure have been so tangled that you’ve lost sight of why you do everything you do and why you made the choices you did. Your creativity wishes to burst out into the open and reshape everything – yes everything. That cannot happen unless you look soberly at the work you do and why you are doing it. Get past all the justifications and guilt. Google “indentured servant”. In April, envision your life differently… and then set about choosing differently.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: The Beatles sang “Can’t Buy me Love”. I suspect they were correct in their assessment. But the same is not true for pleasure… as any good hedonist will tell you. We likewise know that society very much disguises its envy of pleasure-seeking activity, with a sort of moralising censoriousness. Wagging fingers and knowing looks, pronounce judgment on those disposed to prioritise raw enjoyment. Sadly, this is a sign of the times. It feels to me as if you may have been seeing pleasure as ‘escape’ for a long time now. And, to be honest, it is just a little satisfying to provoke the moralising naysayers! Still, when you remember the advice to parents of rebellious teens, not to attack a boyfriend or girlfriend not approved of (lest they move even closer to them to spite you), perhaps there’s a lesson for you. Maybe you chose pleasures for bedevilment? Well this month, it’s time to choose pleasure merely for its own sake. The coming years of Chiron in your fifth house see you examining the pleasure/pain principle. Time to sort out which is which!

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: This month is all about ‘alignment energy’ for you. The day to day smooth operations of life and the enjoyment of high quality experiences are often not comfortable bedfellows. This reflects the frequent tension between internal and external conditions of one’s life setting. Trade offs and compromises can feel unavoidable. Well, here comes a phase of life where such imbalances no longer need reign. My feeling is that principle and how you feel about such things (especially in career/mission) has become a sort of surrogate for a felt ‘lack of control’ over the more personal and relational dimensions of your experience. Being a humanitarian is a noble thing – but not if it comes at the expense of your personal contentment. Grounding and stability await you now – which is an active principle. You get to decide (finally) about who you really are and what you truly want. The chaos can die down and you can now make conscious decisions to unsettle yourself by coming out of your comfort zone, rather than having it assailed!

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: What and how you feel about your ‘ideas and principles’ is likely to be flowing more freely within your thought life than the active principles involved in deploying your world views to effect changes to your physical environment. This is another way of stating that idealism may be camping out in your unconscious, at the expense of actions which are capable of changing your ‘lived reality’. It’s quite possible that you’ve been characterising this as some sort of endless struggle to find your true mission (and therefore the deepest layers of your authentic self) which you likely have not quite succeeded with. But I’m here to inform you that that is a false narrative. There’s no Holy Grail ‘out there’ that you must discover, in order to progress. Your solution is to continue placing one foot in front of the other. Do not fall into the trap of asking yourself what direction you are supposed to be travelling in – that may seem natural enough, but in reality, all that you require is your curiosity and the determination to follow it.

April 2018 Horoscope - by AlexPISCES: We inhabit a society in the west, where being human appears to be something that is at the mercy of an ever shifting tide of external forces. This provides people like yourself with just as much opportunity as challenge. On the whole, it is much harder however, to translate such opportunities into something tangible than simply to drown in an ocean of endless change. One of the big 21st century problems is finding ourselves sitting comfortably within commitment frameworks that seem frequently to reduce to power struggles, or battles around who is contributing what and what our personal freedoms actually are, once committed to another. The Libra Full Moon, separating as the month commences, suggests that something has been resolved. This feels somewhat like a tug-of-war that has ended. It’s now time for you to step up and lead by example. What Pisces natives are being called upon to demonstrate is a deep commitment and practice of no longer being ‘an individual’. Being you is morphing into becoming us.

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April 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
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April 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
Welcome to your April 2018 Horoscope. At the month's outset Saturn and Mars are conjoined and are connected to the separating full moon. Venus has just entered Taurus and Chiron is in the final degree of Pisces. To boot, Mercury continues to be retrograde. In April there can be a culmination - new areas of life open up for healing attention.
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