Annual Horoscope for 2016 by Alex Brocklehurst

Annual Horoscope for 2016 by Alex Brocklehurst

Introduction to the Annual Horoscope 2016 Part (i) Reading

Setting the Scene: Mundane Astrology Review/Overview

Welcome to your Annual Horoscope for the coming year. When I think of 2015 and the culmination of a heavenly aspect involving Uranus and Pluto in March (that spanned two and three quarter years), as well as the recent commencement in November of a year long aspect pattern between Saturn and Neptune, I cannot help but notice a strong correlation between these celestial happenings and world events. What have world events got to do with your personal horoscope for the coming year? Well, transitional planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), all speak of generational effects – they transcend your personal horoscope and yet have such an impact on society/culture that their effects inevitably trickle down into our conscious experience as ‘individuals’. We live in a world where it is increasingly difficult to separate the local from the global; the personal from the public and political (no matter how much you would prefer to lodge your head in the sand!). In January we had the Charlie Hebdo massacre and in mid-November we had repeat atrocities in Paris on a larger scale. We are all familiar with the debate this has spawned about borders, sovereignty, freedom, national security and the nature of terror and… everybody it seems has a theory (conscious or not) about what is going on and what should be done about it.

The Uranus/Pluto square culminated just before an eclipse and the spring equinox. Within a few months the UK had a general election and the Conservative Party were elected to government after a hung parliament the previous term. This precipitated grand changes, especially to the opposition Labour Party – and the much unfancied Jeremy Corbyn shocked the political establishment, with a resultant media frenzy. Astrologically, this was the aftermath of Uranus/Pluto. The Plutocrats were reinstalled with MORE power and an austerity regime that promised to decimate public services and the social welfare system. This expression of Pluto in Capricorn then encountered the backlash of Uranus in Aries (the revolutionary effect in the sign of the ‘I am’). Corbyn, elected on a platform to resist austerity and make political change a grassroots agenda, was met with much derision. And yet, he was elected. In the United States, it would appear that Bernie Sanders is the Corbyn equivalent – and their presidential election is due in November 2016). This comes hot on the heels of the Saturn/Neptune square culmination in September. Saturn square Neptune is different in energy to Uranus square Pluto, but builds on it significantly.

annual horoscope - saturn neptune square

Saturn, Neptune Square

The Saturn/Neptune Square and Your Personal Astrology

A few words on Saturn/Neptune are in order, so that I can show you just how these aspects ARE relevant to your personal astrology. Pluto in Capricorn commenced 2008, around the time of the global banking collapse. It represents the transformation of societal structures (especially fiscal institutions and economic bureaucracies). Pluto speaks of power and we can ask questions about just WHO wields it and why. Pluto can represent shadow entities that lie behind the official narrative (Pluto/Hades was god of the underworld in Greek/Roman mythologies). Saturn, on the other hand, is more akin to the traditional forms of authority and governmental structure. Neptune (Poseidon) was the god of the oceans (waters) and rules Pisces in modern astrological rulership. Neptune is in Pisces right now and will be for a number of years (just like Pluto will be in Capricorn). Neptune as an archetype, dissolves boundaries and can foster illusions and denial in its ‘shadow’ (less positive) manifestations. In a personal chart, its influence can lead to loss of self through drugs and alcohol, for example. Neptune also represents the mass media and suggests that we should always be on our guard in asking questions about truth/reality vs superficiality/fantasy.

When Saturn squares Neptune we can expect titanic battles between structures and those things which can erode (if not deluge) them. This can be social, political, cultural, economic or pertain to the physical world. In all this, media have a huge role to play. Social media continue to boom in popularity. The older sources of news all came from concentrated power bases, but the internet has eroded that. Never have we witnessed such a polarisation between mainstream media and alternative sources for our ‘news’. Choosing WHAT to believe can be overwhelming! And so, we see Saturn square Neptune as a battle royal between traditional sources of authoritative news and the ‘reality’ they seem to portray in our lives, regarding the governance structures that dominate our daily experience. We might portray this as leading to ‘propaganda wars’.

On the physical level, Saturn square Neptune feels akin to The Tower card in the tarot. A tidal (Neptune) force comes against human built infrastructure (Saturn). Floods, as I write, have devastated much of the northern United Kingdom. A swollen, raging river, decimating a man-made bridge, is a very apposite image for Neptune overwhelming Saturn. On the other hand, Saturn can seek to contain and resist Neptune by strengthening its structures in response. Order meets chaos. And those who represent us can utilise that meme in order to justify the erecting of much grander structures to resist chaos. They also get to define what chaos is… often by utilising or controlling by use of mass media. Saturn seeks to stamp out any remote threat to the infrastructure. This can lead to political oppression and loss of freedom. And these dynamics are what we have started to see play out both globally/politically, post-Paris and will see regarding these increases of freak weather events. The signature for 2016 is set to revolve around these tussles. Your personal astrology will reflect not simply your little bubble, cut off from all other influences should you so choose. No, denial and hiding away will not work any longer. I hope you can now see, via that brief overview, just how significant global developments and local/personal responses will be for your year.

The Overarching Story for Everyone’s Year

I’m into stories. They are the stuff of life. We all inhabit stories, whether we realise it or not. Many of us have at least a mild fascination with fairy tales – even though the whole point is that they are not considered REAL. And yet, their messages contain timeless truisms, related to our everyday experience. Which oppressed young woman, weighed down with drudgery of expectations and even at times domestic slavery, has not dreamt of Prince Charming rescuing her from all the woes of her imprisoned experience? (So releasing her to a life of love, joy and happiness). We know it is a fantasy, yet STILL a part of us longs to believe. That is the point at which we face the choices between realism and idealism… and often, between cynicism and hope. I’m not advocating fantasy by the way! It just helps us to be aware that there are many layers to our stories and often we can find messages of hope and possibility – especially once we see clearly that our stories are SHARED stories. We inhabit stories TOGETHER. Many religious teachers have spoken profound sayings. Whether religious or not, these often take the form of a story. The planets and the myths behind them (from ancient Greece especially and then leading to Roman appropriation) enhance our understanding too, with many layers and subtleties.

Here we go! Please REMEMBER, I am writing this account as a story – a story FULL of possibilities for us all. There is no doubt that it will have a definite correlation to what we see happening in world events but… it is not a straight prediction, like a prophecy. It is, instead, a world that exists (as yet) in the realm of possibilities. It is emerging. The energy is awaiting an unfolding. We can enter into it fully, partially or not at all. You will decide and only YOU, just how this story is related to your experience in the coming months. Everybody’s story will have similarities and differences, will be unique, will be a partial account of a bigger picture and will both depend and NOT depend on the choices you make. The river meanders where it wills, but you are the one choosing (or not) to be on the journey it invites you to participate in.

Jesus told a story once about wise and foolish builders. The wise built their houses upon a rock (Jesus’ words in the case of the gospels) and the foolish built theirs upon sand. Now, when the howling gales and the torrential floods beat against those houses and tested them, the wise and foolish were ‘outed’ – the consequences of their building were laid bare for all to see. This year begins with the challenge for all to consider the ‘fitness for purpose’ of the foundations they have laid for their lives. These foundations are made up of many components, but what underpins all is the taking of responsibility, based upon a correct assessment of ‘what is’.

The Taoist founder, Lao Tzu, spoke much of personal mastery, and this was squarely based upon observing all that is and allowing things to be as they are. This is the ultimate realism. Whenever your life feels in the crisis of ‘floods and gales’ (literal or not) attacking your very security, Saturn echoes the ideas of Lao Tzu. “Observe, pay attention and take responsibility”. It is important that you do not develop a ‘crisis mentality’ early in 2016. If you do, then you will become a ‘victim of circumstance’ reactive to external events, rather than being centred in your own responses. Explore your foundations. Make peace with who you are. And, if you need to change, be flexible enough to admit to yourself that NOW is the time to make significant alterations to your notions of security and your basic approach to life.

As we all head towards Imbolc (mid-winter, February 2nd 2016), we reach a turning point and can see the spring equinox on the metaphorical horizon. That point is the one at which all the things going on around you in the first month of the year are to be consciously internalised. Things have happened all around you. They have made you look at your place in the bigger picture. It now becomes apparent that you must transform, along with the season. Learn the lessons of both being personally responsible and aware of yourself and others, without losing your ability to connect with and trust those within your inner circle and local community.

Annual horoscope healing cross

Celtic healing cross

It becomes clear as the equinox looms, from the end of February, that we reap what we have sown. There are consequences to every attitude we adopt; every defence we erect; every rejection we receive and dish out; every unaware action that has knock-on effects in so many subtle ways. The planet is our home. We cannot afford simply to conclude “My locality is fine, so everything is obviously just fine”. Events taking place in early March will confront us with decision points. Are we willing to address our collective responsibility; our connection to each other person in our life and our locality and the world at large? Do we participate, or do we say “not my problem?” Those strategies are fast becoming bankrupt, along with the world economic and political structures, as we have known them.

Abdicating responsibilities to our ‘leaders’ is now very clearly being shown up as a form of immaturity. Saturn, on the other hand, demands that I/You/We GROW by challenging our apathies. As we hit spring we see that the messages we have hopefully internalised have not been in any way embraced by many of our ‘leaders’. The methods that they will use to fend off threat, based upon their own denial and/or wilful resistance to change (because of vested interests and personal gain), include misrepresentation, and media ‘spin’ and the attempt to activate a ‘crisis mentality’ within the people (instead of sane and calm responses to outward events), so as to allow political leverage supporting the government agenda, not that of the people affected by various forces/events of nature and/or human manufacture (such as wars). Propaganda and misinformation to distort facts and discredit real agents for change should be expected.

Into late April the pace heats up. Ubiquitous (universal) structures are shaken by global events and so are our concepts and convenient notions about the world. If you have done the hard yards and prepared yourself, the transition will be less shocking to your system. At this time, religious fervour has a high probability of erupting as a defence against all the uncertainty. There is likelihood of repression as people cling to religious certainties and are susceptible to moralising because of fear, in response to regulatory structures breaking down. There is no need to panic. The world may feel like it is ready to implode, but in truth the message is one about people no longer simply accepting the status quo and the societal breakdown CAUSED by flagrant maladministration/corruption of governments… that continue with their entrenched agendas of supporting the interests of elites, rather than regular people like you and I. Stay calm and call your leaders to account for their actions. The message is also to stick together and build community spirit at this time. This is your highest form of protection – as we shelter one another.

Power - annual horoscope

Power, Politics and Parliament

Later in May we see matters of international law vs actual lawlessness come into the spotlight. The law has been manipulated for far too long, to serve the interests of individuals who have been able to secure personal (economic) and political advantage by doing so. This can be summed up as ‘a crisis of law’. Matters at the centre stage are “Who/How questions of definitions of law” as well as “How is law related to justice as a human experience?” People will have to get clear on war/religion/ideology/security. There will be ideologies putting a slant (spin) on this through mainstream reporting. One’s own belief system is going to be radically challenged at this time on these matters. Do your research. Acquaint yourself thoroughly with the power of Google.

On the 18th of June, Saturn squares Neptune for the second time in this sequence. Here is a moment of epiphany/change for us all. Political momentum has continued to build within nation states and across the spectrum of international relations. The pressure on the dam is akin to that one in the Dutch myth of the little boy who saved his locality by placing his finger in the hole, where the pressure was mounting and multiplying. The old political ‘solutions’ have broken down irretrievably. New dynamics are just over the next hill. People’s understanding of law and its relationship to real justice is becoming writ large in human consciousness. Here comes the dawn of justice based not upon manipulation of laws by the few (patriarchy) but instead of balance, fairness and reason grounded in basic nurture and care for each other and the planet. Imagine, (for our imagination is the most powerful tool we possess) that we are all, in early August, on the cusp of a consciousness transformation based upon being fully present and grounded in love and nurture, rather than egoic ‘consumption’ based solely upon self-interest, and a self-serving, moralistic appropriation of truth/righteousness as POWER/domination.

The political scene in the United States is facing melt down. We can see before our very eyes a ‘new’ masculinity embodied; one which can be strong, authoritative and decisive while NOT abusing of privilege and political office for personal advantage. The sterility of patriarchy is corrected with a nurture element. Again referring to Jesus when he alluded to the love of God as akin to the protective instinct of a hen toward her chicks, we see the bringing of a long missing component of balance to the masculine. Strong and caring, decisive and compassionate are not polar opposites. The world has groaned for want of such balance. Finally, it is time for the change that sees wholeness and fairness prevailing over fragmentation and dominance.

In October/November we begin to see the possibilities of the end of oppositional politics and the birth of emotional literacy and proactive nurture… because the world has (finally) had enough of the old way and seeks (via different choices and taking responsibility personally) an ethics of the win/win, instead of the tired old win/lose scenarios. We begin to transition the eye of the storm and the final backlash of the old system of privileges and elitism. This promises to be an initiation into a new era. Death and decay and its many wars can finally make way for sanity and a new vibration of group consciousness in the human family. The changing of the guard means that by December the restoration of legitimate governance is at hand and we transition from a quasi-religious conquest/dominance/xenophobia model of the nation state toward a life-affirming ethos that reflects our new participation in our communities and broad changes in political systems across the globe, in tune with changes in group consciousness. Individualism begins to give way to a true model of communities united by shared needs, interests and goals.

Quite some story! Do you like the sound of it? Would you like to see it come about? Are you prepared to make changes and some sacrifices, in order to align yourself with it and make it a reality? The choice, as always, lies with you.

Your Personal Annual Horoscope for 2016

These readings will be made up of two parts for each sign: i) a general themed overview for your year and ii) specific insights for each season – winter, spring, summer and autumn. Access part (ii) of my Annual Horoscope.

Aries annual horoscopeARIES: PART 1 – As I look at the factors affecting you this year, I get the feeling that there may have been an area of your life you have not wanted to tackle, or even look at, for quite some time. It feels like you have feared the snowball effect: “If I DO look at this troubling matter, it will mean the dominoes will cascade down and I will lose control”. Interesting that isn’t it? Losing control! If you examine that you will likely see that such control isn’t real – it is just a sense or feeling about how ordered your world seems to be. Nobody enjoys being overwhelmed, but if you become so preoccupied with the ship sinking before you have sailed, the likelihood is that you will not sail at all… and you will keep putting off any sailing in the future, as some entrenched pattern. I think you have probably been giving your fears just a little too much respect. Fluidity is a key concept for you this year, Aries. This is first of all an attitude that you must cultivate and secondly a set of choices that you must embrace. It all begins with emotional honesty. You may fear being vulnerable, but this year you must embrace that fear. When you feel out of control and attempt to assert self-control as a defence, you divert your energy into containing fears. I’d invite you to spend a little bit of time pondering that. You NEED control to some degree – but it is the sort that is more akin to discipline and focus than the reducing of anxieties. As you allow feelings and open up to more spontaneity (not hiding who you are), you will find you react less and respond more. That is a great goal for the year. When you respond, others respond. If you react, it is likely they will too. You can remove creative blocks, discover new sources of unction and open up to your fullest potential, once you release control and make friends with riding the open ocean waves. That’s your project for 2016, in a nutshell.

Taurus annual horoscopeTAURUS: PART 1 – Journeys are made up of cycles. Sometimes they feel like circles leading back to the same place. Endless circles wear you down. Sometimes however, cycles can prove to be more like spirals and coils. They lead to a similar place and yet somehow something has altered and you gain a whole new perspective. You know the score: You imagine that the journey is going to be one thing; will lead you to a certain destination and then… that point of arrival is actually a point of departure to some other place! Sometimes the excitement of that is tangible, other times it is deeply frustrating as a pattern aka ‘seemingly never arriving’. You have, dear Taurus, an incredible resilience and patience that allows you to plod on when others have long since given up. And at this point you may well be fearing that I have set you up for more drudgery throughout 2016. Well, perseverance is truly a double-edged trek. You get rewards and you get doubts and heartaches. I cannot promise you in 2016 that you will suddenly break free from old tussles, frustrations and seemingly never-ending circles, in a maze-like structure, or on some sort of treadmill. What I can say is that even if 2016 is yet another such year, the breakthroughs will revolve not around ‘finally arriving’ (ponder why that NEVER quite seems to happen for a moment or three… and ask yourself whether it is even meant to). Instead, it looks very much to me as if you will realise you cannot wish away your essential nature, your relentless diligence that often feels like a curse. And once the penny finally drops, my bovine friend, you will no longer see life as a set of either/ors. Life is, in actuality, always a series of both/ands. You get the drudgery, of course you do. But as you travel, it is your choice as to whether you open up to the tangible reality of carefree fun. It IS possible – and that is the part which makes life truly worth living.

Gemini annual horoscopeGEMINI: PART 1 I LOVE ‘limits’ don’t you? Wonderful things. We can accomplish so much with them, without ever even leaving the house! You think I am joking perhaps, or being sarcastic? Not at all. Caution is another key word; strongly correlated with the idea of limits. Caution is the sentinel, the guardian who patrols the walls of your boundary. The question is “Are your boundaries the extent of your limits?” This is an important question for you this year and that is because you stand at a threshold. This threshold is one wherein you make a fundamental choice. There is an archetypal force in play that wishes to seed a future self which has moved beyond the former limits. There is only so far that you can contain and micro-manage life. Life seeks to live through you. You are not the source! There is a degree of surrender here that you may not yet feel comfortable with. I suggest you begin now with a process of befriending your fears. Your choices thus far have yielded a degree of success but the next level of living beckons and the old way, while effective in helping you maintain a defensive relationship to existence, is out of balance with a life of thriving. Many of the old key words like ‘loyalty’, ‘trustworthiness’, ‘dependability’ and ‘integrity’, while retaining some importance, must give way to new ideas of ‘being in the moment’, ‘taking a gamble’, ‘being free spirited’, ‘having adventures’. It is in essence the difference between being fixed to the spot (in an attempt to ensure everything is under control and stable) or instead, making decisions to step out into the unknown and beyond the ‘comfort’ or ‘safety’ you have so prized. Such ‘safety’ is no longer safe. Life simply IS. The picture is very much like in the movie Along Came Polly, wherein the protagonist Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) plays a character who risk assesses everything in his life as a game of percentages – basing each life choice upon mathematical probability, in the quest for stability. The journey that his character is on, is just like yours. Maybe watch the film?

Cancer annual horoscope

CANCER: PART 1 – There is a lot more to you than meets the eye. But that truth can get lost easily, both to yourself and others who experience you. This is primarily because life has a habit of grinding us down (often into the dust), with its many responsibilities… and we get sucked into that. Drudgery begins to define us and then we quickly fall into believing there is nothing beyond that. It is important for you, this year, to work with the fact that the sign of Scorpio constitutes your solar fifth house. Areas of love, creativity and romance have a Scorpionic flavour when you are at your best. One of THE most attractive things about you, therefore, is the allure that this naturally offers you. Basic psychology 101 – when you have an air of mystery about you, you are that much more attractive and interesting to the spectators who are noticing you, as you put yourself out into the world. The creative and the erotic are twin-aspects of your life force. You may not particularly view yourself in these terms at the start of the year but I suggest you take this key note very seriously and work on what it means for you, during this phase of your life – for that word ‘phase’ is coming through very strongly to me as I write. We use the word disparagingly so often “It’s JUST a phase”. But phases are very important windows of opportunity too. I suggest you view this phase just like that. Opportunity is knocking this year. See yourself, perhaps, as awakening from a long and deep sleep. You can see the world with fresh eyes. No longer see yourself as waiting for something to happen to you. This new vision sees you understanding your inherent power; your essential allure. You are NOT at an ending, rather a lively beginning… if you can step outside of the tracks and grooves that the past laid down for you. This is not a time for autopilot, Cancer! In life we have both some control and no control. This year, the things you can do, involve igniting the spark within you and doing everything to fan it into a living flame. The rest will take care of itself.

Leo annual horoscopeLEO: PART 1 – We are MUCH stronger together are we not? Leo is on a journey all the time, to individuate in a way that is life-giving and sustaining, just as your ruler (the Sun) sustains all life. But when the Sun is blocked and the shadows appear, there is a less wholesome aspect to the individuation process. The struggle to unearth the self can amount to a perilous game of ‘shadow boxing’ with the ego. This year you reach a culmination of a journey of struggle. You may believe or anticipate that this will hopefully amount to a cessation of struggle. It won’t! But, the good news is that the nature of the struggle changes decisively. Why? Well, individuation often implies a measure of isolation. This is not simply isolation from people, rather isolation from yourself and your deepest needs (because we need others in some way to be able to fulfil our needs). A new cycle ushers in 2016 my friend. Love and nurture are FREE. Yes, free. Often that feels anything but the case; yet our experiences are often self-imposed, without us realising it. This means simply that WE must allow change in. Along with the changes we make in response to new opportunities and circumstances, there comes the opportunity to reconfigure our essential sense of our connection to our world. This will feel unusual at first. Really, I see a process taking place over the year, wherein you gradually allow the feeling of aliveness back in, in order to displace the numbness you had known. It’s good to feel alive! As you open up and allow the blood to flow through your veins again (it IS a choice), you will notice an invitation to change your worldview. This is no longer ‘me surviving’ but an outlook based more upon notions of ‘clan’. Be under no illusions, the shift will be tough. Much black and white thinking you have accumulated to protect yourself MUST be burned in the fires of purification. You will feel hugely conflicted at points. But success is guaranteed through perseverance. As you begin to feel life getting easier (due to every tough battle won in choosing the new) momentum will gather. The message is: “Come out of the cold and, this year, prepare for the hearth of warmth, joy and unconditional love.”

Virgo annual horoscopeVIRGO: PART 1 – What’s real and what’s not? A key theme for you this year I suggest you pay attention to. Let it be your guide in the many decisions you make about what to keep and what to discard. Let it be said, YOU are certainly real! Why is that? It is your diligence, your resilience, your rock-like dependability. Every gain is hard won. There simply are no short-cuts for you. You are like the great ‘Quality Assurance Specialist’ of the zodiac. And yet strangely, in order to be just that, you tolerate a hell of a lot of junk from people that no other sane person would even contemplate enduring. There is, as we both know, a heavy price often paid by yourself for that, in terms of your own visibility to others. And, as you also know, the cumulative effects of that can make you profoundly cynical and/or world weary. I honestly believe that this particular ‘way of being’ you chose long ago has incredible merit. It covers so much truth about the human condition. BUT it has a profound shadow. It becomes very difficult to say ‘NO’ when ‘Yes’ is based upon a profound understanding of what is. It feels in some ways like saying “No” would be to deny what is – and you have an aversion to that because it flies in the face of one of your core life principles. Well, in 2016, you are certainly on another voyage inward to reflect – to mature even further. I think you will remain committed to the idea that you must be both solid and flexible in your approach to life (something most other folk cannot embrace – it is just too tough for them as they are hopelessly enslaved to external stimuli). However, there are forces at work which wish to show you that, thankfully, yours is NOT the responsibility to hold the world together. When everything seems to be falling apart all around you, you feel the pressure increase to patch it up, keep it stable. But that isn’t your job, regardless of the fact that you have consistently taken that on. This year is not about the needs of others, Virgo. You are a rock not because you do things in a rock-like sturdy fashion but because you are in essence integrated and full of integrity. Take a year off from service. Let the lightning strikes of life excite you and illuminate – step out into chaos like you just don’t care. If others balk, let them know this is your time to ‘live a little’. Those who know will nod. The ignorant? Just push the button that opens the trap door!

These readings will be made up of two parts for each sign: i) a general themed overview for your year and ii) specific insights for each season – winter, spring, summer and autumn. Access part (ii) of my Annual Horoscope.

Libra annual horoscopeLIBRA: PART 1 – This year sees you focus on every type of angle around the issue of making choices. This can be challenging for a sign represented by the scales of balance that has the cardinal (like Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) drive that must push things in the style of a masculine air sign, all the while ruled by the ‘passive’/receptive Venus. That’s quite a mixture of seemingly opposite energies. Different parts of you vying for overall dominance over the other parts, tends to create inertia. ‘Spectators’ often struggle to make sense of these energies you must unify and therefore tend to see you as a riddle of contradictions – often portraying this struggle less than favourably, because to them it doesn’t add up. What would they know? Still, ironing out some of these energetic imbalances is possible and 2016 is the year to make progress with that. The first thing I’d say is that ‘feelings’ are connected to your body, NOT your mind. Pause… Breathe… Get that? If not, STOP. Meditate for as long as you need to in order to internalise this vital observation. It’s fashionable to speak of intuition! Well, in your case, you may like to consider training your body to respond to stimuli, in preference to your reflex mental agonising. You cannot choose with deep conviction from the space of mind. You might convince yourself you can, by pretending that any matter your are passionate about is born of your values but… your values are consistently about things outside yourself – in other words, things other than your needs/wants. ‘Need’ is an interesting notion – especially for you in 2016. We often gain traction out of the friction experienced as we encounter our world… and things are revealed to us about what is ‘missing’. This suits you because you can assert aspects of yourself through your mind and values and then wait for, and watch, the world’s response. This must be a conscious process, however. Because if you are so tuned to the needs of others, your own needs can be relegated. So much is born of the body and you are to be in touch with it like never before: Pay for a massage/pamper. Get people to cook for you. Perhaps take up yoga or tai chi. Updating your guidance system is your project this year. Understand that leaving behind the old will lead to something MUCH better. Your energy will be lighter too!

Scorpio annual horoscopeSCORPIO: PART 1 – When we witness chaos all around us, when we experience disruption to the fabric of our lives, it often feels like a never ending grind. With Uranus continuing its trek through your solar sixth house, this has been especially so these past few years. It would help you to remember that not only does life happen to us, we happen to life. In a nutshell, this is an admonition to you to consider both the positive and the negative energies you have ‘put out there’ during your life thus far. It seems to me that the Uranian energy is designed to test both your worldly foundations AND the integrity of both WHAT you have built and HOW you have built it. Karma is a complex thing and while you may believe you can escape its clutches, you simply can’t. Karma is a universal principle that we see throughout the natural and the human social order. The foundations upon which we build (and the materials and methods we deploy), have long term consequences for the structure you put in place. It is NOT just the exterior of the building, the cosmetic level of meeting the world, which will withstand all the tests of life. So let me ask you: “HOW have you built?” You may break out in a cold sweat if you conclude that something fundamental has been missing. Cracks may have appeared and the strain may be quite daunting. If you have not built with good integrity things will get tougher before they improve BUT improve they will. It is good to know, is it not, that we always usually have opportunity to review and take remedial actions to at least mitigate some of the omissions of the past? In a sense, the past only matters if you are attempting to rely upon it in the present. Even if your foundations have proven wanting or unbalanced there is scope to seed something new. 2016 sees you confronted with a choice to continue on the path you’ve consistently travelled down as you ‘handle’ life and its challenges OR to break rank from all the pressure to achieve success. It’s hard for Scorpio to live within, because the energy is just so intense. The focus can easily become so external (as a sort of pressure release valve from all the intensity) that you can lose your bearings. This year, transition to smoother waters is possible, IF you can successfully align with your creative spark. Forge new paths. No longer worry about the old. It is just an empty container.

Sagittarius annual horoscopeSAGITTARIUS: PART 1 – Becoming who you are. That’s it. We could stop right there. I think you already know what I mean. How on earth do you simply plod on, when all the while you have such a thirst for adventure and at times reckless abandon? How can anybody be expected to bridge that chasm of contradiction between taking your responsibilities seriously (being an adult) and being truly in touch with your curious, inquisitive and fun-loving inner child? There is never a shortage of people queuing up to guilt trip and shame us when we seek contact with our purest essence and cast off the shackles. Everybody else, seemingly, has a better idea of the responsibility we should be taking than we do! Funny that… There is a reason why this is so and I suspect it has something to do with you. 2016 is a year that you can begin to unravel some of that complex. We are taught early that fun and responsibility are an irreconcilable dyad. So the equation goes like this: If somebody SEES you having fun they remind you of your responsibilities. Just to clarify for you… when they do that it is not for your benefit but theirs. This is because they cannot embrace fun themselves – let’s face it Sagittarius, you know they are probably a martyr. How tedious! Newsflash: You don’t have to (never needed to) internalise their stuff. But what was it in you that drew you to such companions? That’s worth pondering a while. That block is where you must excavate old foundations. I’m glad to be able to announce that once that unearthing is complete you will certainly be in a position to communicate your needs differently and much more assertively, without feeling shame. That communication will, in fact, liberate the caged bird. I won’t lie to you. The process will be tough. There will be much uncertainty, much demand for faith and trust when the light appears to have dimmed to a flicker. Dredging our unconscious may seem less inviting than carrying on in denial of your deeper needs for expression of your inner child. But once you have, you will find you can assert what responsibility/maturity is, on YOUR terms. Let me tell you; that WILL feel very good.

Capricorn annual horoscopeCAPRICORN: PART 1 – Is the psyche a prison, or a playground? Or both? Whichever it might happen to be, know that this year there is something very deep percolating there and every aspect is connected to every other aspect. What, might I ask you, do you think your life force really is? Can you hold it at bay, like the tide, as referenced in the legendary tale of King Canute and the waves? (This story has been distorted in popular reference – a good example of how our natural wisdom can be misrepresented/twisted by others as proof of our ‘delusions’). Once we realise that we can’t hold back the tide, we give ourselves permission to ride the seas of our personal creativity. And there we have it really. Others will (and have) sought to dowse the flames of your creativity and potential from a very young age – subverting it into their agenda. But now, you realise that you hold something very precious in your hands. But that’s okay isn’t it Capricorn? As long as you can claim to be the custodian and not the originator, you do not need to feel all those difficult feelings wherein YOU are recognised. Give the glory to someone else, I say… I mean, heaven forbid that YOU of all people, should be recognised by anyone as any sort of originator. And that is the nub of the matter this year for you. Your creative work and your self-esteem are in an extended dance with one another. Is it a tango or a waltz? Or perhaps some other style/form of connection? Certainly, this involves some kind of correction within you of the distribution of your feminine and masculine qualities. Rebalancing is called for. The feminine births and the masculine directs. It is the river that flows and it is we humans who attempt to shape it. By all means honour the mysterious and profound workings of the goddess in creative processes; but remember that you are the vital conduit, an equal partner in shaping and producing the product which has the potential to transform the world. It is a very high calling and there is no room for false humility from you in the process. Own your part. Be strong. That way you will be astounded by the magic that you and your collaborators can bring forth this year. If you deny your part, your role, your importance, how will that honour the goddess? Hear well!

Aquarius annual horoscopeAQUARIUS: PART 1 – ‘Rites of passage’ is an incredibly fruitful notion within your life in 2016. My sense is one of you solidifying your community-based links. To me, it feels that such a community may have spiritual roots or emphasis. After an extended phase of going within and exploring aspects of your personal security, it feels like 2016 will be the year when you find a broader home amongst people that is supportive/conducive to your sensitive nature and your thought-through requirements of a stimulating and intelligent environment, within which you can ‘be yourself’. I liken this to an ecosystem of sorts. You have had to do repair work in recent times. You had likely been more isolated than you could healthily stand. But the hard yards have paid off. You have put your house in order. The foundations are laid for new ventures and especially for a new form of camaraderie that you have perhaps never experienced before. Aside from any such specific shift, there will be a number of transition points throughout the year. It will help you to see that these themes are coming. There will be a growing sense of momentum that will heighten your sense of wellbeing and personal power. Such experiences will galvanise you into striding forward boldly, because you will see clearly that your progress is natural and aligned with your highest and most noble path. Aquarius is a sign of leadership and it is no exaggeration to say that this year will effectively see you evolve into a leadership mode that you were previously insufficiently whole, to be able to integrate within yourself. There will be a ‘revolutionary’ quality to your actions within your local community. The composure and hard-earned qualities you have cultivated within yourself will be a beacon of light to your peers and significant tribe. You have always possessed a natural charisma and charm, almost angelic in presence. Others have often been so reverent that they hardly dared approach. Now, you add the common touch… the gift of putting people at ease. They look to you as somebody to aspire to. You are the light of the world!

Pisces annual horoscopePISCES: PART 1 – 2016 is a year of ‘karmic summation’ for you. You’ve explored many avenues these past couple of years and these have equipped you with new knowledge, experience and impetus. Some of your decisions were not the best but, by and large, true to yourself, you have been able to mine a rich seam of experience that is more gold than fool’s gold. At times, your actions have been extreme and arguably they have needed to be, in order to pull away from archaic structures that were hindering your forward movement. One of the key emphases of this year is re-establishing balance. Now, while this balance may APPEAR to be primarily about outward factors within your life, it is more about emotional balance and your ability to transact with other people, in close, without you losing touch with yourself. The danger in the past was of you drowning in a quagmire of feelings – unable to distinguish between you and them and whose stuff belonged to who (how to ensure that you remained healthily centred), REGARDLESS of what drama was going on around you, or what demands third parties were placing upon you. It could be that at points you have been unfair and you now realise that you did not always get the judgment call right. In such cases, if you have not had a total communication breakdown, you are quite at liberty to own that and make some sort of restitution with others, in order to restore the karmic balance. Your energy exchange with others is a key topic of your work on yourself this year. One thing is certain: New beginnings beckon within your emotional life. You no longer need to defend your territory so vigorously. You can begin to contemplate trusting again. (IMPORTANT: This means being open to receiving as well as giving). Go gently though. You’ve taken a few knocks recently and need to be kind toward yourself, above all. If you think about our common experience of the institution of marriage, you will see that it often fails to live up to its promise. Why? In truth, a marriage needs to enshrine qualities that are hard to sit at ease with in a world such as ours these days. The twin pillars of trust and loyalty have been usurped by superficial attitudes, based largely on a basic need for self-preservation and fear of loss. Easing into a space of loyalty and trust is your project this year.

These readings will be made up of two parts for each sign: i) a general themed overview for your year and ii) specific insights for each season – winter, spring, summer and autumn. Access part (ii) of my Annual Horoscope.

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  1. Jonalea Henderson-Neider
    January 17, 22:31 #1 Jonalea Henderson-Neider

    Prodigious amount of thought has gone into your look into 2016 for all Sun Signs!—and presented with excellent and sharp focus on future possibilities– as we are looking at the future we will be creating communally this year. Bravo!

  2. Kazzie Williams
    January 16, 01:06 #2 Kazzie Williams

    Astounding piece of writing Alex, I enjoyed it immensely.

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