Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3 – by Alex

Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3 – by Alex

Welcome to your Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3. The second half of the year gets coverage from a blend of astrology, tarot, runes and animal symbolism. I hope that you find this work resonant.

Writers are beginning to collaborate more than we have previously on our journeys to bring you more of the reality of “creatively promoting vitality” – which is our mission. This world needs everybody to find small ways to participate in making changes and raising the vibration within our shared humanity – where we get to leave behind the old “winners and losers” game and instead help bring about gains for each planetary inhabitant, in the way we connect and behave toward each other. Astrology and divination turn on “As Above So Below” and so if you feel there is any cosmic benevolence/guidance (I’m sure that is why you are reading now) I’m convinced you will agree that harmony and coordination appears more apparent in the wider universe than does discord. Destruction and creation seem to go hand in hand, but we believe that creation suits we humans much better! In that spirit, we promote all forms of grassroots creativity (including your own – please contact us if you have something valuable you might be able to share with the world – we are not a coterie of profit-hungry wolves.)

Here is a link to the annual parts 1 and 2 Annual Horoscopes by Alex Brocklehurst

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Here is your Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3

Aries 2018 Annual Horoscope Part Two, annual, astrology, forecast, ramARIES: When others fail to meet your needs what do you do? That equation begins in childhood and with Aries being wilful and directed, it is pretty clear that adapting is easy for you. But at what price? The Ace of Swords and cycle rune Jera, indicate that a new way of thinking and speaking are emerging over the summer. With Chiron in your sign, this makes me think of ‘speaking your wound’, rather than running from it – this will be especially in focus around 22nd September when Mercury opposes Chiron. More to the point, Dolphin admonishes you to tune into your intuition. It seems like listening to a neglected inner child is key and the sharing of playfulness with others will be a route into a new outlook. Once autumn arrives you will be ready for a new chapter. A different issue may present of being ‘seen’. You are NOT invisible. And Robin brings you the message that it is time to focus your attention outward. You are good enough and it is now time to stand as an individual, not from a place of wounding but of strength. The 9 of Pentacles and rune Gebo encourage you to share your gifts of forthrightness and clear perception with gentleness, rather than your customary steel! This is all part of moving from the personality to the soul level in your journey of personal evolution.

Taurus 2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoTAURUS: “Stick or twist?” is what they usually ask when you play pontoon. You’ve been on a relentless awareness path for many moons (Uranus having fomented much of that over seven years). You could continue. But the astrology of summer asks whether you’d prefer to be true to a more basic part of yourself (your ‘animal’ nature, if you like). You are NOT your behaviour – a mistake I think you may have been making for aeons. You can now relax and cast off many of the drivers that urged you to be better and do better. As you let go, Diving Beetle helps you cast off the restrictions of heavy emotional trips you’ve carried and become much lighter in your feelings. This will allow you to go for what you want. The 6 of Cups and Thurisaz complement The Devil in helping you free your passions from old, restrictive fantasies about how things are supposed to be. Come autumn, Seagull appears, to assist you with a clean-up operation. Seagull suggests that intellectual navigation alone will no longer suffice. You’ll need to tune into your body, feelings and sensations in response to others. What feels good, what does not and what feels neutral will be in stark relief, to guide your navigation systems toward change. Dagaz and the 2 of Cups indicate that your relationships will be revamped as a result.

Gemini 2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoGEMINI: The areas within which your ‘life force’ has been trapped, have undergone challenge for some time. Much of this has been connected to conscious choices made that allowed you to sidestep unconscious areas of historical discomfort. If you have worked with awareness you’ll have explored (and continue to) many of those old, self-imposed limits. The key challenges involved reluctance to engage groups on any meaningful level, but now you must go deeper. Uranus in Taurus and Koi Carp, work together to highlight the need to outgrow all energetic restrictions. You are healing wounds around ‘group think’ social pressures by engaging differently, but must also now ‘put your money where your mouth is’. It’s okay schooling others, but now your gift must have a more direct impact. You hold a gold coin in your hand and rune Tiwaz says you must courageously deploy it, this summer – not horde it! Once autumn dawns, Buzzard says that you must fulfil a calling to defend and protect (you’ll know what). When the Sun trines Uranus on December 20th, you’ll know what sort of revolutionary you are supposed to be. Clue: Distributive justice will figure into this equation, as indicated by the 6 of Pentacles. The rune Eihwaz shows that this is a true spiritual calling. You are almost ready.

Cancer 2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoCANCER: Newt guides you this summer with medicine which enables you to cross a metamorphic bridge – moving beyond emotion and into the polar opposite of Capricorn’s grounding energy. What you may see in any Capricorns you know, is a mirror of the possibility of transforming, while retaining a solid and reliable sense of self. Relationship partners hold a key to seeing how that works. The Judgment card suggests you get a new lease of life, free of guilt. This summer the choice is to heal your emotional susceptibilities or remain mired in the most restrictive aspects of your personality. The Ace of Wands asks for expression of the most erotic aspects of your nature, requiring participation of body AND soul. Parrot ushers in autumn and suggests that it’s time to add fresh warmth and colour to your life – moving out of ‘black and white’ outlooks. That remains a choice however and is one that is season-long. The emphasis on relationships heightens and particularly what it means to be fully yourself while immersed in otherness – an emphasis the King of Swords ushers to your door, once you encounter strong characters who challenge boundaries. Set new patterns now, involving integrity and healthy self-love. Hard work will keep you in perfect harmony!

Leo 2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoLEO: Turtle admonishes you to slow down. Your unconscious drivers have been in the front seat! Arguably, a deep-seated emotional complex has held you back by speeding up your nervous system. Relaxation is what turtle shows you. The equation to explore is that between certainty and uncertainty – steered by ancient beliefs. You appear to require ‘guarantees’ before fully opening up… but this is NOT how the world works! Thurisaz says “strength and protection are to be found in surrender”. And this is because faith must be squarely placed in yourself and your authentic process, rather than in what others are doing or appear to reflect to you about ancient fears. Processing the wound and proceeding consciously and therefore differently, augur well this summer. As autumn lands, a period begins of transcending old, self-imposed limits that will, by the end of the year, lead to a freeing up of your deepest shade of creative expression. All of this unlocks old emotional doors into a period that the 4 of Swords assures you will be one of deep rest and recuperation, largely from the toll of battling on your own, and will herald new consolations in your partnerships. Kingfisher penetrates deep into your psyche to finish the work started by Turtle and usher the first fruits of summer into maturity.

Virgo 2018 Annual Horoscope Part Two by Alex, annual, astrology, forecast, virginVIRGO: Alignment will prove vital in the second half of 2018, as well as cultivating a lighter tone (because aligning can be demanding work). The Othila rune joins the Page of Cups, hinting at a new sense of family solidarity and warmth of feeling emerging over summer. To boot, Otter is your guide, helping facilitate this new feeling tone, by rendering you more receptive both to the emotions of loved ones and your own most basic feelings. You can no longer deny how you truly feel about your wish to break free from old constraints on how you present yourself to the world. The alternative to working with Otter would be to succumb to stresses which rob you of enjoyment of your everyday experiences – the simple things you truly delight in – like the honesty of a child’s expression. This will prepare you for autumn when Crow announces that it is your place to take responsibility again. You have both wisdom and compassion and you will be called upon to support those closest to you, as they manage significant life transitions. It seems your role will involve showing people that one cannot cling to things which are passing. Life must be held onto gently. This truth will shine out for others to see and be inspired… if you let it. This will likewise free your own soul into new levels of peace.

Libra 2018 Annual Horoscope Part Two, astrology, horoscopes, annual, year ahead, glyphsLIBRA: Exhibiting power, authority and superiority in its natural environment, Shark teaches you the important lesson this summer that you must become fierce and resolute when it comes to dealing with both obstacles to your plans and the effective progressing of your opportunities. This theme merely resonates that of your major arcana card, The Emperor, for the whole year. But this summer, you have some core features of yourself (that have dogged your persistently) to face. The indecisiveness you struggle with due to overly prioritising the positions of others and seeking actual justice, must find a new vibration. The problem comes when others are elevated due to self-doubt. Heal the esteem wounds, the beliefs about your own shortcomings that always snap at your ankles like some crazed terrier! Such is absolutely central and requires access to the energy of Mars. This is not about ‘society’ and its interests but what works for you. Come autumn, Woodpecker leads you to gentle persistence and the understanding that it’s finally time to breathe life into a long dreamt of project. Utilise your vision to galvanise partners effectively and drive through the furrows that will lead to the breakthroughs you need. New beginnings and ideas beckon as you take the lead.

Scorpio 2018 Annual Horoscope Part Two, astrology, horoscopes, annual, year ahead, glyphs, scorpionSCORPIO: Partnerships are subject to considerable disruptions with Uranus in your 7th house. Thankfully, Seahorse is your totem for the summer. It ambles through the sea like The Fool (Uranus), which makes clear that your relating won’t be so much disruptive as inspirational, IF you are able to exhibit patience, contentment and generosity of spirit. In fact, your attitude to your relationships will define their future trajectory. Rigidity and any sense of boredom blamed on a partner will end badly. The Knight of Pentacles reinforces the need for patience and dedication and Laguz insists that emotional fluidity must underpin your partnering journeys. This period leads into autumn’s emphasis, ushered in by Pheasant. The Ace of Pentacles suggests that a new level of trust will be available to you – yet the Hagalaz rune makes abundantly clear that such trust will come through considerable testing. Any weaknesses will appear much more frustrating if you are not on top of your personal journey’s demands. Pheasant guide suggests that wide open spaces are required to roam free within your relating. It also teaches you to be truly open to fresh experiences and to finding comfort in connecting with new people. It’s paramount that jealousy and possessiveness are guarded against.

Sagittarius 2018 Annual Horoscope Part Two, astrology, horoscopes, annual, year ahead, glyphs, forecast, archer, bow, arrowSAGITTARIUS: As a mutable sign you can be as slippery as your summer spirit guide, Eel. This will set you in good stead. You are about to embark on a particular path which requires balance and courage and eel medicine will make you resourceful and cunning. On this particular path you are called upon to acquire new skills. The reason for this is both practical and psychological – you will acquire heightened confidence in your creative abilities in collaborations. All this will add to your wisdom, knowledge and discernment when it comes to understanding others. You are developing the capacity to be a source of powerful revelations. Others may feel a little daunted in your presence but as your guide for autumn is Owl, you can be sure that there is a role for you akin to the medicine man or woman. In this age, people need to reignite their love of stories. Stories have power! And you are now being drawn into new roles in your communities. This will help you too. You have often lacked recognition and perhaps been taken for granted at times. The good news is that toward year’s end you can begin to walk your path differently, as people recognise the significance of your knowledge and value of your roles. In turn, this will relieve you of the need to relegate your own needs.

Capricorn 2018 Annual Horoscope - Part One by Alex, annual, astrology, forecast, goat, ibexCAPRICORN: Getting in touch with your feelings and honouring them is the gift Frog brings to you this summer. As a serious, Saturn-ruled sign, and with Saturn in Capricorn, the diligence you show is finally paying off. The cost has often been being misunderstood as dour or as overly stern and impervious to fun. But Frog helps you release a burden, spoken of by the 10 of Wands, such that you can begin to travel lighter and more productively. Hagalaz suggests it to be time to seek unusual experiences that may disrupt your usual course, but which will open you to new types of interesting person. This in turn may lead to feelings you haven’t encountered before. Do not flee! Such encounters will teach you that there is more than one way to have integrity. It’s not about standards, so much as true authenticity. “To Thine own self be true”. Such experiences prepare you for autumn, when Blue Tit brings you her blessings. She brings the idea of partnering for life. So if you’ve desired that, it appears more attainable than ever before. To go deeper with a partner, remember that sometimes you must allow them to desire you, by you being a little more detached than you may be comfortable with. Perthro says this is initiation into mysteries you only ever scratched your head about before!

Aquarius 2018 Annual Horoscope - Part One by Alex, annual, astrology, forecast, water carrier, waveAQUARIUS: The thing about thinking is its capacity to lead to binaries – either/or concepts reducing life’s colours and tones into monochrome. This summer, such a logical approach to your experiences and life challenges will bring little but heartache. Thankfully, Octopus is around to assist with such matters, showing you the type of flexibility (and yet consistency) that normally would be out of reach. It seems that your patterns of thinking and perceiving have become stuck in a rut. Your need to have traditional values in place has become a sticking point. It’s time to ask where such tendencies came from, because now we’re looking at a revamp of your way of being in the world that is more open to the innovations and inventions you are capable of. Summer is a time for breaking old patterns and introducing new ones with Octopus helping you morph into your most intuitive and flexible essence. Come autumn, Pied Wagtail turns up to assist you in getting back to your roots and lightening up. This bird has a joyful spirit, reminding you to access playfulness, innocence and raw energy. Equipped with this energy and building on the lessons of Octopus, Mannaz and the 7 of Swords suggest it is time to convert your great knowledge into true understanding and wisdom – you are role model to many.

Pisces 2018 Annual Horoscope - Part One by Alex, annual, astrology, forecast, fishPISCES: Swimming uphill, against the current, is exhausting but is the essence of reversing the polarity, which is so often required for success. Salmon teaches you triumph and achievement through creativity this summer, but the type which is hard won through determination to prevail, against the traditional flow. For you, wisdom and the creative path likely require sacrifice of the traditional rewards of conformity. Salmon says “learn to live with the gift of disruptions”, for these, along with your adjustments, carry the seed of creative invention. The stealth and fluidity acquired earlier in the year, now gets harnessed and supplemented with steel. Your status rises in direct proportion to your being smart, resilient and adaptable. Real financial breakthroughs are possible by following Salmon’s lead. Preparation for moving forward culminates in autumn. The 8 of Cups and Eihwaz highlight old paths as no longer something you’re inclined to travel – a new ‘spiritual’ quest awaits – a novel direction of travel. Instead of doubting (or blaming) yourself for these changes, draw on Blackbird’s help, who reassures you that you already have answers! Look within. That which you seek already percolates there. Your creative mission launches once the Sun trines Uranus on December 20th.

Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3 - by Alex
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Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3 - by Alex
Welcome to your Annual Horoscope 2018 part 3 - by Alex. The second half of the year gets coverage from a blend of astrology, tarot, runes and animal symbolism. I hope that you find this work resonant.
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