April 2015 Horoscope

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Welcome to the monthly April 2015 horoscope. This month’s follows hot on the heels of a total solar eclipse, (and equinox follow-up) that vibrated with the Uranus/Pluto culminating square. Although separating now, this month we have a total lunar eclipse activating the still resonating aspect. Symbolically, this eclipse offers a window into noticing the emotional shadow you have wrestled with, throughout the Uranus/Pluto sequence. With the moon sitting in Libra, we are called upon to notice the ways in which our fears have perhaps paralysed our ability to act. The drive to move forward described in detail in last month’s horoscope for your sign, has a magnified or amplified last hoorah, summed up as the history of your emotional conflict around your core struggles with deep change and real evolution. What investments have you held in remaining stuck? This month, the eclipse heralds a time of noticing and confronting. If this were not in some ways painful it would not carry healing balm. Stay with it people!

April 2015 horoscope AriesARIES: Of course, relationships of every kind are hugely important within our lives. Perhaps, as you have struggled to individuate and find your true home within, these past years, you have been prone to rationalise a few things. If the obstacles in your way have not proven challenging enough, what is it like when other people’s ‘stuff’ comes into the equation and muddies the waters? It seems as if the final frontier involves you wrestling between your evolutionary trajectory and your sense of personal happiness and contentment in relationships. This is an illusion. Let me say that there is no ‘real’ tension. If the people you love (and who love you back) are getting in the way of your evolution then you can be assured that they are likely not a part of your longer term future. On whose terms do you make decisions about your life and for whom, Aries? Clarifying that question will free you to hold much less tightly to your significant relationships. Ironically, it is THAT shift, initiated by you, that offers the best chance of encouraging true longevity in your significant interactions. The moon is reflected light – the source is the Sun!

April 2015 horoscope TaurusTAURUS: Has your emotional investment in the history of your daily working routine been holding you back, Taurus? Maybe questions of financial comfort and stability when balanced against freedom for expression have been the definitive thing within your experience. Has security continually trumped true risk taking? You’ve been dancing round the edges of this conundrum I expect, since autumn 2012. There is little doubt that you have expended effort and diligence in laying foundations for something new to manifest. Yet the final cord remains intact, binding you to the old. The focus in April is on that being severed. Happily, this month, Venus will support you in your contemplation of acts of faith and leaps into the unknown. Each time you decide for the new, assistance will come to you as you follow your path. Should you resist what you now know, strong pressure will polarise you into the inescapable choice between confrontation of your biggest fears and the rationalisations and denials that have kept them in place. Remember, the rule of thumb is to go where the new experience is. Let that be your guide and do not be afraid!

April 2015 horoscope geminiGEMINI: In this ongoing and vexed question of what truly you are called upon to transact with your peers, many things have evolved through an agonising process of confronting your natural reticence to be open to all the capriciousness of human emotion and the destabilising effect of such uncertainties. You have run an intellectually tight ship for aeons now it seems and while you’ve become aware of the need to open up more as the revolutionary you are (and to let others in), it has not proven quite so easy in practice, Gemini! This month, the eclipse highlights a turning point. The choice is now a decisive one – the point of no return has been reached. Do you continue to conduct your business like you have and hide your emotions and vulnerability out of fear of hurt OR do you take that fateful leap into a new beginning of emotional openness. Your friend, Mercury, gives you just the right amount of impetus this month to be able to kick start a process of communication with those closest to you – who you count as tribe. Do not waste this chance to make yourself open to those you can trust. You are seeding a new pattern. And your loved ones will thank you for it.

April 2015 horoscope CancerCANCER: Moon child, where is the Sun? What blocks out its light? What persistently gets in the way? Let me clue you in about something important. Your desire to live in the past, maybe even return to the womb, is an ancient reflex instilled (seemingly mysteriously) many moons ago. It is up for serious scrutiny. You are fast approaching a crossroads around the key theme of whether you seek safety/security from the world’s challenges/pressures OR expansion as a true means of fulfilment. Roots, roots, roots, blah, blah, blah. Now, is that merely going to change its focus/form from one illusion to another to give you a sense of change? OR are you finally going to make that decision to ditch all that false ‘safety’ and begin the real journey of becoming the butterfly you truly are? The calling, as we noted last month, is to take your power that you have given to others, back into your own hands. This may feel like a raging battle, a deeply agonising choice. In truth, victory over old fears is just around the corner if you can just muster the faith required to trust who you are.

April 2015 horoscope LeoLEO: This month presents you with an incredible window of opportunity to begin a crucial process of deep emotional repair work. A large part of this involves a conscious and deliberate choice to open up to those closest to you (by that I mean those who you CHOOSE to spend time with). This is a truly interesting time for you. You have expanded, you have stretched. But you can only take your expansions and explorations so far, while there is unaddressed emotional ‘stuff’ lying around in your psyche. This is stuff based on choices long since made and forgotten and that have morphed through time into rock hard patterns. It is time now to embody something altogether different. You cannot analyse emotions and expect that this will yield any meaningful interactions with others. It is time for courage, Lion Heart. People will be who they will be and will do what they will do. That is none of your concern! Let go and instead, focus upon what you know you need to do/share in terms of relating to others, in order to be healthy. Note: Healthy does not mean experiencing no pain!

April 2015 horoscope virgoVIRGO: It is time for you now to come into your emotional body and finally end the split within you that obligation, planning, thoughtfulness and diligence have engineered so successfully within you. You are now to sit more squarely and consistently within your own truth. You know this is liberating. You have experimented with it somewhat in recent months of upheaval. You see though that this is no longer even a choice. It is the inevitable outworking of your evolution these past two and a half years. In some ways, this process can be usefully understood in terms of you coming more resolutely into line with your inner masculine. Your feminine, caring and giving qualities have been so dominant that this has led people to believe that you can be walked all over. Asserting yourself is different than reacting to the pain of the past. It represents the evolution from reactivity and into being centred and only responding to any situation once a response is required. You are on the verge. Do not let fears of loss of the old self hold you back – oh and talk.. to a therapist if necessary.

April 2015 horoscope libraLIBRA: Your closest personal relationships will teach you much this month IF you are able to come out of any rigidity you are carrying energetically. That is to say IF you can both acknowledge and allow what you are truly feeling. There is absolutely no doubt that this can be a huge turning point for you in your life. Being giving, or being demanding, is often driven by unacknowledged or suppressed emotion and unmet need. Your lesson this month is to embrace comfort in your emotional skin.. That means letting certain battles go for good. It’s really not about agonising regarding the balance of self and other and factoring that into your ‘calculations’. In truth, it is about being real about your deepest feelings. Be neither active nor passive this month, Libra. Be responsive. Allow your environment to speak to you above the level of noise. We are talking art not science. Tune in, rather than out! Dance with the music of the stars and the trees and the birds.

April 2015 horoscope scorpioSCORPIO: Dear Scorpio, tempestuous times in personal relationships of the most significant kind, challenge you this coming eclipse month. It is finally time to no longer simply acknowledge the lessons you have learned, but actually to transform. How exactly will you do that? A clue for you on that particular quest is that it is time for you to relinquish that legendary Scorpionic secrecy, within your emotional interior. You see, the secrets you keep from others are truly only the secrets you keep from yourself, when it comes to your deepest feelings. Do you REALLY wish to carry that on indefinitely, or instead make a decisive change? It’s not really the kind of nightmare to terrify you despite what you may imagine. In reality, once you acclimatise to a more open style of sharing feelings, you will experience great release from anxieties of myriad stripe that you have been carrying on your OWN (there’s the key) for far too long. And know this – those who love you will not abandon you!

April 2015 horoscope sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: What’s the story for you this month, Sagittarius? It seems like you feel both at home and not at home at the same time. There is no doubt that your creative agenda is well on course and that you are in the right place at the right time. Nevertheless, there remains something that eats away at your comfort. Historically, your tribe has been everything to you – who you consider ‘tribe’ is an altogether more complex matter! The drive to be connected is a considerable force in your life and the Uranus/Pluto square has seemingly seen you attending to other, more pressing matters, around your core mission. This work is nearing culmination in its preparation and this month brings home questions about the point of it all on a much smaller scale that relates to your core community. It would be fair to say that your ideal would be to hold life mission and space/place in a composite reality. This month, an audit begins which is designed to foster the balance you seek. This is a question of values. This month, you get clearer with yours.

April 2015 horoscope CapricornCAPRICORN: Saturn has been helping you to draw a line under the past. Simultaneously, you have been in the process of creating a new kind of balance in your life and durable foundations for the kind of creative conditions that you thrive within. I suspect that a huge block, holding you back from the spotlight, has been wanting zealously to guard your privacy. And yet, these days, you realise that you cannot fulfil your creative dreams without stepping out of the shadows and taking a bow. Perhaps you imagined the shadows to be your friends. Well, THOSE friends have to go! In fact, a crucial message for you this month involves getting the correct balance between the support and care that you give to others and the love and support that you receive from those closest to you. You cannot afford to be out of kilter in that area. The reason for that is that your creative process is paramount and for that to operate smoothly and productively, requires that you and energy and energetic relations be in a finely tuned state. Make it so!

April 2015 horoscope aquariusAQUARIUS: Remember how last month we spoke of your mission to ground your values and your loving intentions within your community being at its inception? Well, that remains true. You now face the task of application. And for that you need clarity of focus and mind. I mention this because there has of late been a marked restlessness within you – which amounts to a rampant drive to not be constrained by anyone else’s expectations at any price. As you have been busy building new life structures that are fit for purpose, you may have noticed just how irritating other folk and their demands can often be. Everybody wants a piece of good old, noble Aquarius. Your mission is well on course but it seems that those pesky things called people insist on continually getting in the way of your vision. It’s a bit like your feelings want to go on their travels far and wide at a time when you are just getting clear with your vision. People keep making demands and you want to hang loose. I suggest that you book a holiday. You need a break, a change of scene. The world will be waiting for you when you return.

April 2015 horoscope piscesPISCES: It sometimes escapes our notice that when we change, either consciously or through force of circumstance, it can take a while for the rest of our ‘old’ self to catch up with this new emanation. This produces an inertia and disorientation. A no-man’s land within which you may feel quite lost, a least for a good while. In this state it may prove easier to be sucked under the ever spiralling whirlpool of demands and lose your sparkle, instead of relishing being on the verge of a new and shiny, promised land. It is well worth remembering that you are in transition right now and that this is going to require some adjustments from you over time. At some points you will feel almost hypnotised back toward the old comfort zones. Just remember that you have undergone a sort of baptism. The old really is gone and YOU (and only you) are what remains. Each time you may be tempted to cling back onto old structures, remember that what you are entering into is far greater than the things which you have, in truth, left behind. Onward and upwards, fishie!

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