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Bach Flower Remedies

Intolerance: My Opinions Are More Important

People who suffer from intolerance are often fanatical The spectrum between intolerance (the outer projection of outright disgust with and prejudice against another person, place or thing) to (the inner subtle feeling

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Vervain: The USA Presidential Election Season Is Here

Vervain is a remedy that keeps the fires of one’s passionate beliefs banked Some of us show our passion like an open book, or a blazing fire, or a warming

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How Do Bach Flower Remedies Work

How do Bach Flower Remedies work to help you? For example: Recover from an illness? Sleep better? Overcome the blues? Find courage? Face fears calmly? A practitioner starts by assessing how

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Be yourself: no one can ever say you are doing it wrong

Teapot and Shamrocks: it’s all about ‘be yourself’ The title of this article is a quote from my first and most beloved teacher of the Original Bach Flower Remedies system

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Bach Flower Remedies Complement Conventional Medicine

When Bach Flower Remedies work in tandem with conventional medicine A Bach Flower Remedies Case Study: Last August a client named Jill , a friend of another of my clients, came

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