2017 Year Ahead Horoscope – Part Two: By Alex

2017 Year Ahead Horoscope – Part Two:  By Alex

Welcome to your 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope – Part Two

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Numerologically, 2016 was a nine year (add 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). That is a year of ending cycles and 2017 adds up to ten, which is a 1 + 0 year = 1. That means new cycles following the endings of the past year and also drive and purpose. This effectively will be a seeding year, where patterns will be set for the future. Keep that at the forefront of your mind! We saw graphically with David Bowie and Alan Rickman at the start of 2016 and George Michael and Carrie Fisher at the end of it, that culminations in the form of high profile, celebrity deaths was thematic. These things do shock us to the core because, while not known personally by us, these characters are culturally iconic. They are in our collective imaginations. The tree of life is shaken, when deaths in such a pattern unite our consciousness – and that is what these shared experiences do to us. We mourn the loss of something that has left an indelible mark upon each one of us. But let’s not look back too much! Out of death and ashes, vitality and new possibilities inevitably arise. The message seems to be one of “who, or what, will fill the void?” And, as we noted politically in 2016 with global trends and shifts, a vacuum is often left once old institutions and the stories, histories, power struggles and social impacts they carry, pass away. A more pressing question for each of us might be “What shall I do about such changes?” Let’s take a look at the broad picture on such questions, in terms of our common/shared experience on terra firma in 2017, before we get to your personal forecast for the year.

Jupiter in Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries is the big aspect for this year, taking us almost to October. The basic idea revolves around whether the individual and their specific freedoms of expression, takes precedence over relational factors (such as fairness and harmony) with both our closest allies and those who might offer up the most conflict to our personal life orientation. In political terms, such would include notions such as “east meets west” or “cold war”. This year, both people like you and I and politicians, face getting clear with these persistent challenges on the harmony/hostility axis. The self vs other conundrum is writ large and a high school ethics course won’t prepare us to face it. Stated simply, the calling this year is for us to transition from a model of “me or you” to one of “me and you” – the same goes for nation states. This is a question of values and how we prioritise them. And, over time (especially recent times), we’ve begun to find it undeniable that ideas and beliefs about such matters are insufficient. True responsibility involves specific, material questions, about living conditions and the basic satisfactoriness of personal and collective experience. Such questions can be boiled down to having a sense of security in our world(s). Add into the Jupiter/Uranus mix that of Jupiter/Pluto (which are in square aspect on both March 30th and August 4th) and we note a tension between our interpersonal/international aspirations and the transformative forces that have been reshaping the social, cultural and economic landscape since 2008. Our personal choices in our families and nations, to be both uniquely free but also honouring of our social and global context, seem somewhat constrained by forces and agendas that drag us in a different direction. This means that choices between peace and war aren’t simply a matter of what we feel we want. Who, or what, is setting the agenda? And are we either acting consciously, or merely reacting to the ways our lives are being continually shaped by outside forces?

Sometimes, it may feel as if we are merely bystanders, unable to influence much. But we can certainly make choices in the light of what we cannot change. Whether it be in Europe, the United States or anywhere else during 2017, we can all make decisions about whether ‘I’ am my nation, my nation comes before all else, or my global and cross-cultural allegiances transcend my nationality, or personal freedoms. Clearly, all aspects are valid re individuality, nation and world, but each of us must come to our own position on which configuration of priorities is right for ourselves and how that gels with the position of every other person/nation/institution on the planet. Clearly, the pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit camps polarised and exchanged vitriol in 2016, as did the Trump and Clinton campaigns and devotees. These tensions rumble on, and in 2017 we benefit from seeing that the astrology asks us to resolve these polarities into something more harmonious, less divisive. January is a potential breakthrough month in such matters. Donald Trump will seemingly take up office on the 20th and, as Bernie Sanders mentioned in his campaign, one man or woman alone cannot, even as president, shape the whole of government as it engages big business and corporate agendas.

We must work together, rather than being divided. The astrology suggests that developing the capacity for nurture and positive interpersonal relating is key for the year’s foundations in January. In February, Jupiter goes retrograde on the 6th, (until June the 9th) and there are lunar and solar eclipses on the 10th and 26th. The shift of Jupiter suggests a period of creeping doubts and uncertainties about all our relating (both interpersonal and international). This may create a vacuum effect, wherein the more maverick approaches we are seeing politically of late, go into overdrive and there is an unpredictability that feels somewhat destabilising. Hold fast! This is common with transition. See this as leaving something behind that needs leaving, rather than as heralding a dread of choppy waters. The degree of success you have with this will be a measure of your growth into prudence and remaining grounded. There will be fairly frantic changes (at pace), which will bring significant resistances from many quarters, both in citizens and public/authority figures. Remember, just because something felt comfortable, this does not mean it was right. It is an act of courage to move forward notwithstanding your fears. The lunar eclipse especially, suggests that how we manage our emotions and react to incidents within our experience, is in the spotlight. When we are reactive and in the lower aspect of ourselves, we are less creative and less generous of spirit.

The message for planetary inhabitants writ large is that it is now time to step up into a higher vibration of living on our globe – and into a more definite focus on cooperation at all levels, in order to generate constructive and sustainable solutions to our shared problems. Watch carefully in March, as the political scenarios unfold. Learn to read between the lines and see the messages you are given through the media, more clearly. Above all, start meaningful conversations with others – our collective future wellbeing will hinge on people beginning to transact with each other more meaningfully, based more on discernment and a willingness to face tough questions. A commitment actually to listen and meet others somewhere in the middle (mediation when formal) is key. We need conciliation now, in order to heal deep wounds of division, sown this past decade and especially this past year.

In spring, if we can learn how to move beyond our strategies of denial and complacency (and maybe even sense of anger and injustice with the world), we can travel through a gateway and into a new relationship to the loftier aspects of our nature and our unique, creative possibilities for living a rewarding life. Be aware that this may take on a ‘spiritual’ quality. We are talking of anything but religion here. The principle is really “as above, so below”. The point of going on a path of growth is not so we get brownie points for being ‘spiritual’, but rather that we learn to align with what is the case in our lives, come to terms with the fact that we are mortal and decide to adopt a constructive approach to our limited tenure on the planet. This is a time, as summer dawns, where we can enter into a sort of healing meeting with ourselves and bring two aspects of self-orientation and world-orientation into synthesis. The healing of one, can spark the healing of all. This is not simply a dream. It starts and ends with you. And, as you find the courage to become true to your most basic nature and get real, you correspondingly find it much easier to connect lovingly and meaningfully with all those you have to deal with. The end point of such a process is much preferable to the alternative. Let it be said right now that this may involve you embracing challenging new perspectives, perhaps completely alien to what you may have considered before. In truth, the nightmare is much more scary than the actual state of play. And this offers us hope. The theme of summer is definitely one of learning to compromise. We can no longer indulge power plays, to “win at all costs”. Every time we create losers, we store up problems for the longer term. The mentality has to change and this summer I’d recommend you actively engage in projects in your locality that revolve around fixing social problems. Maybe you didn’t create these situations. But saying “not my issue” is failing to take responsibility for your world. As you step up, others find incentive to do likewise. A people movement is possible – one that is capable of reversing years of decline, through which we chose to give our power to those who promised to look after us, but never were going to deliver. Looking after others will be the call that must replace this dream of ‘being looked after’ – whether your parents are alive or not.

In autumn, Jupiter opposes Uranus again and we now find ourselves in a position of decisively transitioning from the old, ego-based, culture of entitlement and toward a kinder and more tolerant feeling within the world. This will involve not only your relationships and locality, but also will be seen as a thawing within the international arena. A climate change that is not about the weather, but instead about the sense of warmth in the world around us, shows clear green shoots of possibility – offering true security for every planetary inhabitant and our ecosystem too. Basically, many people have been drifting, within western society. They have been lacking a clear sense of purpose and direction. A new spirit of constructive social change across governments and a new sense of optimism in people, offers promise of greater fulfilment for all. This is a choice that must be made consciously and with a clear understanding that we cannot continue living in a bubble, as if even our next door neighbours did not exist.

From October to December, both Jupiter and Saturn change signs. This is symbolic of a shift being completed that speaks of moving deeper into our connections, having laid durable foundations, having found ourselves on a level inconceivable in the past and finally being ready to make responsibility something truly tangible. This is like the ultimate grounding of spirituality. We all walk around in bodies and that is the bottom line. The physicality of humans and animals and the very Earth, is what we begin to honour in a new way toward the end of 2017. What supports me, requires my honour, integrity and devotion. The freeing of our species from many of the chains (which nefarious forces have been shackling us with increasingly, for decades), is possible now, because psychological, social, cultural, spiritual and political shifts are finally all aligning. But do not be complacent. These things are stirring. But just like I pointed out in 2016’s reading, this story requires your participation. So, will you step up? The rewards will be worth it… for everyone.

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Enjoy your 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope – Part Two, Alex

Aries - 2017 Year ahead horoscope - part twoARIES: You can be so very matter of fact. It is great that you are direct and “no nonsense”, but a by-product of such an energy is some (at times) unpleasant consequences of others feeling the steam-roller effect! If only we all found it simple to separate our basic drives and actions from some of these (mostly) unintended consequences. You always face that dilemma of choosing somebody passive, so you get less kickback (but then you can get irritated about their lack of fight), or choosing a more feisty person, who likely restrains your forward impulse, but keeps you on your toes and energised. How these energies are handled by others during our childhood is vital to our resolving of such tensions, rather than them being a constant bane. This no nonsense energy in childhood, often gets managed overbearingly and without much nurture or understanding. From March until October you will be balancing out this karma. The two eclipses in February are preparation for this, as you begin unearthing the ways in which this bind has forced you down paths of conflict and confrontation unnecessarily, as a pattern. This history can make you appear quite a rigid person, giving you an air of “why ask a lesser mortal when I can do it myself?” This can create a loneliness on the inside. My suggestion is to begin seeing yourself as somebody who, first of all, is partnering with the cosmos – which is to say, serving a higher purpose than simply ‘being right’.

I suspect you will also be rooting out some dreamy ideals and “if onlys” during February. The point is to reintroduce you to fun as a counterbalance to too much seriousness and perhaps an intensity that goes with it. Playfulness, tenderness and nurture all sit down together at the same table, my friend. And, as you begin to embrace changes in these areas, you will find that as Jupiter changes direction on June 9th and healing Centaur Chiron changes course on July 1st, the responses of people toward your energies will begin to shift. It’s that missing element of nurture when a child, you see! Find it and the compassion it always harbours, and you will find summer to be a huge breakthrough time. This cosmic design ensures that, as autumn lands, the old territory can be left behind for pastures new. What this period of preparation will mean for you, is that when Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th, you’ll be ready to step forward into your relationships (not just the ‘romantic’ ones) with a much greater prospect of them being deeply rewarding, rather than simply something that you must manage all the time. And all this is going to free much life force energy for you. The result will be (speaking again of unintended consequences) that, repair work done, Saturn entering into its own sign of rulership (Capricorn) just before the winter solstice, will herald a whole new chapter in your life’s vocation. But that instalment of your story awaits the telling in 2018!

Taurus - 2017 Year ahead horoscope - part twoTAURUS: Oh how you have tended to lose yourself in your relationships. Several factors are in play and you may believe that this is just about the history of your intimate partnerships. Well, it goes back further than that. Often, our first forays into partnering are shaped by something more primal. And for you, in 2017, you get a close-up of what that has been about. The lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10th, prepares you for your ruling planet Venus going retrograde on March 4th, until April 15th (just four days before the Sun enters your sign). There’s a message in that particular eclipse about you feeling visible and resolving a wound in that area (finally). This likely made being in your true skin difficult, as you perhaps watched parental dynamics and role relationships shape your life direction for you. The choice between being either needy, or competent, was perhaps rather hopelessly polarised into one or the other. This can lead to trust issues, because you cannot feel your way very easily into learning to trust either you or them! It could be the case that some ‘event’ or situation, propels you into confronting such matters, involving a key element of your work/life balance; one which could transform the stability of your daily routines. And, as you evaluate some of these facets of your life between mid-February and mid-April, you may find yourself enduring some tough moments in your inner world. The desire to experience relationship as ‘the protective womb’ and all your strategies to preserve that, are coming under a sort of sustained assault. By late May, you will have been able to make the adjustments needed. As background issues are placed in proper perspective and the connection to your basic needs worked through, by the time summer arrives, you will be able to begin making concrete changes that clarify your state of mind… and your plans.

The solar eclipse in Leo, on August 21st, announces the new beginnings for your personal sense of wellbeing and security on the planet that you’ve been hankering after for many a year. Saturn, Lord of Karma, who had been in apparent reverse direction since April 6th in your house of deep commitments and contracts, begins to move forward again just four days after the eclipse on August 25th – and this shift heralds a three and a half month consolidation of your most meaningful liaisons, giving them a shape and a structure that has, in truth, not been achievable until this year’s processing of the psychological complex underlying your trust issues. Jupiter entering your opposite sign on October 10th, moves the focus away from everyday life and health issues, (now somewhat addressed) and toward an expansive and extended period of rewarding relating. This will give you a boost because essentially you’ve always been restless, for lacking the stability you’ve needed. As Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19th, finally the values that underpin your Taurean nature, find opportunity for expression. From that time onwards, commitments will, in a sustainable way, begin to feel more like liberation than imprisonment.

Gemini - 2017 Year ahead horoscope - part twoGEMINI: Perhaps you have long held strong values in your head, when really these were born from your guts. These values may have been seen by others as forceful opinions, particularly since you are such a cerebral sign and many see everything you do as coming from your keen mind. But you do have guts and you do have passion. It seems that the lunar eclipse of February 10th constitutes a calling to begin expressing your values with passion, more than calm detachment. It seems that such is preparation for a new dimension to your ‘career’ path. What this looks like early in 2017, is you grasping the importance of connection and surrender as passionate expressions of human vitality. Why would that matter to you? Probably because it is a missing ingredient of authentic humanity, in a world that has become too clinical, sterile and formulaic. In this regard, you’re on a mission. What Jupiter opposite Uranus encapsulates for you between early March and late September, is a phase that first of all sees you reviewing your creative orientation in life and your output, by stripping things right back. This may be because you are questioning the balance between creativity and productivity in principle, as well as your experience. My feeling is that you are learning something crucial about the idea of creative connections – and this is likely going to involve meeting radically new types of collaborator.

As summer lands, you will begin to find your own creative bearings again in the face of considerable, fast track transition. Some of the people you thought you’d maybe left behind will make a reappearance in a different guise. They’ll be the same, but you will be viewing their role in your life in a radically different way… and this will be a life lesson that liberates you from some antiquated notions and the pigeon holes you sometimes place folk in. The solar eclipse in Leo in August, coming six months after the lunar eclipse there, heralds a new beginning of grounding your passionately held values within your locality. That word ‘locality’ is huge. You are now equipped with connections that help you transform your neighbourhood, so be very careful that you are living exactly where you should be – because that is where your creative ‘tyre hits the road’. You may be doing great things in cyberspace and you may have fantastic global connections but local is your new vocation. In truth, all real change only ever happens there – and local transformation is the focus. We’re not talking writing a bestseller here! This whole process amounts to an act of devotion to transforming the structures of your neighbourhood to make them more fit for human living. Just to add that this is more cultural than architectural. As autumn unfolds, the details come into much clearer focus and you get a strong sense of direction that takes you away from the big idea or picture, and into the nuts and bolts of how local transformation happens. By year end, this is all moving like clockwork.

Cancer - 2017 Year ahead horoscope - part twoCANCER: Self-esteem is a huge theme for you in 2017. And that specific drama is playing out between February and August, in particular. This seems to be manifesting as a dilemma about how you identify and/or take your unique ‘vocational’ skills and translate them into an everyday reality that provides structure and containment, aka livelihood. But really, from where I’m sitting, it looks like you’ve long entertained doubts about your ability to be truly self-sufficient and well established financially and ideas that partnering is the way out of that hole. But let us begin somewhere else than the relational. The idea of the ‘material’ will repay careful study, in the context of your fears this year, Cancer. You see, ‘spiritual’ you have little difficulty with and neither with ideas of the ‘higher self’. Well, how about trying “as above so below” on for size! The two eclipses influencing your solar second house of Leo over six months, suggest that there is a shift taking place within you. You seem to have been switching between desiring material abundance and feeling guilt about that. If you can’t achieve it yourself then you don’t want it… except, you do! But it may be too crass to admit, eh. In the context of your partnerships (these could be business as well as pleasure), the eclipses suggest that your head has likely told you you’ll not be able to ‘go it alone’, but your feelings have said you must. This tension needs addressing in the first half of the year. Has their been too much scarcity in your past? And perhaps too much lack of trust? It’s time to stop seeing this as an either/or. As August arrives you will have been able to integrate the polarity and resolve the confusion.

Of course, there are times when everyone wishes to be looked after and it is important never to deny the validity of those feelings. Security needs must of course be met, yet we do not always have to supply these ourselves. Once you get comfortable with moving beyond the baggage of the years in these areas, you will be able to put things in the right boxes and dispense with the plaguing guilt. What this will mean in October, once Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th, is that you will experience a sort of release from the expectations you have placed yourself under. In turn, this will make it easier for your creative mojo to flow, unimpeded by old energy blocks around ‘woulds, coulds and shoulds’. No external conditions or constraints need hold you back in the last quarter of the year. Chiron, which had been retrograde in your solar 9th house of core spiritual values, since July 1st, goes direct on December 5th. You begin to see now that everything you turn your hand to in a productive sense, is contributing to the larger story of “we are in this together”. You can stop ‘keeping score’ now and as Saturn enters your relationship house until 2020, you can look forward to consolidating your gains via a more solid experience of intimacy that replaces all those old, old struggles and fears.

Leo - 2017 Year ahead horoscope - part twoLEO: How are your experiences at this time of your life, challenging your values? And what might you need to let go of, to make room for the new? Eclipses symbolise endings and beginnings and the span of time between eclipses can feel like it is magnified, or an especially significant period. And what seems like it might be ending for you is a certain, persistent way, of seeing the world and therefore navigating it. How you invest in relationships in view of how you feel about yourself, is under the spotlight starting in mid-February. The drive to individuate is being confronted by a need to focus on others, but not in such a way as to honour them at the expense of your own feelings. This might have been your personal, ever present, ‘elephant in the room’. Honour your own feelings, as a very definite resolution this year, but recognise that your project of becoming more whole must not unbalance your commitment to your immediate community. As you gradually allow feelings you may have suppressed or denied to come back into your conscious frame, you will find it becomes easier to acknowledge the legitimacy and importance of your own needs. Then you have the prospect of ceasing the game of pushing others away before they have chance to neglect or thwart you. This is BIG for you in 2017; the breakthrough issue, which, if you are honest and persistent in keeping on top of it, will lead to a palpable sense of being reborn toward the back end of August.

All the while that you are recalibrating your sense of self by allowing feelings and needs to resurface, Chiron in your solar 8th house is leading you to review the bases upon which some of your deepest commitments have been built in the past, with the implicit notion that when you re-emerge from its retrograde period (stretching from July 1st until December 5th) you will have been prepared with awareness to be able to rectify faulty ways of transacting on the deepest levels, whilst in close. Jupiter entering Scorpio in mid-October will likewise support you in reworking your sense of your inner sanctum and security, as it relates to shared foundations with those physically closest into your daily life. Having reworked both yourself and the sense of your roots, as Saturn leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn just before the winter solstice, you will begin a just over two year stretch of establishing and carrying a level of responsibility in your everyday life that would likely have been overwhelming, had you not prepared for it through the eclipse season and via the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. You may not relish this prediction of hard graft, but I can promise you that its yield will be the reaping of rewards when your time arrives for greater public exposure to your work/efforts, from early 2020. In a nutshell, this is a maturation process and your treasure will ultimately turn out to be a rock-like sense of wellbeing in what are set to become increasingly uncertain times – a priceless end result!

Virgo - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoVIRGO: What’s the worst that could happen? So much is outside of our control – you know that. You are the quintessential realist, most likely to adjust to what is. Yet this leaves you susceptible to uncertainty. Once something has manifested, you are one of the best around at adjusting to it… and you do a lot of that! 2017 gives you an extended look at your fears. This is important because only your fears ever held you back. The lunar eclipse of February 10th and the solar eclipse of August 21st, are bookends of a time frame within which you learn something about your deepest fears and a little about how they got installed there. It seems to me that part of your conditioning was akin to the protestant work ethic – which suggested that hard work and diligence are rewarded by the fruits of said labours. You may well have grown up in such an environment, where caregivers lived as if this were gospel. But what motivated such a belief system? Was it driven by ‘the evidence’? Or was it instead spawned from an earlier experience of lack and uncertainty that led to a relentless fear around ‘keeping the wolf from the door’? Everything looks so plausible and calm, but underneath there is turmoil and agitation. You are exploring such a complex into summer and will likely have several experiences plunging you into this old, unconscious ocean, of influences. As September arrives, you’ll be ready for a new ‘start’ re looking at life’s opportunities and challenges, because you have got to the core issues and processed them.

An important background theme is provided by the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, which takes you through into autumn. This looks very much like a shake up within your deepest connections around the issues of resources and finances and who provides what, along with all the attendant power issues. This too can touch on core fears around security and resource and your own capabilities and contributions in said areas. This will certainly be testing for your relationships. Perhaps, as you finally stop embroidering your fears and begin to take direct action to remedy unsatisfactory situations within your personal financial circumstances, your confidence will begin to grow. Certainly, when Jupiter begins to move forward through Libra again on June 9th, you will be positioned to enjoy a greater sense of fair play and reward in your financial situation. In turn, any new confidence will help you understand some of the ways in which your fears have both limited you and hindered the material opportunities of partners. You will have realisations and all these changes starting at the outset of July will lead to a five month period of repair work in your key partnership situations. Moreover, this will improve your sense of security in your home situation. You are changing fundamentally, by moving beyond primitive fears and, as Saturn moves into your solar 5th house on December 19th, you are being made ready to tackle all the old ‘stuff’ which prevented you from having a truly, emotionally satisfying life. 2017=rite of passage. No fear, you are ready.

Libra - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoLIBRA: We noted in part one of your reading that 2017 is a year to leave behind being ‘servile’ to others’ needs. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition hints at how, in recent years, alternative types of relationship experience have offered a way for you to “down tools” from this role you seem to have fallen into so naturally, so long ago. It’s almost as if you’ve only been able to assert yourself when you’ve had no real, personal investment, in a given situation. Tough when nothing is at stake is easy and counts as a form of compensatory bravado! The payoff there is looking less vulnerable than you actually feel – but those with savvy know where you are at – and that’s because they care enough to be interested. Okay, so where does struggling to assert yourself in relationship, come from? Well, Libra certainly requires the relational aspect of life to balance out, but the drive to assert flies contrary to your nature (and so you can attract a lot of ‘less than savoury’ assertive types). Consequently, frustrated anger can come out in different areas, or through use of indirect methods and behaviours. It really doesn’t help that your basic approach to life is idealistic! (Your house of practical life details is Pisces). Your ruler, Venus, retrograding into Pisces from Aries on April 2nd (building on the solar eclipse there on February 26th), suggests that this year, endings and beginnings revolve around getting practical and grounding all those dreams you’ve entertained for so long.

Everything can change for you this year, once the past is jettisoned and finally you come to understand that you are irreducibly what you DO. It bodes well for you in this regard that healing centaur planet, Chiron, will be in the mix in retrograde motion (in that sixth house you need to bring conscious attention to for the reworking in view) from July the 1st until December the 5th. As you give your undivided attention to dealing with the wound of habitually manifesting almost pathological passivity you will, in gaining a sense of your own decisive power and right to full respect while sat at the table with others, find as autumn lands that your material reality will become more expansive (Jupiter moving into Scorpio on October 10th), in line with your new focus, as well as your home life starting to feel more stable and in order, as Saturn enters your solar 4th house on December 19th. Now that you have turned your basic attitude to life, more into achieving your goals than ‘making do and mend’ and vicariously supporting others to attain their dreams and aspirations, you really set the scene for both a consolidation of what is important in your home life (well into 2020) and expansion of all those opportunities that are there to make your daily experiences on Earth, truly worthwhile.

Scorpio - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoSCORPIO: It’s important to you that your home should be a healthy and functional space to contain your model of family, but this is sometimes at odds with ‘the world out there’. Of course, Scorpio’s need for control is legendary. Why is that? Well, it seems to me that it comes off as control, but it is largely about containment. Think of Plutonium (Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio) and how it needs pressure containment in concrete reactors to prevent explosion and meltdown and therefore to allow constructive channelling of potentially wildly destructive energy. You can control the home more than you can control the world and shape it more readily. The two Leo eclipses on February 10th and August 21st, suggest a shift from the tension between feeling at home and being ‘out there’ and into a new lease of life when it comes to your true vocation. Sometimes, you can distract yourself from apathy and boredom by keeping madly busy, so as not to notice angst on the inside – you can even turn that into a religion! But this year, you get to see that many forms of ‘comfort’ actually lead to restlessness. There is an energy in you that needs to be expressed properly. In part one of your reading we noted how your bodily alignment and structure are going to be vital for your energy on a physical level. For you, the focus in 2017 is vocational. Actual disruptions within your work setting(s) will likely be showing you what is no longer fit for purpose and that it is your creative self that must be central in your daily endeavours. Jupiter opposing Uranus (from your solar 12th house) suggests that you’re in a position to learn a lot about yourself between spring and autumn. Centaur Chiron will assist you in healing some of the seriousness you succumb to, by helping you focus on the freeing power of fun and creativity, as you make strides in branching out from a home-focus to a world-focus. All this year’s cosmic movements are preparation for Jupiter entering your sign on October 10th – unleashing a year of unprecedented growth, provided you have pushed your comfort zones! If you haven’t, then Uranus retrograde from August 3rd in your solar 6th house, will likely force the issue by making you feel extremely edgy, if not on the verge of nervous exhaustion.

Remember please, career is not a job. A job is merely a focus. It is you and your wholeness, you and your deepest passions and visions, that holds the key to what unfolds around you. Step out of all conventional notions this year. You are somewhat dominated by Pluto’s relentless energies and this year you benefit from tapping into those energies of Uranus instead. Your solar 4th house of Aquarius is where home is at for you – and Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Because your Plutonic side needs containment, it strives to emphasise Saturnian qualities in the home life. But Uranus is there waiting to be harnessed. If nothing else, transform your home space. Give Uranus free rein. Unsettle yourself actively and as you get used to that, apply the lessons learned to both your daily work routine and your highest creative, vocational vision.

Sagittarius - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoSAGITTARIUS: So, if as I pointed out in part one of your reading, your inner songbird is caged, where is the key to freedom? Interestingly, the glyph used to represent healing centaur (Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur) Chiron, IS a key! Chiron’s activity in your solar 4th house of family and roots is significant for you this year. But the solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26th is where your journey takes shape. There’s no doubt for you that in 2017, liberation comes from something either within your home situation, or your fundamental relationship to it – you might say the first is an outer condition, the second an inner one… and they can be connected. Domestic situations easily take on the yoke of drudgery. Everyone can begin to feel trapped and resentful. I’m sure I’ve no need to explain just how toxic such situations can become. Well, not only is Chiron on the scene, planet of liberation, Uranus, is in your solar 5th house and doing a dance until autumn in opposition to Jupiter. Here is a powerful message that your true family is actually your community of closest peers. Who are the human beings most dear to you, in the sense of being aligned to your core values? Those are the ones I mean, even more than blood and marriage ties. Uranus in your house of creativity, romance and children is offering some sudden surprises in that area – any of which could prove immediately liberating. Uranus has a lot to do on the psychological level with unconscious impulse and Chiron helps take unconscious impulses and make them conscious. This means that erratic events and erratic actions are possible this year, but you are the one responsible for handling them with awareness.

With Saturn in your sign, it may seem odd to be exploring the essence of your truest freedom, but that is because the difference between responsibility and obligation is a matter of attitude. Free or trapped is firstly a state of mind. Sometimes thought precedes action and sometimes action comes first. This year’s mantra is act first, think later. Once Jupiter enters your twelfth house on October 10th, you can begin to evaluate how your actions have shifted your reality, sense-making retrospectively. Moreover, once Saturn moves into Capricorn in December, you can look to reshaping your situation, instead of yourself – an always empowering outcome of time invested on growth! My feeling is that things start to get truly interesting once Chiron goes retrograde on July 1st, until December 5th. Provided that you’ve been heeding the call to explore freedom with complete self-focus, it appears that you are going to be seeing starkly, just how much your childhood conditions in the home shaped your outlook on this vexed obligation/responsibility question. My question for you is really “which parent obligated you the most to place their needs above your own explorations around who you are?” The kicker here is that every time you do the radical act of discarding somebody else’s script for you, you get scolded… punished even. The second half of this year sees you finally tackling the old domineering voice, relived in a person close to you, who developed the sense over time that such is appropriate. When you shake this off, you’ll finally have learned Saturn’s lesson and pain will turn quickly into pleasure.

Capricorn - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoCAPRICORN: Pluto in your sign for over eight years has suggested that the worst aspects of Capricorn (petrification through blindly honouring traditions) have had to make way for a more flexible notion of structure and therefore of course, security. We can liken this to a sort of rebirth over time and, as Saturn prepares to join Pluto on December 19th, we can see that transformative process will be complemented by restructuring of the form (of you) – outer can now reflect inner. The ‘inner’ you this year is about exploring the depths of your unconscious drivers. I think it fair to suggest (as I did in part one of your reading) that you’ve looked outside for what should be found inside. This is perfectly natural for a while… until you understand better what the fuller picture is. I’m stopping short of suggesting that your inner world has yet to yield its true secrets, because you’ve been clinging to something, to avoid looking at it.. but that may not be too far from the truth. You have certainly learned a sort of ‘wisdom of caution’ from all your life experiences in recent years. But that, while valid, is all just a little too defensive. The reason I say that is that defensiveness protects, but it hinders growth and growth is the theme for the next three years. Your home life has likely been quite unsettled these past seven years, either through numerous house moves, or disruptions within your home space and/or relating. This is going to find a counterpoint in your career as Jupiter (in your solar 10th house) opposing Uranus, marks out a timeframe between March 2nd and September 28th. The choice of home life versus career will revolve around just how far you are committed to your career path as the truest expression of yourself on the planet. You can settle for comfort zones at home (but Uranus will challenge that), or stepping up into your highest purpose. Which shall it be?

of course, the cosmic choreography is all geared up to growth, but you can resist – although that will come with some strife and battles elsewhere in your experience. Finding your authentic confidence is going to be vital because with considerable activity in your solar 8th house of Leo this year, deep commitments with creative partners will have a strong relationship to matters of shared resources. What do you bring to the table and what do all your creative partners bring to it? This is not simply about money, but talents and hard work. The more you harness what you have to hand and trust in it, the greater the likelihood that these ‘contracts’ will yield for all parties. It is important that you are on a level playing field in that regard. There is no longer any room for half measures, or tiptoeing around the central issues. If you’ve attended to these matters then once Jupiter, planet of good fortune and abundance, enters your solar 11th house of Scorpio on October the 10th, you will be in a position to pull all the loose ends together and you will be able to see how putting your own creative spark first as vocation, instead of seeking comfort in co-dependent style relating, meets your need for fulfilment like nothing else ever could. You can then enjoy Saturn’s 19th December return to your sign until early 2020, reaping the karmic reward of all your efforts.

Aquarius - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoAQUARIUS: The eclipse season, separated by six months, sets the stall out for your 2017, Aquarius. Your opposite sign is Leo and three of the four eclipse events take place on the Aquarius/Leo axis. This means you’re in relationship territory. This starts on February 10th with you asking about your core integrity, in the context of uncertainty about a specific relationship, or the very idea of intimate relating and its costs, in terms of loss of autonomy. Relationships always start out as potentiality, the rest being down to the people involved and everything they transact. Not only is the six month eclipse cycle in view, but also a similar length aspect structure, as Jupiter opposes Uranus on March 2nd and again on September 28th. It seems the background picture to the eclipses involves a story about your values around partners interacting in equality (a kind of symbiosis) while retaining that legendary Aquarian freedom to explore your limits, your ideas about yourself and your creative impulses in the very context of life itself. It’s like being fascinated by the mystery of why the rose blooms, wanting to both understand and marvel, at the same time as having deeply held values about equality, liberty and fraternity of connections – in truth, full adult relating with a true equal. All the other aspects in the sky this year are bit part players! Sure, career and personal resources are in the mix and how you establish your bodily security on Earth is a background theme, somewhat connected to the main planetary dance, but the thing to nail is in the foreground.

Jupiter in your solar 9th house offers a kind of ‘seeding potential’ this year. Libra is all about justice, equity and fair play and Jupiter there magnifies that set of qualities. Still, ever the thinker about society, it isn’t really possible to harbour such notions for your relationships as an ideal, should it be that in reality there are deeper matters and practicalities hindering the fruition of said vision. Is your partner of the same mind as you? Do they (or any potential partner) have the capacity to understand what makes you tick and is needed to make you happy? You’ll be discontent if a partner cannot hold that tension, in being with you. If they can’t allow you freedom to feel alive, all the principles in the world will only bring you guilt, instead of fulfilment. But the other point here is that we often feel our partners’ failings to be what makes us unhappy. Well, do me a favour! List up to three things you believe your partner stops you from doing and as you do, ask further the extent to which they stop you doing anything and likewise the extent to which you stop yourself. This year, ask a key question in the backdrop to all these heavy relational questions, namely “How absent have I been from my own life?” In the three eclipse events on the Aquarius/Leo axis, the one thing absent was the Sun in your own sign. That’s where the healing is for you. Maybe you’ve lacked the confidence and esteem to grab life by the scruff of the neck. Well, this year, you get to see that the seed of all authentic living is boldly stepping out and into that scary world of challenges. Because that’s where the opportunities are and where you true talent is destined to unfold.

Pisces - 2017 Year Ahead Horoscope - Part TwoPISCES: You need a ‘spiritual’ career and you also benefit from deep commitments in which you can mesh together emotionally, spiritually and materially in equal partnership with a significant other. That’s because your traditional planetary ruler is Jupiter and he also rules your solar 10th house. In the sky for most of this year, he resides in Libra, your solar 8th house. And anyway, you just love to merge and surrender to the beyond! Starting with the February 26th solar eclipse in your sign, you begin a new cycle that will require courage and determination. You will be moving away from what you have always known to be the point of relating deeply with another person. This is actually a maturation process. If I could describe the transition for you this year it would be simply that you are moving from navigating by deep feelings (in your case, of ancient longing – probably for a return to the womb) to navigating by what your senses actually show you. You see, your ideals have continually tripped you up, Pisces. The first half of April sees you reviewing your persistent desires to find a soul mate – and this sets the scene for an extended period of time from summer until early December, in which you look at how the actual partnership choices you have made have offered anything but the prospect of finding a safe space of connection beyond yourself. That is because of the actual choices, yes. But now you begin to see that the longing itself is flawed. What you need to discover is a deeper connection with yourself. As Jupiter squares Pluto on August 4th you begin to notice that seeing yourself as basically an individual, has cut you off from important connections with those other than partners. It’s like chasing around after a dream, when if you looked at your community a little differently, you’d be content rather than continually restless.

In late September, you begin to notice due to concrete circumstances that talk is cheap and that who you need around you, are those people who come through for you in dependable ways. That’s not unexciting and ‘unspiritual’, it is the absolute bedrock of successful partnering on the planet! You begin to internalise these ‘new’ values in October, when your ruler moves into Scorpio for a year. In early December, you get fully on track and are able to recognise that you have all the foundations you need to be truly and deeply secure. Saturn moving into your solar eleventh house just before the winter solstice, heralds a time when you begin at last to find the type of community setting you have so needed that will sustain you over the next few crucial years. The difference between dreams and fantasy is what unfolds in 2017. Once you get clear that relationships are about realism, you will understand that true romance is all the sweeter for the blood, sweat and not infrequent tears – it isn’t s fantasy, it is everybody involved putting their heart and soul into what binds you together, warts and all!

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