A Year Foraging In The Wild Larder

A Year Foraging In The Wild Larder

I want to take you on a journey of a year foraging in the wild larder

I have captured some photos from my adventures of foraging in the wild. So, can I tempt you to come walking, come looking, come realising, that bountiful gifts are everywhere on our doorsteps. I invite you to join me, from the high rise inner city flat, the down town terrace, from suburbia and country cottages, the shop doorway, or the converted van, the journey could be on your doorstep, the back lane, the urban edges, woods, seashore or meadow, whatever your accessible landscape, we shall uncover its gifts and grow relationships. The journey can be made without a penny in our pocket, just an open mind, a sense of exploration and respect for the natural ones we encounter.

Foraging in the wild larder

Chestnut and walnut loaf

We shall forage, discover and feast on natures best, learn to fill our larders and bellies full of goodness and vitality, become acquainted with our indigenous roots, establishing a sense of place, pride and security with learning the knowledge of foraging, nothing new, we will simply be re-sharing an age old practise.

Foraging in the wild larder

Wild fry up

The  Winter Solstice has brought the year full circle, and in these darker days, it is good to reflect back and plan forward, I share here with you a snap shot of a full year of foraging, and as the everlasting circle moves through its paces, month by month in 2017, I shall share many delights, exploring, building and re-establishing our wild relationships along with your good company.

Foraging in the wild larder

Beech leaf Noyau, Liqueur

I live in South Devon UK, which has a mild maritime climate, so as a rule, it is a few weeks ahead, in regards to plant growth, which is ideal, as I can give our more northerly readers, the heads up in advance of what to look out for, in the wild food calendar. Did you know that there are over 20,000 edible plants on planet earth and yet we eat, in the main barely 20 in our everyday diets, so you can guess I often get quite bewildered by the comment, what do you eat, for the choice is so vast and I am learning all the time.

Foraging in the wild larder

Super tasty sandwich

I have named this series a “Wild relationship” for that is an essential ingredient to cultivate, before even plucking a single leaf, the depths of human abuse of nature is dire, we must first learn gratitude, respect, nature is not simply our commodity, but life itself for all who share this planet, and her downfall is also ours, we surely must not carry on, being complicit in our own downfall through greed and ignorance, no no, we must stop that folly urgently.

Foraging in the wild larder

Spring Equinox Cookies

So we will tread carefully, never picking the first or the last, observing  and interacting, asking permission, dissolving the boundaries that have lock the wild from our daily lives, bit by bit we will fall in love and gasp at her/his/its beauty, a love that cares and can never be abusive, we will exchange our gifts, nature giving us food, health, shelter, beauty, clean air and in return we will/must offer wise stewardship, protection and indulge in the pure joy of a happy interactive relationship.

Foraging in the wild larder

Seaweed and wild seed bread

Tips, recipes, identification, joy, fun, walking, talking, eating, swimming and growing our wild relationship, will be a pleasure shared with you. Take a look at this taster of snap shots and come back here if you are curious, for a deeper month by month in-depths look, as nature pops her head up to say hello through the year, it will be a journey that is sweet, bitter, raw, bursting with abundance, character and flavour, but never boring, nature does not do dull, we will leave dull in the supermarket aisle.


Foraging in the wild larder

Making a wild pesto

With the dark days of 2016 pulling to a close let me leave you with a thought of wild cherry blossom, for as sure as winter passes so will spring reappear and flower once more.

Foraging in the wild larder

Cherry blossom cordial

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  1. Sharon Pavey
    January 02, 12:22 #1 Sharon Pavey

    Thanks Paula – I’ve always wanted to know more about hedgerow edibles so looking forward to reading more in 2017. Great idea for a blog.

  2. Paula Hermes
    December 23, 22:48 #2 Paula Hermes

    Thank you Alex, may I add that coming here, I found your readings and they really resonated with me, I will be recommending and sharing.

  3. Alex Brocklehurst
    December 23, 22:13 #3 Alex Brocklehurst

    Very poetic, yet highly informative and colourful. Thanks Paula!

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