Annual Horoscope 2016 Part Two by Alex Brocklehurst

Annual Horoscope 2016 Part Two by Alex Brocklehurst

As promised, here is the second edition of Alex’s Annual Horoscope 2016.

Aries annual horoscopeARIES: Going deeper with people can be perilous. Yet you have a window up until April, within which you can go beyond your normal limits. Actually, you can see like never before, just how closely every thing/body is connected. Under this inspiration you should consider all activities geared to the support of your fellows. Such actions will cement a turning point for you – a shift in your understanding of your personal reality, cause and effect and the nature of your personal power. At the same time, the quality of your personal relationships will be tested. As you explore the new dimensions opening up, this will test the foundations of your closest alliances. Don’t worry, it’s natural… and designed to help you focus and prepare for the next leg of the journey. Meanwhile, in career matters, it’s highly likely that old (and now quite routine) working situations, will be approaching some sort of overhaul, if not complete ending. It may well be that the values underpinning your ‘job’ are no longer in line with who you see yourself as being. Allow your experiences up until April to infuse you with a new vision of your life in a more dynamic mould. The signature for spring has been set and you now work through all the effects of transition… especially by giving sustained attention to all your accumulated, unconscious material, around ‘romantic’ relationships from being young. The maturational process (for that is what it is) outworking now, sees you healing the fragmented ideas you’ve carried for an age, which have compromised your ability to transact as a whole person in your relationships. The old, false split, of either relegating relationships to your own needs, or losing yourself and your direction/purpose when in a committed situation, is up for finally being resolved. You find the higher vibration of love as you approach summer, replacing the lower vibration – grounded as that was on ego conflict.

As Jupiter enters your relationship house and is joined by Venus, you find your relationship life beginning to benefit from all the hard work you have done over the past two seasons. Older feelings that carried more of a flavour of obsessive intensity are now transformed and replaced by more realistic feelings of attachments to loved ones. There may be not only new experiences of a radical kind awaiting you, but also new opportunities for connections with a very different type of person than your usual sort of close associate. Such encounters are coming to you to cement your understanding about what feeling truly alive is and what you REALLY want, rather than what you thought you wanted. As you head into October we see you consolidating and (in some cases) saying goodbye to old contacts, who will no longer be travelling with you on the journey. This is a phase that used to be described biblically as “separating the wheat from the chaff”. Getting to the heart of the matter, you spend autumn sifting through the quality of all you have built up to present in your life. That which remains in line with the newer emanation of you will survive (and be with you for a long time to come). Other situations and people that are not aligned to your soul purpose must be let go of and grieved for. The energy that this will release, will propel you into 2017.

Taurus annual horoscopeTAURUS: Sure, you can get lost in your head and this can give you a relentless quality. Much has changed in your life these past twelve months and further change of a considerable nature is at the threshold right now. It’s strange that you know you need to be more mellow and go with the flow, at the same time as knowing that you must have your house thoroughly in order and the foundations for any endeavor exactly right. You know too well, the consequences of being slack with your risk assessments. Until the equinox, you are dealing with explorations of new relating and living configurations that mean transition and change can threaten your basic security and well-being. This is NO illusion. Even though you have cleared much old karma away (and continue to do so), the fact is that a new set of values about shared reality and throwing yourself into all that such transactions entail, mean that you need mental clarity and must be careful to ensure that you are not inadvertently taking on board other people’s karmic/legacy material. You know that is theirs to sort and… you must ensure that they recognise and take responsibility for that. Be frank and clear but ensure you do not steamroller people – sensitivity is possible, even with crucial negotiations. Personal relating always invites a measure of disruption if it is meaningful and is geared to maturation processes. It is vital that you find balance in being fun and spontaneous. Heavy must be balanced with light. As spring arrives you may find yourself feeling quite disorientated and unclear on who you in fact are. By exploring in the way you have, deep questions have surfaced that may provoke a sort of mini-crisis. What this will force you to do is go beyond the mental level. You are to ground your feelings and your values in your body, not your mind. The mind is a tool. Finally, you reach a culmination point of the work in recent years. You begin to live from a different space of heart, not mind.

As you arrive at summer time, you continue the work you began in spring. The pace of this work increases AND its essential intensity. You are in the heart of the storm of processing your life’s karma. It really is not possible to be thoroughly and sustain-ably healthy unless you have purged the areas of life in which your life force has been tied up. Your body is NOT a machine, or a vehicle that you live in – it is a field of energy that is responsive to the essential quality of your inner conditions (even more than the outer ones). You may need assistance at this time from others who can support the process by which you ‘detox’ from all the old warped energies that drove you too intensely (for your earthly vessel) to contain. Your catharsis will involve expressing new channels for a lighter energy within you. The heaviness must be rooted out and replaced with a less driven (and more playful) way of relating (and viewing situations). The values you have taken on board in recent months around better balance, must be translated from theory into actual reality. Burning out is the endgame of the old road, if you fail to make this transition. Jupiter will help you with that in autumn and you will find that some of your old, hidden drivers will come into conscious focus for healing. The final couple of months of 2016 see you completing your transition and finally becoming the whole person, freed from your karmic pain, that you have so longed to be.

Gemini annual horoscopeGEMINI: From now until April a period of intensive new stimuli, coupled with an interest in engaging with all such stimuli is in play. There’ll be several notable conversations and interactions that will act as a catalyst to your imagination (which is extremely fertile right now) – you’ll be processing lots of information as a result. In reality, you are questing for answers that will allow you to enter the coming chapters of your life with confidence. Be aware that your feelings will be highly sensitized as you go through this process. You will be feeling quite sensitive to others but I don’t suggest you get bogged down in these feelings. The point of this next two and a half months is to get you more attuned to the true distinction between thoughts and feelings (not always clear for a Gemini). This will be an intensive review, but well worth it. As spring lands, you realise you must root out defunct beliefs by engaging in creative risk taking and really pushing those comfort buttons – this is particularly in areas that traditionally involve your roots, security and core living conditions. Much of the material seems to revolve around your mother’s early role (which may have been very heavy and pattern-setting around areas of guilt). I get the feeling that your reactions to these early disruptions are still in play, but just out of your conscious sight, as drivers of your daily life choices. Unearthing these facets of your psyche will likely happen in tandem to your exploration of the solidifying/energizing of one, or more, of your key life affiliations.

Summer looks to me to be a time of transition, as you consolidate the lessons of the first two seasons. It seems that you may be feeling restless/unsettled by the people in your life, who seem to be experts in making constant emotional demands of you! The consolation here is that you will be more than capable of asserting yourself at this time and will have more than enough energy in reserve. You may even begin a new project around now. Any such project would be a very positive expression of the energy available to you over the summer months and is well recommended/starred. There is likewise a highly unconventional energy itching to burst forth from you and be explored. Do NOT fear this energy, rather align with and express it… and see where it takes you. In autumn, the work you’ve done on yourself; the seeking of answers; the experiments with comfort and newness, all dovetail into a period of ease and FUN that you have perhaps rarely (if ever) experienced. In this particular space of ease, you see a vision of a you who is less uptight and more able to “go with the flow”. Nevertheless, your closest relationships will be issuing you with challenges to take responsibility and be conscientious. The lightness you find at this time (thanks to Jupiter moving into your solar fifth house), will help you in retaining your balance and steering a course that keeps all on the level in your relationship life. Your sense of security, now solidly grounded in yourself, will be tested by the unrealistic dreams you encounter (perhaps coming from a partner). But nowadays, you are whole… and you will be flexible enough to indulge in fantasy, without it going to your head! Toward the end of 2016 you come to realize that you have finally found your true bearings.

Cancer annual horoscopeCANCER: Can you remember a time when you just HAD the mojo? You know what I mean, when you could ‘hold’ a room with your presence. I usually do not advocate nostalgia because it can lead to living in the past. Yet in your case I’d recommend using your imagination to get in touch with a time when you definitely knew you were in the zone (with your allure). Sure, life happens and things change. We CAN lose our edge. But the real problem for you appears to be that self-doubt has crept in with several of the knocks you have received to your confidence. Up until spring you should be working at resolving this difficult state of mind you’ve got trapped in. Over the next couple of months you should beware of illusions; dreams that have helped keep you snared. There is no fantasy scenario outside of you and your actions that will arrive to ‘make it all better’. Think back to when you felt you had power. What was it about your attitude and approach to life then, which made you stand out? Work with the data you unearth, but with a greater maturity and sense that such power is only a tool, not the point of the whole show! As winter ends it is quite possible that you could have achieved a major turning point through your changed approach/viewpoint. If so, it will be time to recognise that decisive endings imply challenging new beginnings. You may feel a little disorientated by the change. My advice is to come to terms with the fact that you have been telling yourself certain stories for a long time… “I’m not this and I’m not that” etc. You have defined the walls of your own incarceration. Spring is the time to let the sunlight pour in. Open the curtains. Allow a whole new vision of yourself to emerge. The only way this will happen is if you stop telling yourself the same old lines and open up to discovering who you might truly be if you stop resisting what life wants to show you! That newness is there, waiting patiently for you.

As summer lands it becomes possible for you to imagine new adventures. You’ve hopefully done the hard yards and opened up to what life wants to flow through you. Now opportunity beckons. This is a calling that will have some bearing on your material world. Certain changes can happen only inside you as a radical shift, but usually there are implications for the way you live your life on all levels. You may find that your inner changes, the shifts in aspirations/ambition entail a changed view of your finances or material assets and whether or not they are ‘fit for purpose’, in terms of the new realities you would like to see emerging. There could be a lot of emotional residue and internal conflict coming up for you in this time of transition – because you are having to learn step by step, how to manage your inner world of feelings, as the contours of your outer world alter. You have good friends and I suggest that at this time you draw vital support from those within their number who you see are actively supporting your explorations – those resisting, are best given a wide berth for the moment. Autumn heralds a time where everything of the past three seasons comes together. This is a time for logical thinking. Pulling recent lessons together and with a renewed sense of who you are, your purpose and your joy, you are able to take charge of your life and make long overdue changes. October sees you come full circle – it is like the old ‘harvest home’. You get to taste the rewards of all your labours and to enjoy the fruits of your diligence in planting and tending the crop. I cannot kid you that this road is going to be easy! But if you submit to the necessary endings of the old, worn outlooks, EVERYTHING will transform through 2016.

Leo annual horoscopeLEO: It is fashionable to speak about ‘balance’. We all know we need it in our complex modern world, replete as it is with various challenges that can easily make us feel quite lopsided… We can certainly make enquiry as to how we achieve such equilibrium healthily and the role that other people play in our experiences of a balanced and harmonious life. The first two seasons of this year (taking you into mid-June), see important aspects of a new quest in such matters for you. The first balancing act of 2016 involves two aspects leading up to spring. The first aspect revolves around how work/life balance is calibrated and specifically how these questions are intimately related to where you live (the space, its inhabitants, the locality AND the feeling tone of each of those) – what basically amounts to your sense of security. You may have harboured fears that you are reluctant to speak about, regarding what truly makes you secure. The second aspect sees you addressing what is real and what is an illusion, when it comes to transacting with others in your personal space. That is a big question for you right now and your whole outlook on relationships is up for review. Relationships don’t just happen! We initiate them, progress them and wrestle with their implications; all the while seeking to remain centred… not easy. As you juggle new situations with significant people who have entered your life, you must be open and yet remain focused upon your OWN POWER. That is key. It is you that makes your life happen; your vocation, your relationships/friendships and your personal spaces of security and sense of home. I think it is fair to say that in the past you have zealously maintained/cultivated a carefree, light hearted and perhaps even risky way of meeting the world. That spontaneity has been a crucial release valve and yet, as we hit April, it becomes clear that you are now having to plan and prepare for a more serious phase of your existence. Crucial decisions will have to be made in several key areas of life and you will need to be in a position to play your cards, rather than holding back – this is ESPECIALLY true from around April 20th, when your material prosperity begins to look like it is strongly correlated to career crossroads and major decisions and turning points on that path.

When summer arrives it serves you well to conduct an audit around how invested you have been in your material security and whether such questions really are the essence of your requirements, or whether other matters than material are the deeper issue. Our sense of security is complex and can be a dynamic thing. At this time you will have to confront your feelings about your every day life and its current pattern. I suspect that after your review, you will conclude that everything is just as it should be and that your life is beginning to take on some of the shape you have long wished it could (in truth, this seemed hopelessly out of reach). What appears to culminate in the autumn is a long running cycle. It feels like a stunning karmic release is on the horizon. Balance is finally not only a viable prospect, but also a tangible reality. At last, you dislodge all that pent up life force that had been wasted trying to break the mould/bind of parental expectations (that paralyse so readily): “You really must secure a proper job and achieve great things in your career” – which, if you aspire to any other option, basically means “You’re not good enough”. You cast this off now; you embody your creative skin, you make it pay, you are in charge of your life and can embrace depth and seriousness. Like King Midas, you transform everything you touch. To quote U2 it’s “A Sort of Homecoming”…

Virgo annual horoscopeVIRGO: As 2016 gets into swing you are opening up to a healing process on a whole new level. This healing process is particularly focused upon how you conduct your relationships. As the Sun ingresses your opposite sign Pisces on the 19th February, the centaur planet Chiron is opposite Jupiter in your own sign and Jupiter is conjunct the North Node of the moon. This is a moment of reckoning for you. You are good at drawing lines and putting things into neat categories. Funnily enough, this method of engaging reality, while effective in making for realism and managing ‘situations’, struggles with all things which involve painting outside the lines. A lack of comfort with such things means you can try to wall off difficult feelings and shut down… go quiet. This protects you but kills any energy exchange toward the resolution of problems. Between mid February and early April, you are in a space of having to come to terms with your rigidity in such matters and a needing to shake loose. It is important because Saturn is asking some tough questions around your roots and core security and how fit for purpose they are. It seems that your loosening up lessons of 2016 will aid you in improving the quality of your interactions with those you are closest to. As April dawns, you find that realisations about your need to become lighter, mean that you (paradoxically) become more serious in tackling important concerns. It is a wise idea to focus on practical matters for three months or so and to correct imbalances that have been compromising the quality of your connections for some considerable time.

Summer brings you the opportunity to shake off some of the heaviness that your audit had brought about. It’s a good sign that you are able to be more flexible now and yet this certainly does not mean being a slave to other people’s whims. Reliable and pliable does not mean you have to be a soft touch. This season brings an opportunity for you to seek after and revel in the joy of spontaneous fun. This is true medicine to your soul and, in truth, you have sorely needed it for a long time. My feeling is that because you have worked on your emotional legacy material the responses from others will actually be more supportive than you might expect, when you suggest more spontaneity and less planning. This is certainly a chrysalis moment for you and if you use this time productively, you will look back in the future and see this summer as a pivotal point in your life course. Really push your comfort zones, is all I can really recommend. Autumn sees you make a breakthrough at work. All that inner terrain covered in previous seasons, sees you now working diligently and with clear focus and purpose around projects close to your heart. You are energised now. This especially because the person who you are really taking pride in your work for is yourself. No longer the martyr. No longer the person who has to prove to the world that they are worthy (and have a great feel for people and situations). It is no longer about showing that you understand. It is now about achievement because and ONLY because you know what you are doing, what works and what doesn’t and you are keen to see that manifest as real results. That is your true pay off – knowing that you have both the tools AND the power to bring about effective outcomes. This amounts to the culmination of years of developing your understanding. Only now, armed with greater confidence and emotional flexibility, you are able to solve problems that were out of your reach in the not-too-distant past. Step into the spotlight and enjoy the plaudits… You deserve them.

Libra annual horoscopeLIBRA: That vexed question of feelings! Thoughts you understand. Ideas and rational processes, you are at home with. But what ARE we to make of those slippery and elusive things we describe as ’emotions’? It wouldn’t be so bad if you could only understand what a feeling is. Is it a thought in disguise? How can we rely on something so vague and how can we be expected to surrender to something irrational? I have a feeling that the problem in your case is not really one of philosophy! Nope, my feeling is that frustrated wishes and dreams have dogged you for so long that you’ve actually forgotten that there was a point when feelings WERE entirely natural. But, these feelings had the character of fantasy and hopes, not something you could expect to attain in reality. These next two months or so, see you excavating that trail. There is a path of descent into your personal underworld. This may involve loss and possibly grief. My guess is that this will not be physical loss, rather the death of an old dream that has sustained you through dark times. Sad to say that this dream was never based in reality… but you WANTED it to be; desperately. It’s time to let go, so that you can begin a new adventure – one which will start in spring. Well, I say adventure, but really it is a three month voyage inward. I sense that your life has been one long exercise in so being focused on the needs of others that your truest and deepest needs and desires have never really had a chance to be heard. Worse, you have actually lost touch with what they are. Up until summer you are in an extended phases of exploring who you are. First, you HAVE to stop rushing around and make the time to get centred/grounded in your body/feelings. You must suspend your usual focus on your partners and significant folk (shutting them out if necessary) and go into a sort of hibernate mode, wherein your body and feelings can begin to speak out above the noise of the daily grind. This will mean that your psychic wound can begin to be addressed and your old dreams finally be seen as obstacles to your wholeness, rather than entry points into it.

Summer sees you begin the process of building on these new foundations and starting to assert your needs and desires, as having at least as much importance as everybody else’s. It will feel very strange operating this way, but at the same time, extremely satisfying. That is what you have been missing, the whole time you clung to your dreams. YOU are the missing piece of your jigsaw. No longer denying yourself and sacrificing for others, you have to pinch yourself that this really is your birth right. You must capture new ground boldly at this time and demand EXACTLY what you are worth… and not a penny less. There will be influences all around you trying to stuff you back into your old box. And, there WILL be moments where you seemingly are hankering after the old dreams again. Don’t worry, this is merely a shadow of the old stuff, back for a temporary visit (as long as you stick to your new found trajectory of honouring you above all else). As autumn lands, there will be several choices to distinguish between (your old dreaded scenario). You get chance now to see that the choosing was always impossible from your head. Your heart, your intuition, your grounded sense of what is aligned with who you actually are, is what will guide you into making the choices that will work best for you. That whole experience of contrast is a huge part of your journey into wholeness, as 2016 draws to a close. You start to feel truly at ease with your choices and finally find the confidence to trust your own judgment – because you now know with certainty what you need to be content. As these experiences progress, you may even find that that old, worn dream, that had to die for you to move forward, actually resurrects… not as a dream but as a tangible reality.

Scorpio annual horoscopeSCORPIO: The first two seasons of this year see you clearing away certain karmic residue that has built up throughout your life. In part 1 of your horoscope for 2016 I mentioned how we can never escape karma and that this is directly related to HOW we have built/arranged our lives and the principles that we have built upon. Pluto, your modern ruler, destroys those things which it cannot evolve into a more fitting form. You have no choice but to honour that fact… even if (as a fixed sign) it takes you an age to cotton on and begin to address matters. Until March, the niggles which have hung around, biting at your ankles, will continue to expose areas around how you transacted and the Achilles heel that this has left you with. The point is to recognise what needs remedial attention this year. Interestingly, toward the end of April, you are faced with a key question that takes you deeper than the specific question of your values and how true to them you have built. Now, the focus shifts to the question of what you actually have faith in. I cannot emphasise enough, just how important that is. I trust that you understand that your astrologer is not qualified to TELL YOU what you should have faith in! Faith is actually the outworking of your life process. The flame within you encounters reality and craves for authenticity… but it is only we who can snuff that out. So, you will benefit between now and mid-June, in getting clear on this question of what you have faith in – that is the key to all you will achieve this year. You must discover your deepest conviction and align everything you have with that. Suddenly, the old struggles will no longer look like struggles – merely old distractions, not worth the energy and attention you ever gifted them!

In late June you begin a process of ‘putting your house in order’ and this is particularly in regard to what you have discovered these past few months. There appears to be little doubt that this is going to involve some very pressing questions around who your true ‘soul family’ are. Much as you have an abundance of resilience and an ability to walk on hot coals to achieve what you truly desire, there is no doubt that you have in recent years come up against some very testing limits. The whole point of this show has been to demonstrate that “no man is an island”. Those trials were the ONLY thing guaranteed to shake you out of your pathological self-sufficiency and open up your vision to see that you are called upon simply to take up your unique part within a strong community. It’s all about the journey BUT it is even more about the folk that you are on that journey with. When you look at them and connect with them, they are the people who you KNOW must be in your life… NO doubts. You can accomplish amazing feats with the right peers and summer makes the fact plain in your sight. As autumn arrives, the emphasis shifts with Jupiter’s ingress of your solar 12th house. You have been on a quest these past couple of years to ground your ‘spirituality’. You’ve had a measure of success, no question. But now, these questions of faith you began to uncork around five months ago, come full circle and you see that you must explore how religious and disciplinarian mentalities formed you as a child and shaped this very question of what/who you really invest faith in. This twelve month Jupiter transit will prove to be a revelation. Matters which have dogged you forever, are up to be resolved. So forceful and driven have you been at times that you failed to notice certain things about the human frailties carried by others (who are NOT resilient Scorpios). There have been times when you have been a raging river and swept folk away. Now you begin to see a completely new set of values that are crucial to successful relationships… values hidden in a blind spot until now. This is the kind of turning point that happens once in a lifetime. When the Sun is in your sign this year, prepare to soak up these revelations and to be transformed by them.

Sagittarius annual horoscopeSAGITTARIUS: What might I ask, are the obstacles to you carrying a lighter energy around with you in 2016, as you mingle with the significant people in your life and within your local community? My guess is that your trust may have been injured in some way. You have lots to give but have become very cautious about and around people (who can be so unpredictable, so vicious at times). While you have a duty to protect yourself, you also have a duty not to shut down. The next two and a half months revolve around exploration of the reasons you have cut off so much of yourself from view. You may find yourself feeling considerable pain/turmoil as you explore. Yes of course, you are fine within your own skin. Yes, you are fully self-sufficient. All that, is precisely the reason why you should be sharing freely, rather than having your guard up. I strongly suspect that it has been your choices to be withdrawn and distant that have proven to be the culprits for the love and nurture you regularly lack the feeling is coming in your direction. Spring appears to be the time where you recognize that it IS available to you and where you actually make the decision to let some of it in! May is the time when you will begin to reap the benefits of your more open choices and this will do your heart incalculable good. Being loved is something we should all be able to count on and relaxing into that will suit you well.

Summer is a time where there is a very auspicious cosmic climate awaiting you. This is a time where the changes you have made offer the prospect of renewal of your energy and a fresh optimism about life’s possibilities; not to mention a whole lot of grounded joy in your experiences. This is a time of karmic reward, wherein all your perseverance, diligence and commitment to doing the right thing and having personal integrity, bring their results and possibly an opportunity for old wrongs and misunderstandings to be righted. Make no mistake, your long suffering attitude truly is due its pay back at this time. However, it is important to remember that such ‘peak experiences’ have a limited shelf life. It was good to feel a sense of vindication but as autumn arrives you must galvanise yourself again and prepare to commence a whole new cycle. There will, once again, be considerable challenges. The difference now is that you have had a real taster of the rewards of resilience and carrying yourself with grace and nobility. Circumstances beyond your control may be pressing upon you and strength of character will be required. Rest assured though that these new trials are all simply a part of seeding the pattern by which you are thrust into a new phase of your mission. Any detours are not really detours now. They should be seen as a sort of reconnaissance mission, by which you become equipped for the journey ahead. Remember too in all this that the sign of Leo is your solar 9th house. That was activated by Jupiter until last summer. You may have gone on an amazing adventure between summer 2014 and summer 2015. Just because Jupiter has moved on does not change the fact that your most self-actualized state comes when you travel, learn, meet all kinds of strange new people. That remains a key note for you as 2016 approaches its ending. Remember your fun and how you align with it. Trials are only window dressing when you are aligned with your essential life force and its flow. Bring on 2017!

Capricorn annual horoscopeCAPRICORN: Yours was the very last horoscope I wrote for this annual reading. I’ve no idea why that is… chance maybe? Perhaps! Truth is, I wanted to save you until last. To me this year you look just like a phoenix. Resurrection is a motif that we all know about from pop religion, but the phoenix carries a very different energy signature (even though the outcome is much the same). There’s a song by The Verve, which is your signature tune this year. It’s titled “Lucky Man”… Here is an excerpt “Happiness, more or less, it’s just a change in me, something in my liberty. Happiness, coming and going, I watch you look at me, watch my fever growing. I know just where I am… But how many corners do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn all the love I have is in my mind. Well, I’m a lucky man, with fire in my hands.” Yep, that’s you in 2016. Action stations it is then and particularly up until early April. You are planning and implementing and laying solid foundations for the year. in mid-spring you getting increasing opportunities to articulate your artistic vision – something whose time has well and truly arrived. Of course, you and I both know that this is very much in line with another song; this time from Michael Jackson: “Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race…”. This drive to make a difference is being heard and felt and you get a window to shout about it from late April. As we reach summer, you are pleasantly surprised about how far you have come in such a short space of time. Things are moving. Still, it is important for you to understand that as you come out of your old comfort zones and gain more confidence, archaic voices of deep-seated criticism that undermined you when you were young, will shout up and attempt to dowse the flames. “Can this really be happening to ME?” Yes, it can. But you should prepare for a tussle as you shadow box with old spectres and the parental voice that implied you’d never amount to anything and that your only role would be that of the doorman at the entrance of the party, but not actually getting invited in as a VIP. It’s important that you overcome these voices of the past – if not for your sake then for everybody else’s.

It’s amazing how our emotions can tie us to the apron strings in such a way that we fear expanding out into our world. This is what happened with you. Mother made the world a daunting place. But YOU were meant to scale mountains. Pity she failed to instil the confidence that would have got you there much sooner. Still, here you are come autumn. It’s like art and creativity and spirituality have come home to their roots, embedded at the heart of your life… just as they should be. You ARE a lucky (wo)man, with fire in your hands. That fire is an amazing gift to the world. We are seeing creative Capricorns unlocking the doors that have been rusted shut in people’s lives; sometimes for their whole life. You are now a vital part of a cultural movement that is dedicated to freeing every caged bird that can be found. It really is a good time to be a Capricorn and an even better time to know one! You should recognize above all that all the work you have done on yourself and every step you have taken to bring healing to the human race, is a direct expression of your own painful process. I’m sure you will agree that it is only right that the wounded healer receive their healing too. If you ditch the false humility this year and the poor esteem that underwrites it and actually start to believe in yourself, then that healing you always sought for yourself by helping others, will FINALLY wing its way home. Hear well and know that you are worthy of it.

Aquarius annual horoscopeAQUARIUS: Going deeper is the theme for you up until autumn – deeper with all your significant connections. Up until spring, your significant planets make aspects that suggest that you are exploring the true nature of warmth and connection in your most cherished relationships. You will see clearly that responsibilities and obligations are NOT a burden when you are in authentic situations that are rewarding (because they embody meaningful communication). Demands never sit well with you and as a result you have, in the past, often mistaken responsibilities, obligations and especially expectations as a prison that you simply must avoid at all costs. Starting in early March you begin to see your old guardedness for what it is… and to be able to notice the alternative. Going deeper is no longer to be viewed with deep suspicion and greater depth no longer need feel like an unattainable ideal. It seems you used to wary of the claims of others. The shift is essentially that you see now that you must continually choose your freedom AND that you do this by refusing to fall into comfort zones because of ideals about love. No, you recognize now that seeking new experiences is the driver which continually makes life feel fresh, rather than stale. Your key partners understand this too and so once spring arrives, you enter into a season of potential soul-union that will prove truly liberating for all concerned. So freeing will this feel that you must only guard against assuming that you have reached a mountain top that you can permanently reside on! You can’t, but enjoy it and learn to value it as a gift that may ebb and flow – right now it is flowing. Avoid entering a bubble but instead continue to embark on adventures and MAKE things happen. All your questing in the first half of the year will mean that come summer, you will be asking some fundamental questions about your truest source of security – does it come essentially from your relationship to people or to things? Or is it really about the experiences you must have? What do you truly need to make life worthwhile? Certainly, in the past, this was simply an interior exercise. Now, you see that it is related to the depth of your connections and your courage in embracing them as a free person.

As autumn arrives, and Jupiter moves into your solar ninth house, the culmination of your going deeper finds expression in you achieving that fine balance between the demands placed upon you by those close associates, who are relying on you in significant ways, and your ability to fully honour your own emotional needs and right to personal autonomy and self-definition. You are more in touch with your personal truth than ever before. I think it is probably fair to say that this is a pinnacle moment in your understanding of the true nature of your freedom. While you LOVE tradition, your participation in it must always be voluntary. At last, you are able to integrate your notions of freedom and of responsibility. You now see that they are NOT mutually exclusive. You begin to discover oceans of freedom in the experiencing of your responsibilities. It looks very much to me as if your preparation to become the “light of the world”, in the Age of Aquarius, no longer feels like a dreadful prison term, but instead rapidly approaches completion, as the world hurtles toward 2017.

Pisces annual horoscopePISCES: We all understand Pisces is a sign which prizes connection, union and merging. It is so liberating to lose oneself and yet, at the same time, so potentially perilous. Yet you LOVE that risk and positively seek it as some sort of holy grail! I don’t think that is any kind of flaw, even if others do break out into a cold sweat at the prospect. The opportunity presenting itself to you up until late March, is one of seeing and recognizing (perhaps for the first time) that specialness within a relationship ‘contract’ is not really about an ideal of ‘romance’ but actually is very broadly defined, in terms of shared values, friendship, a shared community and shared responsibilities. You of course realize that these things are true, but I suspect you have failed to realise (in your past liaisons) just how crucial/pivotal they are to your sense of having a relationship that works well for you. It seems to me that your desire to be ‘as one’ with a significant other has skewed your choices in practice, such that they have proven less than wise! As you embrace a new set of relationship values, as we enter spring, it becomes clear that there will be considerable disruptions to your way of life on the material plane. This will doubtless feel alien at first, until you make the required adjustments to a new way of transacting with a (possibly new) significant other. This is really an extended phase of working out where your personal boundary begins and ends, once you are in close with another person. For you, unlike in the past, the change in view through relating, involves more ‘learning the dance’ than engaging in a perpetual tug-of-war! It is important that you see this new way of relating not as some novel phase that may depart just as quickly as it arrived, but as an exercise in maturation; wherein you accept self-regulation as your personal responsibility – a responsibility that is just as important as that felt toward one’s children, or one’s job.

As summer arrives, the work you have done on your relationships, progresses into you wrestling with deep matters of the balance needed between being flexible/free and resilient/dependable. By mid-August it becomes clear that your relationship life is on the verge of progressing to the next level and the work you have done on broadening your values, applying them differently and seeing partnership in a less black and white light, will begin to bear significant fruit. These are foundations you can finally begin to trust and a new sort of building is now squarely in view. Don’t make the mistake of believing that there will not be challenges at this time. There will. Please be aware that the fact that you are confronting these challenges is NOT evidence of cracks, but is actually evidence of growth (at least it is, as long as you do not knee-jerk in noticing similarities to patterns of the past that could lead you into self-sabotage – this time things CAN be different… and that is down to you). Above all, do not indulge any insecurities that seem to arise from nowhere within you. It would be a mistake to project phantoms from your past onto your partner at this time. Instead, deal with the feelings arising, by recognizing that your lover is not your property and that your relationship is not about ownership. If you can learn to embrace freedom, all shall be well. Autumn, in fact, sees you rebirth like butterfly from caterpillar. Now, you can finally meet the world with much greater composure and faith in your partner, because you have found true faith in yourself and the higher plane of emotional maturity that has been calling to you for some time. You are no longer defined by your relationships – they merely added a beautiful dimension to who you truly are.

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